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1.15PS1SportsJPNSimple 1500 Series Vol.30: The Basket ~ 1 on 1 Press ~
2.436PS1WrestlingJPNSimple 1500 Series Vol.58: The Sumo
3.116PS1Light_GunJPNSimple 1500 Series Vol.63: The Gun Shooting 2
4.732PS1PartyJPNSimple 1500 Series Vol.66: The Kaiten - Mawasun Da!!
5.728PS1Shooter_HorizJPNSimple 1500 Series Vol.94: The Cameraman
6.1156PS2PlatformerJPNSimple 2000 Series Vol. 114: The Jokouppichi Torimonochou - Oneichan
7.952PS2Shooter_3DJPNSimple 2000 Series Vol.31: The Earth Defense Force
8.358PS2Shooter_VertJPNSimple 2000 Series Vol.37: The Shooting ~ Double Shienryu ~
9.685PS2SportsJPNSimple 2000 Series Vol.49:The Dodgeball~World Champion Dodgeballer~
10.671PS2Beat_em_upJPNSimple 2000 Series Vol.60: The Tokusatsu Henshin Hero
11.678PS2Beat_em_upJPNSimple 2000 Series Vol.61: The Oneichanbara
12.830PS2Beat_em_upJPNSimple 2000 Series Vol.64: The Splatter Action
13.715PS2AdventureJPNSimple 2000 Series Vol.65: The Kyonshi Panic
14.1094PS2Beat_em_upJPNSimple 2000 Series Vol.73: The Saiyuki Saruden
15.837PS2Beat_em_upJPNSimple 2000 Series Vol.80: The Oneichanpuru Neechan Tokubetsu Hen
16.942PS2Shooter_3DJPNSimple 2000 Series Vol.81: The Earth Defense Force 2
17.954PS2Beat_em_upJPNSimple 2000 Series Vol.87: The Senko
18.1005PS2Beat_em_upJPNSimple 2000 Series Vol.90: The Oneichanbara 2
19.1093PS2DrivingJPNSimple 2000 Series Vol.95: The Zombie vs. Kyuukyuusha
20.714PS2Beat_em_upJPNSimple 2000 Ultimate Series Vol.21: Kenka Joutou! Yankee Banchou
21.1047PSPPuzzleJPNSimple 2500 Series Portable! Vol.5: The Block Kuzushi Quest
22.22PS1DrivingJPNSimple Characters 2000 Vol.17: Blue Gale Xabungle The Race in Action
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