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The Outlaws Sequel Petition
3335 signatures!
This site ran a petition urging LucasArts to make an Outlaws sequel. Here's the letter and the signatures! (If you would like yours removed, email me at smbhax@gmail.com.)

Dear Lucasarts,
     I would love to see an Outlaws sequel!
Scott Schillaci: "Only OuTLaWs 2 could beat OuTLaWs"
Jon Jackson: "Please upgrade OL to a newer version."
Wes Barthlow: "Dedicated Outlaws player sicne April of 1997"
nathan: "on the edge of my seat waitin for it. hurry up guys"
Matthew McCarty
john bratton
TJG_Pretender: "I realy want a new 1 I love Outlaws!!!"
CBO_OUTLAW: "we should have more lucasart outlaw games"
Tim Gittemeier
SIR_Kohna: "Its worthy making OL 2!"
Scott "Pie" Winters: "OL2: The SECOND best game in existence!"
John: "with today's technology a sequal would be awesome!"
Todd Demerath: "better Zone compatibility would be great."
DOOMINATOR: "the only one First Person Shooter I still play!"
Ray Sadler: "We do lots with OL. Think what we'd do with 2"
Norvin Adams III: "Make the next greatest game ever!"
Buford T. Justice: "Make it! PLEASE MAKE IT!!!"
mark: "sooner or later, people will tire of old version"
Simon Taylor: "Outlaws is the only truly original FPS!"
Heikki Hurme: "R u gonna pull those pistols or whistle Dixie?"
Johannes Mengel: "Outlaws 2, but not with hero James"
David E Gilbertson: "would definitely buy a new one."
John Livingstone: "Thanks in advance!"
Jesse Cady: "please do a sequel it would be most appreciated."
Andrew "Lando242" Ryan: "I would buy it if you made it, no doubt."
Thomas Blomberg: "Outlaws is the best multi game, give me 2."
Susan Pierce: "Ready for the Next Great Shootemup!"
pixo: "because its a great game & 2 is overdue !!!"
JP Mulvey: "A great game can only get better."
D Baptist aka St Diky: "Please please please please please!!!"
Dan Toy: "Only you can make us ride tall in the saddle"
Jim Mendola, Sr.: "I'm an Outlaws Junkie!!!!"
R. Bush: "reach for the sky"
James Sulman
Bill Allen
Frank Lombardo: "Been waiting for 2 yrs. intro'd 10 new players"
kodia : "all I can say is please please please do OUTLAWS 2 :)"
Steffen Ratschan: "Play'n Outlaws, will play Outlaws2"
Bob Hamlett
Jim "GoJo" Cooper: "Do it, but don't lose the flavor of the original."
Gas: "I love you lucas arts people! plz make ol2..."
David Ferstat
Daniel LaBorie: "There are more Outlaws fans than you know!"
Mike Melaney: "we need outlaws 2"
Joseph A. Springer: "Please market sequel for baby boomers."
Neal aka.... CCC_DeadlyShot
Outlaw__Angel: "YES! I would love to see a sequal to Outlaws"
David Karlsson: "damn i need outlaws 2 ;)"
David Ellington
Luke Lewis: "We need more........please!!"
Mr.Chips: "an outstanding western feel,I WANT IT MORE!!"
David Green
Mark: "Although it didn't sell well, the Outlaws diehards remain."
Matt Overstreet: "Another Outlaws=Another Addiction"
Brandon Webb: "I have played outlaws consistently for 2 1/2 years"
Jason (Quigs) Quigley
Neil Skeggs: "How can you not follow up on a great game?"
Nils Jacobsen: "Please to listen to the outlaws community"
Per Torvang: "Hey we even play this game in Sweden!:)"
Meuleman: "really appreciate to have another best-seller"
Daniel Petersson: "its about time that Lucasart made the sequel, =)"
Richard bragg: "though small it has a loyal following"
ANV_Terminator: "I want a new one!"
Peter Eriksson aka. the kid -w- no life: "more Outlaws= more fun!"
K Hamlett: "The best game ever"
Andrew Cryer: "Use a modern engine and it will sell"
Christopher W. Heffel: "Just surf the popular web sites for a week."
Shawn Weber: "Please create and Outlaws Sequel. Thanks!"
Jim "TJG_Wynchester" Pallygus: "Real cowboys play Outlaws!"
Wannes De Vriese: "plzzzzzz build one"
Chris Winters (AKA CSWshadow): "Pretty please? :)"
Ryan Mattson
Mark Kleersnyder: "please :)"
BOK_Fjames: "get it to half life speed"
Audun Hodnefjell: "think, how many western games/fans r ther?"
Adam : "please make a Sequel of outlaws PLEASE!"
PlasticSquirrel (Jeff): "Just go to the Zone anytime for tons of fans"
Roger Williams: "make the dream of ALOT of folks come true"
John Fletcher: "FPS w/ characters and no super guns!"
John Magne Alvheim: "Please Please Please Please Please Please"
Shayna: "we have been waiting so long for a sequel..."
Patrick Hamill: "Please make Outlaws 2!!!!!"
SBD_SlimShady: "More historical missions please!"
Russell Medcalf: "New and better and more weapons!"
John Michael Davis
Benny Pirotte: "Long over due"
Mark White: "Play OL more than all my newer games"
Kevin Wilson: "Profitable for Lucasarts..enjoyment for your patrons"
Hunt4u: "Just do it!"
James Leon
Yoda: "Sign this baby! Let's get Outlaws 2!"
Mike Musser: "I like Outlaws..."
Bradley Cart aka Skeeter: "The game play of OL can't be beat..."
StATiC_tatergun(Joseph): "make it win 98 compatable too"
William Reese
Ben Giltay: "Please make a sequel! "
Victoria Atterbury: "been playing for 2 yrs, and still love it"
SIO-GREENHEAD: "surf net will see all the OL action!!!"
Paul Gilbertson: "Outlaws rocks but it's time for a sequel. :-)"
Greg Best
OGB_Hoss: "OL's2 would surpass Outlaws, w/ a chance."
Lutz Dexheimer
Toni: "We want more of this =)"
R. Terhorst: "the greatest 3D-Shooter and the best game of all!"
F. Bongartz: "Outlaws is the best game of all!"
Tommy Rasmussen
OZ_Worf: "OL is the best,.after playing OL,....... i sold Quake!"
Bettina nikolajsen: "SSS_BookGirl"
poul sommer: "SSS_Hamdrad"
XXX_Extreme: "'OuTLaWs' is a Life Style"
Jeff Albert: "Please do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
RICK KEATON: "Outlaws is an awsome game"
Josh "Dusty_DR" B.: "still king of the hill for multi-play"
Greg Donohoe: "Gretest game ever made needs a sequal!!"
Joe Piraneo: "Outlaws was one of the most original FPS "
Corey Hess: "would be a hit! Mebbe make it in 3d this time =)"
Paula Lares: "This unique game has more possibilities!"
Ronald Highlen: "want outlaws 2"
Mark Timon: "I want my Outlaws 2"
Robert Ellis: "I loved the first one"
Jon Megas-Russell: "Outlaws is a great game 2 can be even better!"
Richard C. (ChunkySalsa): "Outlaws is still THE most fun to play."
Mark Hetherington (Leyland Kid): "Give us another classic game"
Peter Hetherington: "Do it Lucasarts, for the good of mankind"
Jeff Pierquet: "Look at how many maps and fans there are"
Tim Davis: "O.L. outlasted a dozen of your other games"
Ken Kitchen: "Best game ever... don't stop now!"
Rene Marroquin: "would buy it first day it came out"
William Taylor: "I would like to see a sequel"
Kevin Winn: "I Love Outlaws and Lucasarts"
Richard Hewitt
Jeremy Whitt: "Let's get Outlaws 2!"
Daniel : "I love outlaws!!!"
Lucas "Electro" Finger: "Give us what we want."
Don_KingFu: "I won't cut my hair until you release this sequel!"
Josh Schmidt: "Please don't let us down."
Jeremy "lindow" Matthews
Josmen: "Outlaws Rocks!!!!"
Flopur (Greg Tseng)
Christopher J. Rozzoni: "Outlaws rocks! WE NEED A SEQUEL!"
steve7489: "you should make one it would be great."
ARMason: "please keep it the same,let us make themaps"
Chuck Poynter
jonathan highlen: "outlaws is a great game but needs updated"
mike locascio: "please make another outlaws game,it's great"
Manko: "Bring on the new Killers"
Cheree' Lemire: "Please make a sequel???"
Roger Meyers: "Outlaws is great please make another"
Picante: "Outlaws it the best ever! Woo Hoo"
Robert Hehr: "a sequel to this game would definitly do well"
MikeDaKid_DR: "Outlaws 2: James Rides Again"
jim (DAKOTA) gagne: "yes i would like a part 2 to outlaws"
Robert Coons: "outlaws is great but outlaws 2 should be awsome"
top cop: "outlaws a great game"
Kilby Jarvo: "i LOVE the game"
kris: "a must to have outlaws 2 please make"
Duncan Wood (RR-Grifter): "more Outlaws! wooo!"
Jonathon Doyle: "make it....i'll buy it!"
Richard Boutilier: "outlaws is the best! will outlaws 2 be better?"
muckmyer: "think of all the money you will make!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Fred Speck: "I would give my right arm for Outlaws 2!!"
James Seward
TheSwan1: "been alot of fun meeting these people playing Outlaws"
LordDrunk: "Outlaws Rules,A Sequel Would Be Great"
Joe_Kiddd_DR: "outlaws still rock's and has many fan's :)"
Ken Adams: "The sooner the better! "
michael arnold: "the most exciting multiplayer game I've played!"
bruce Glick: "i love outlaws, especially as a multiplayer game"
George L. Jones
MagZ_01: "Please give us your loyal fans a sequal!"
Ben McClintock: "Make an Outlawz 2 for god's sakes"
Ulrich Hendel: "P. a Q. style OL. would make me better..."
Damon Ulmi
Markus Richter: "Speaking for many germans"HURRY UP":-)"
Don_Haeberle: "Let us ride and shoot again !!! Yippiaheh"
Manuel Yates: "Well pilgrim, it needs to be done!"
Mark Farthing: "just started playing but im hooked already!"
Don Riffe: "PLEASE PLEASE make outlaws 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
NBK_HIGSTER: "still playing outlaws everyday. Say no more."
Steve Schwan: "great game, just needs updated... great format"
owlofdoom: "just make it already"
Ryan Shepherd: "Outlaws is the best game I've played"
ENG_Rolo101: "Err Give Me Outlaws 2!! hehe :-))"
The Law - "e.l.f.": "The world would be a better place....."
Tommy Parker: "I look forward to a new face on an old friend."
Joe Stryker: "Would buy it the first day it came out !!"
Dustin Lyons: "C'mon people!!! Start signing!!!!!!!!!!"
John Patterson: "The longevity of Outlaws gameplay is A+"
dean michael: "whats taking so long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
spaceelijah: "please make an outlaws 2 and ill buy it"
Denis Beland: "We have been waiting to long "
Russell Ashby: "Outlaws 2 would be great!"
DOC_Deadly: "Outlaws is the best and we're dying for OL2!!"
StATiC_CoWbOy1: "OutLaws 2 Will get more ppl to play"
Robert Sullivan: "bring on some more bad guys you lily livered..."
Michelle Strain: "NEED Outlaws 2"
Greg Smith
Chuck Mann: "please give us more outlaws"
Christy Cason: "i love outlaws - i would like to see a sequel"
Dianne Mann: "Please more outlaws :)"
zhki: "greatest mp game to date"
Beau Clark
Chuck Moesch: "Outlaws 2 would be a great investment."
Gerald van Grootheest: "Ol is just to great to make a sequel he?"
KDA_JOEYTHEKID: "fellow outlaws players would love a sequal"
KDA_GUNSMITH_E: "plz make another outlaws!"
Robert Ruth: "Will buy OL"2" within 10 sec of seeing it!"
daniel: "outlaws rocks please continue the magic"
Richard Noonan: "We need Outlaws 2"
WAC_KaReOLerO: "Outlaws kicks ass ; Outlaws2 will nuke 'em"
OZ_Bear: "Too many serious death games around!!"
Rose: "We Need Sequel. Do It now please!"
Adrian Mok: "would be greatest game ever with today's technology"
Mark Borrett: "My "Alltime" most "fav" game ... Loads of fun"
gdo_katarn: "Look at all these payin customers!"
Oskar Walther: "Even the best game ever, so far, need a sequel."
Ulrike Warneke: "been playing OL as "Nighty" since it came out!!"
Richard Bohannon: "2+ years & strong - ADVERTISE this time!!!!"
Kev Cross: "Outlaws was the best game ever"
Tammy Gilbetson: "my whole family love's this game"
BFG_Spiocder: "We demand more Outlaws"
John LaTemple: "Saxster here; hi Mr. Stinnett :) We want OL2!"
Bodmer: "You did a great job for Jediknight why not Outlaws2?"
Sebastian Bjurbom
Sicky: "Why Not?"
Jim Wood: "made sequels for some real Crap. Outlaws is great."
dan chapman: "The sooner the better"
Joe Lehman: "Outlaws2 would be a guaranteed success!!!"
Scott McClay: "Earth would be a better place with a sequel."
Julien Latulippe: "i want to have another outlaws game to enjoy"
Marc-Alexandre Boulanger-Milot: "I'll buy it. :)"
Mike Wetter
Ben Huxtable: "Everyone loves Outlaws! Time for a sequel!"
Nils Muchardt: "Please! Pretty please! Pretty sugar please!"
VooDoo_Tomo: "Help us Lucasarts. Your are only hope. "
W.Evans: "Fistful of $$ - YAY!"
Pancho Villa: "I am looking forward to Outlaws 2 :-)"
Emilio Volmut: "Nothing Like a period piece shooter Outlaws2!"
Bruce Dimmock: "have alot of games, Outlaws is still my favourite"
Scott Strange: "We really want another OuTLaWs title!"
Axel G.: "Could be a 1st p./rpg "elite" 1870s."
Nathaniel Harty: "only improvements: skins and realistic graphics"
Brad Noble: "Outlaws rules!!! BSO_Merl"
David M. Burnworth: "Outlaws is a great game! Let's have another"
Kim Springer: "can't believe it took so long for me to find Outlaws!"
Brett I. Holcomb: "Please!"
John Martin: "I really would love a sequel!!!!!!!!!!"
J.F. Sass: "love it if it would be 95/98 compliant"
Kennith: "Plz Have a Outlaws Seqel!"
Patrick Jones: "PPLLLEEEEAAAASSSSSEEE make a sequel!!!!"
Steve Reinhart: "Outlaws is the best game theme of all time! "
Margaret Fields: "Waiting patiently (NOT) Come on!!!"
Brett : "Would love to see what Lucas Arts could do now!!"
Mike Chamberlain
Matt Blasinski: "Or a prequel? With Marshal Anderson!"
Derrick: "outlaws is da bomb make number 2"
Darrel Stage
Doug Robinson: "PLEASE!"
George "GDO_ Flatdog" Muniz: "Please please with sugar on top!"
opa: "I also want a movie !!! like wwwest"
Tim Wilson
Norma Thompson: "Best FPS I ever played! Would love another."
Scott Savage: "tweak it for online playability till he squeels"
Dave Reed
Brian Buckmaster: "Pretty please with sugar on it!!!!!"
Dutcho: "I would love to see an Outlaws sequel! "
Big Sexy, The People's Champ: "says "Do it for the People"
Jody Cox: "Lets make an Outlaws 2!"
Paul Penley: "there is an international market too"
WAC_DonnyOlero: "Only comment, just please zero in on the lag"
colathug44: "please i need another fix!!!!!!!!"
AR_WildBill: "yeah "I would love to see an Outlaws sequel!"
james steinman: "i like too see a new outlaw 2"
_aYYaSH_: "hello i would like to see an Outlaws sequel... :)"
David Lawson: "If you make it, I will buy it."
(BMG)BLOOD: "every great game needs a sequel right."
David Henry: "I LOVE Half-Life...but its half what Outlaws is."
Jim Vail: "One of the best of its genre. I can't wait for the follow-up"
WAC_ThiGGyOlero: "With such a following, how could ya resist 2?"
Martin Jackson
Russell Wood: "please please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Tom Crocker: "The only game I regularly play is Outlaws."
Colin Smith: "This game is the greatest. Hooks ya forever! thanks!"
Troy Clayton
Werner Baur: "After 2 years the game still rocks.Outlaws2 yes"
Tacodog: "I want OUTLAW2!!!!PleASESEEE... i love this game"
JERRY MIZZELLE: "Hurry Up and Make it '98 friendly"
Jason Tuttle: "OL is the only shooter I've kept, bring OL2!!"
Hooligan: "Get me a life!"
WWOG_QuickAir: "please make outlaws 2 "
Swedish Cheeba: "make another sequel"
Rich Casullo: "Outlaws 2 Please!!"
Cow Girl Jenny: "WANT AN OL-2. All my friends love this game."
Darrell Rudolph: "1 of the few First Person Games I love to play!!!"
Derrick Buchholz: "Outlaws' loyal followers deserve a sequel!!!"
Kevin Hisel: "Outlaws is great we need a sequel!!"
Matt DeLong: "An Outlaws2 Woudl ROCK!"
Bill Boehm: "Best Lucas game ever! [Give] sequel more charachters."
XXX_Thanandar: "OUTLAW2" We 'till waitin',waitin',waitin'.......:)"
MrBBop: "Do it NOW! Love it but an upgrade is due!"
Bob Tripp: "My two sons and I are begging for a sequel"
Mike: "Please don't make me hang up my sixgun!"
Anthony Davies: "Only Outlaws 2 can rock the world of comp's"
Errick "Washi" Bradney: "better game than most others much newer"
Ryan Davis: "OutLaws is the best game I ever had.Make2."
Leon Castro Lagunas: "Pls make a sequel to this GREAT game !!!!"
Steffen: "OL is a livin legend, Ol2 will be a new era"
Asle E Hansen: "Outlaws was soo good, you have to make a #2 "
Don_Ramoses: "Outlaws2 would make many people happy"
Crazy_Outlaws: "OL with new characters and new levels~!!!"
Terri Asby: "make a sequel to OL"
ForkTongue: "sequel welcome, loyalty to first would remain"
Jimmy Gregg: "Only Classy first person game made."
Tim Cooney: "Play OL more than any PC game..give us 2"
R. Terhorst: "YES! I would love to see a sequel to Outlaws!!! "
D. T.: "I want see OL II !!! "
Tommy_Hellfighter: "Heck we'll help you make it!"
Kim Gudme : "everyone who played Outlaws is adicted to it =) "
g.griffiths: "great game...wish there was more"
Bignuts: "Gimme"
Mental: "plz give us a outlaws sequel.."
Loke: "=)"
ANV_Conman: "make a sequel to OUTLAWS.....PLEASE!!!"
Bardeal: "we have all been waiting a long time."
Joe Sando: "Most of us can't live with out Outlaws!!"
Andrew Simmonds: "What can I say I'm an ADDICT!!!"
John Meindl: "the only game i've been addicted to"
Casey Ball: "You can do it!!!"
Brandon Webb: "make a part 2 or things can get ugly!"
Steeve Green: "I would really like an outlaws sequel thnx :-)"
Bobby Brown: "I would really enjoy a new outlaws"
Andrew: "outlaws is an awsome game! make a sequel!"
Nick Maerz: "we need a great game to continue,carry on ! "
James Talmon: "Paid $15 for Ver1. Will pay $50 for ver2. Do it "
butch sumchance: "give the masses what they want !!!"
Brandon Mitchell: "can't wait for the second version"
Jonas Åström: "OUTLAWS2, ROCK ON LUCASARTS!!!!!!!"
Mike Bob: "Good game I like outlaws and I am crazy"
Lee Allen: "Outlaws 2?...Yes Please"
Mike Schaffer: "Outlaws 2 is my biggest gaming wish!!!!!!"
Lew: "We need more bandits to shoot!"
Alan Pierquet: "Sounds like fun."
Doug Jones AR_007: "Make it - I'll buy it!!!"
MeanWolf: "Playing Outlaws for 2 1/2 yrs. Please !!"
Steve Rose: "Most games out there are junk. We need a sequel!"
opa: "hidiupgoo!!!"
V. Lache: "***We want ist. NOW ! ***"
P. Sebald:
M. B.:
Drifter(OWB): "time to start listening to the gaming community?"
DAD: "Best game ever, We deserve a 2"
Katie St.Clair: "Please Make a New Outlaws!"
Mark: "will be better than your lame upcoming starwars games =)"
sam essix shah: "i am god"
Jim Raue: "PLEASE! We Need More! Thank You."
OJG_Maverick: "Again....PLEASE! Thanks...You're the best!"
Michael Raue: "My dad will buy it...and one for ME too!"
Michael Reese:
Cowboy Adam: "Just make it damnit"
BGP_Dropalong: "Please make a sequel for this awsome game"
Micah E. Wilmore: "wholesome game for me & the boy"
bettina nikolajsen: "Hurry up"
Darryl Edington: "C'mon pardner.... Purdy please?"
Donald Williams: "Outlaws is a Family that could only grow stronger"
GA_Reaper: "It's a FAMILY, now it's time for a 2nd Generation"
RavenHeart: "This Great Game Deserves a Sequel!"
John singleton: "the game has too much potential to be given up"
T4H_Ruttr61: "Please the Outlaws of the world and soon"
Mike Forconi: "sure the sequel would be even better than this"
T4H_DeCAPitaTOR: "I have a Hanker'in for some Outlaws 2!"
Larry Turley: "Great game, need more bad!!!!"
Oldtimer: "make my day!!"
Jon Taylor: "This game should be made. It rules!"
Matthew Ream: "a new outlaws would be the best game yet"
Paul Brown : "over 100 players a day playing outlaws we need OL2"
Ang Schaffer: "Make Outlaws 2!!!"
John Kadlik--alias: RR-Duster: "playin online since the release!"
Dr_Moose: "gimme more, i want more, i need more!!!!!!"
Bob Ream: "outlaws is awesome outlaws2 will be better"
Betsy Buckmaster: "It's time for some new levels, time for Outlaws 2"
Nisay Matityahou: "I can't believe it, 2 years and its still rocks!"
Danny Cagle:
Tim Ream: "yes i would like seconds"
Matt Schreck: "would definately be enjoyable to play a sequel!"
Jervey J. Cumbee III: "a real fun game, would love to see a sequel"
Rich Burwell: "Outlaws with improved graphics wanted bad!"
Jimmie Littlefield: "we need a new version of OUTLAWS PLEASE!"
Phillip: "it may not be here yet! but its gonna be the best!"
Ladd Vanatta: "Only Demo That convinced me to buy Game"
Rhett Murray: "its my favorite game"
Ged Cummings: "will say the new Starwars film is good if u make ol2"
Mike Aumiller: "LEC + New Technology = Unbelievable Outlaws 2"
randy allison: "make another outlaws or my cousin kodia will cry"
Tyler Martin:
Kenneth: "Best Mulitplayer game around.....plllease make a sequal!"
Smac: "please consider making a outlaws sequel"
John Carlson: "Another OUTLAWS game would be GREAT"
Harry Baptist: "Love Outlaws plus bruv made me sign—mean Diky!"
Martin "Reggie" Ingram: "Top game"
Sammy SyN_essix: "Best action out there"
thief15: "please make outlaws 2 please"
Chris Albright: "I would love to see Outlaws 2 come out!!!"
Behind_U: "I love Outlaws and I'll surely love Outlaws 2"
Adrian: "Get one that supports 3D !!!!!!!!"
Reverend Coyote: "How about a LINUX version my son?"
Tim Byrd:
Nathaniel Byrd:
Nicole Byrd:
Rodney Byrd:
Grady "Hansum" Hurley: "What can I say? OL2 would rock! :)"
Gun Slinger: "More OutLaws!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Matthias Vorhauer: "I'd love you for an new Outlaws shootin'!!!"
RR_Smokey: "Make Outlaws 2. Period. "
Stanley Bragg Jr: "time for a Outlaws 2—still have over 300 playin..."
Per Hellsten: "would beat every first person shooter out there..."
Clay: "Im suprized Outlaws 2 isnt out already..."
Dale Schofield: "My trigger fingers are aching for more..."
Dennis: "bring it on"
jason lee smith: "THis is F***ing great"
Soren Brobeck:
David Marron: "If you make it, we will come. :)"
bry: "gotta make a sequel i'm already addicted"
Robert H. Ellis: "Outlaws was the begining of my internet play!"
Hap Shaughnessy: "OL beats em all, Quake Unreal bah want OL2"
Michael Johnson: "I've played OL through 10 times where's OLII"
GS-hitman: "please make outlaws2 we all love the game"
Ferdy Hanssen:
Johan Lindgren:
Niclas Lindgren:
Scott Russell: "Soon!!"
Henry Reisig: "Outlaws was the best, why stop ?"
Poul Christensen: "Ol 2 please"
Justin (bulletteeth): "i can't wait for LAWMAKER 2!!"
Michael Longo: "Let's get another Version"
Russell Turley: "recommended the game to a least 10 friends"
Gustavo Moyses: "OL 2 !! Or a Mission Pack. Please, do it."
Sam Brandt: "Outlaws is HIGHLY UNDER-rated!!!"
Jaws: "outlaws 2 would be great cause the first one was awesome."
Jay : "Cool game! But could u add some more chars. on the sequel?"
Jared Daines: "Outlaws Was a Great Game I Want Outlaw2"
Bob Broughton: "Best online game, offline too! Outlaws2 PLEZ!"
SBD_Fragger: "Outlaws would rule with todays technology!!!!"
mudduck80: "comon, make a sequel!"
Charlie Russell: "Ditto the above and more"
James Zurek: "A quality update would be greatly appreciated."
TGC_The_General: "Outlaws Episode 2 : Wanted!"
Tha Zeurdoos: "it will stick above all the other 'non-western' games"
Johan Bloem: "Please, Let it be."
Lars Ole Pedersen: "Yes!!. I would love to see a sequal to Outlaws"
Michael Barraclough: "Make the changes Paleface said to please"
Scott: "no other fps better-It's time to sequelize !!!!!"
Andreas: "played OL since it was released. Want #2!!"
Crazy Cockroach: "We love Outlaws don't disappoint us please"
T4H_KiserSose: "This game is awsome! Dont let us down 8~)"
Phil "Taco" Woodland: "I'd hate to see a good thing end so quickly!"
Stephane Sanchez: "OL2 could be the best 3D-shooter ever made!"
Sofie Hellsten: "Long live the old west"
Axiom: "OUTLAWS 2!!! Nuff said"
Dufduck McFLy: "I can't hardly wait to see Outlaws II"
HiredGunman: "I really would like to see a outlaws two come out"
Mike Naughton: "If you build it I will buy it. Thanks for Outlaws "1"."
David Wilson: "Outlaws is the only game I STILL play!!"
WyldRose: "Outlaws 2 would be resources well spent!"
GDO_Desert_Eagle: "Greatest game ever!! I WANT MORE!!"
Jef Swanson:
John Carberry: "The sooner the better"
Tom Kane: "If the sequel cost 300$$ i still would bye it!"
Kali Girl: "So my husband can spend rest of his life on the computer."
John"p309" Folan: "I play OL 's. I buy games. Would loveOL2!!"
james: "OL is sweet! we need a sequel, new players & lotsa movies!"
Bill Jeffers: "Hurry up guys were all waiting"
Bob Millard: "its time for OL V.2......YOU CAN DO IT!!!!"
R. Noble: "I and several others I know would buy it!!!"
Dale Ross: "we need to add to this great game"
Lewis Canada: "The sooner the better,please"
John Reed: "one hell of a game lets have a sequal"
Doug Striker: "I Came, I Shot, I was Shot NOW I want Part 2"
Gordon T Kupiec: "I enjoy getting shot down, but Iam learning"
Larry"Arizona"Weese: "Looking forward to Outlaws "2"."
nathan: "like sequel with more options, new characters & weapons."
Paul Jolley: "Outlaws 2? Comeon you know you wanna make it!"
CBO_Smokie: "Outlaws 2 would be nice"
David Verdugo: "OL is the best ever, OL2 would be great!"
Cornelius: "Outlaws 2 beats all the other 3D shooters!"
OGB_LeCaillou: "Like the comercials says : Just Do It !!!!"
Scott Russell
Ryan Wons
Bryce (Punisher): "quit with the Star Wars start with the Outlaws!!"
Phil Hutton
Edward Jackson
Anne-Marie Eriksson: "More fun! (more multiplayer characters?)"
Shane G: "OL2 would simply kick ass (playing OL since 1997)"
Patrick Mabbott: "outlaws is the coolest game ive ever played"
Anthony Schaffer: "The thought of Outlaws 2 makes me drool!!!"
Nowatzki: "Oh wow is that true could there be another outlaws?!"
Markus: "Since C64 I never had such fun before"
Leccy: "Like the commercial says : Just Do It !!!!"
Ryan"the Rhyno"Neupert: "Look at your fan base"
Wayne R. Cripe: "Look'in forward to it, Hombre's"
BOK_Mont: "it is worthy, and it is time, make Outlaws 2!!!!"
BOK_Dad: "A true 3D Outlaws would be great!"
EasyTarget: "Lucas Arts RULES!!"
GKhan_Toao: "I am dying for Outlaws 2"
Oyvind Bjorgo: "MORE OUTLAWS (like a sequel)! NOW!"
ZZZ-Sleepy: "OL2 would be nice. "
Leif "Magoo" Tillbom: "The only game i keep coming back to :)"
rick: "pleeeeeeeeeez make outlaws 2!!"
Jordan Minkove: "We want Outlaws 2!"
Fairchild Cassell: "A game that absolutely demands a sequel!"
Jonas SOD_Mover
Jerry Douglas
Robert Eriksson: "Please, make number 2"
sami nurmela: "becouse it rocks! please make a sequel!"
Tyler Goodrich: "OL has brought me more joy than you can imagine"
Sean Loftiss
Maximo: "As godfather of de zone i ordr u to make ol2"
John Taylor: "great game, we need 2"
Mike Begley aka Creeping death: "I need more!! I'm addicted!!"
Tommi Kantola
Thomas Kessler: "This is a great game of the old west."
Hongjun Ha: "I really want it"
Mr Merkel
David Woods: "Even a full adon pack would be nice!"
T.J. Patterson: "it the best game ever!"
Mark Baumgartner: "We need something besides sci-fi"
Dave alis ANV_spidy: "The west is still alive make one or die"
Mike Noll: "were all ready for outlaws 2"
Matt McGeary: "Make it or die"
Rojne Eriksson: "Outlaws fore ever!!!!"
Gary Flowers: "Please make another game!"
allen: "outlaws 2 would be great"
L. Gilbertz: "showed LEC can do great action-games w/o Starwars"
ryan: "this game rules baby"
jjs: "money to be made $$$$$$$$$$$"
Rob Dixon: "missed opportunity if there's no OL2. A great game."
D.E. Riffe: "Please make outlaws 2, it will sell"
Shane Green: "westerns are kool...even a sci-fi western "
rick grout: "hopeful in seattle:^)"
DB Pickens "TORC": "Just do it - It's bigger'n ya think it is"
Lord Pud: "either put out another OL or I'll [bleep] with an ice pick"
Mental_sis: "addicted to outlaws forever, do OL2"
Kjetil Aksnes: "A sequel to Outlaws would be great"
Espartacus: "Shoot Outlaws2 or die!!!!!!!!!"
E. Reese: "At least a new big add on. Outlaws is king."
Annie: "Don't make me beg"
Syd the Bastard: "Stick in a Character Creation System."
KDA_DirtyDog: "don't dissapoint all of these people!!"
George Donohoe: "Outlaws Is the best shooter I've seen!"
j_wales: "forget star wars-make a real game:outlaws2"
Robbie Hock: "Hurry! You've certainly taken enough time already!"
Zack Katch: "played OL every day past 2 yrs & it's getting boring!"
Jeff Watts: "Look at how long Pale's had to suffer... Make it stop!"
Cha Meng Vang: "Hurry up, already!!!!"
Steve Crooks
OLM_SLINGER : "i can't wait bring on # 2"
Dan Johnson: "Outlaws Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
J. Baldwin: "Hey!Quit teasing us!Its time for OL2 PLEASE!!!"
Paul: "outlaws is the best first person shooter"
Joeri Cox: "Outlaws 2 would be the best we could wish!"
Mike Szopa: "pleaz, pleaz make a sequel"
Doc_Ripley: "Outlaws 2 Please Please i need it..:)"
Shnook: "At least come out with a huge add-on pack, like JK!"
kyle Clubb: "HUCK US UP"
WeS "Cyberdemon" RaSmUssEn: "It cant be that hard to do, right?"
Mercedes: "I love the game, a must sequel is needed =:)"
Greg Logan: "another game would be great! Maybe with 3d objects"
Leo A. Piguet: "Multiplayer Only would be fine. JUST MAKE IT!!!"
Slaters_dog: "Use a modern engine , OL2 will be a classic !"
GOOM_Rust: "Last warning LEC! Dont let us wait to long ;-)"
doni blair: "outlaws is the best game on the market!"
Gary Flowers: "I would love to see another Outlaws game!"
S. Kelly: "What the heck, go for it"
Daryl Bye: "make the best game better"
Steve Puras: "How about bullet drop and time of flight?"
jacob taylor: "use some of the same poeple and some new"
Derek: "make the game! i'd love to play it and would gladly buy it!"
Jim Campbell: "It's the best!"
Darrell Whitledge: "PLZ make a part 2... Been playing long"
Rene Spence
Tom MacPherson: "Loved first one,would love a second one."
dtmshadow579080: "may the force be with you on this one "
Nowhere_Man: "I've played this since it came out. Still playing"
Ken Richie: "OL just keeps going just think what another would do"
Dan Lavoie: "Outlaws 2 all the way..........heehheheheh"
R Messier: "That would be great!!! Plays a lot of OL"
Tim Niumata: "Let's do it!!"
Rune Lian
melleby: "Just Do It..."
Marcel Wittwer: "OL is great....OL2 will be GIANT¨?!?!"
Stebler Patrick: "That will be very nice! Thx"
Annette: "Give us SOMEMORE!!!!!"
Keith Parks: "How about a 2 six shooter rig?"
Warp8: "great game, OL2 with a good engine would be even better"
TrggrHppy: "I love Outlaws! Think of what you can do now!"
Nisay 'Gas' Matityahou: "Even sell it at $100 just make OL2 plz"
Mikeal Van Doren: "Do it cause you love it, too. THX!!!"
H D Holliday
batfunk: "quake-like have no spirit.Outlaws got one!"
Dan Stadelman: "Make Outlaws 2. please... please...please?"
Bryan Conley: "Outlaws is da best multiplayer game"
Richard Moore: "It's gotta be done!"
Joshua Howell: "BEST single player shooter ever I want MO"
Brad (phalout): "I play OL more than all my new games!!"
Ugolini Ugo: "From R.San Marino(Italy)for verygood game"
Conan: "Outlaws sequel Please"
Jim Cooper: "Love Outlaws!"
dave impson: "best dang western shooter i have ever seen"
JOEsMongo: "Mongo like Outlaws 1... make new one... or else... :)"
Gary Mickle: "It's time to do it! "
Daniel Lewis: "I'd buy two copies out of gratitude..."
Scott Lewis: "You can't tease us like that....please make another!!!"
Cal Lewis: "The only game that will beat Outlaws is Outlaws 2.... =)"
Andrew Buckles: "We want more, we want more, we want more..!!"
Kent Sobey: "Please, pretty please.....make an Outlaws sequel"
Dale Lewis: "There are at least 600 sales above me right now!!"
Runaway_Jim: "I can't imagine life w/o Outlaws2!!!!!!!!"
Che Peake: "The best multiplayer game ever!"
Zaliot: "ol2 with 98 support, fix bugs, could be game of the year"
Rob Dixon: "The world is waiting - don't miss the opportunity"
Terry Fields: "A sequel is needed.Just keep the theme."
Torgeir Endal: "Outlaws is the only FPS which is FUN to play"
Mike Giffin
peter janmaat: "we need a sequel please guys."
Tommy Parker: "Would love to see another Outlaws game!"
BOK_Hombre59: "Just make a sequel that would be great!!!!"
Yif Howell: "the best first person shorter game ever!"
DGG_Bigj28: "OL2 with the graphics of Dark forces2: Jedi night"
Jesse Bell: "I would be one of the first to buy if there is an Outlaws 2"
Alienyst: "First and only computer game I play & I play it every day!"
Rebel: "Hell I'd buy 100 copies"
Chase Hollingsworth
Darius Salehoun
Rebecca Hair
Judy Hair
Curtis Hair
Molly Reardon
Luke Duncan
Luke Doramus
Tyler Smith
Clark Penfold
Jane Penfold
Paul Rowsey
Jess Newman
Ben Newman
David Hawkins
Kimberly Hawkins
Anne Curnes
Bunker Curnes
Sam Pittman
John Meindl
Amy Meindl
Nick Meindl
James Meindl
James Swaine
Dusty Hollingsworth
Dale Salsfen
Carl Harper
Rachael Estrada
Billy Hollingsworth
Bronco: "We've done our part. Do YOURS! OL2!"
Estes Fok
Sam Kincaid
Jay Reed
David Reed
Tristen Owens
Trey Warren
Gina Warren
Wayne Warren
Martin Schroedl: "Im from Germany, thera a many people love OL!"
Svein Amundsen
Joey Anderson: "MAKE ONE MORE OUTLAWS GAME!!!!!!!!"
adam : "maybe this time we'll be able to ride horses"
LintEastwo: "C'mon sheriff, come up with the goods..."
Jacob Westbrook: "Outlaws2 would be the first game on my list!"
Iroc: "We are HUNGRY and wanting Outlaws 2."
C. Edwin Hopkins
Ugolini Luca: "From little state of San Marino for Outlaws2"
Wes Thomas: "I really enjoy this game."
Chris Shreve: "!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Rob Shreve: "Been here since the beginning...next, please!"
Stig Schjervheim: "More action pleaze"
Faith: "Pls put out a OUTLAWS2"
C. Stewart: "Great game Please add the sequal"
Matt da gunslinger: "More emphasis on the six cylinder fights!"
Steve: "I just bought OL....I LOVE IT!!!!"
ANV_Terminater: "It'd be nice and I'd surely buy it"
M. Wildey: "Excellent Game. Box too cartoonish, almost passed by."
Cliff Hess: "Outlaws rules.. Outlaws 2 would rule even more"
Steve "RANGER" J.: "My OL1 is wore smooth out, Need OL2!"
Billy "WildDawg62" Kinlaw: "in love first time, love to see another."
Dustin Eastman: "would definatley buy, you won't be dissapointed."
Jareso: "Please make Outlaws 2."
Bjorn Olsen: "make a new one"
BanjoMan: "hmm, I might even come back for a sequel ;)"
SOD_Badger: "Just do it. PLEASE!"
Bill Bono: "Dedicated old outlaw player"
Thomas: "Outlaws 2 would be great !"
Flint_DR: "i buy other games....i ALWAYS come back to this one! "
Michel Lebel: "I love the game"
ANV_KING: "Be a sport and make Outlaws2"
Rebel_Shotgun: "OUTLAWS WAS COOL 2 HEHE"
Machine: "I am a map maker and i want new displays "
rhett murray
Tamara Gooch: "LOVE this game...PLEASSSe make another..."
Robert: "Outlaws,the classiest game out! Need more."
Peter Newman: "Outlaws is so original it can't end with just 1"
Sparalesto: "Outlaws 2: The new very very good game"
Andreas A. Binotto: "please!!"
Jeff: "Great Game! - Crime not to have sequel!"
Chaz Roberts: "We await a sequel DON'T LET US DOWN!."
HUMBERT Francis: "Un Outlaws 2, sinon rien !!!!"
Auctioneer: "we have 1 do I hear 2 going once, twice, sell it!"
Jeff Puras
Nick Parrillo: "For the Love of gad make a sequel!!!"
J.Melody (RR-JMELL): "make a nudder Outlaws Game...PLEASE!"
Liam Murphy: "Give me another!"
Andrew Marshall: "most enjoyable 3d shooter I've played"
Nathan: "I would love to see an Outlaws sequel!"
Nathan Hedberg: "I would love to see an Outlaws sequel!"
R Yates: "please do make a sequel"
Trond Braathen: "It wold make my day!"
lucose: "I don't want the world. I just want Outlaws 2"
H.Saul: "great game ,make a 2nd version."
Chad Taylor: "Outlaws was ahead of its time, and it's time!"
DWeb: "Just do it!!"
Alexander Savvas: "Definitely the best 3D shooter ever made..."
XXX_SoldierSoul: "Shooww meee the OUTLAWS2 !!!!!!!! :)"
Mike Belcher: "Noone can wait for the new OL!"
George Gill: "Cross OL with a modern engine and you've got fun!"
Sean Stewart: "enjoyed OL more than any other 1st person shooter!"
Dan Sesmundo: "What a great game"
Harri Pietikainen: "I hope you make Outlaws II ,or more missions."
Mark: "I know that OutLaws 2 would be welcomed !"
darius: "Please, Please, Please Give Us Another OUTLAWS!"
Steve Roberts: "We Want Outlaws II"
devon morris: "let the marshall live on "
hus_men: "an unrivalled game and we're waiting the sequel!"
Paul Roots: "Outlaws is the best game I've ever played."
chuck kirkpatrick: "world NEEDS and WANTS a OL2 game!"
Martin Manning: "pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease"
John Romero: "Outlaws was an awesome game. I need the sequel!!"
Gábor Hódosi: "don't forget to develop OL to a newer version"
CMF_Hendrix: "I want my...I want my... I want my Outlaws 2!"
dan josue: "all of my friends love outlaws and want #2"
Gaskar: "i'll buy one, wife and kids will buy one, my dog will buy one"
Crister Lindmark: "Don´t let us down here!"
Pär Wikström: "OL is best multiplayer game ever—until number 2"
Russell Davison: "OUtlaws rules, can't wait for outlaws 2"
esky6pac: "2 could only be better"
Paul Pedersen: "Just Do It!"
Y. Frias: "If Outlaws is this good, imagine Outlaws 2..."
Michael Richardson
Aaron: "Give me my OUTLAWS FIX !!!!!!"
P. Hessler: "Only on question: WHEN ???"
M. Kummer: "I`ll by it."
B. Season: "Please upgrade OL to a newer version."
Bert Russel
L. Aamer
Cristiano Gualtieri: "OutLaws 2: the revenge!!!"
Bryan Hoover: "It's a great game worthy of becoming better!"
Kevin Corley: "We'll go see Episode II if you make OL2"
T4H_Jiller: "i love outlaws and would love to see new version"
Chris Billups: "Sequels are nice..........................MAKE ONE!!!!"
erv wiebe
Joshua Daigle: "Loved the 1st & would definately buy the 2nd."
Jeff James: "OL 2 will return popularity to a great game"
Frank Bonner: "How The West Was Won!"
Matt Skidmore: "Best game ever, recommended by Dave Woods"
Dwight Woods: "Converted me over from Quake"
Gamesta: "I like Outlaws and you should make a sequel."
Wyatt Earp: "make it playable on a PII 450 and I will get it"
Joe Crommett: "sequal.. sequal.. sequal... NOW!"
Peter: "I'm sure Outlaws2 would be a big success."
Ron: "Please Please Please make Outlaws II"
Bryan : "I love this GAME!!!!"
Johnny: "now!!"
KEN: "yes please"
Dane Ueland: "make da sequel!"
Kelvin Hanssen: "OUTLAWS 2 that would rule!!"
Rick Niemczyk: "play almost daily, please give me something new"
Kevin C. Kirk: "I love outlaws so please make another"
Dwayne Blair
Locco Willie: "Go ahead make my day!!!!"
GiPo: "I WANT OL 2!!! The original rocked."
Rick Crowder: "You wouldn't want to dissapoint your fans!"
Russell Volk: "Me and my gang WANT A SEQUEL!"
QOT_Doc: "I believe in ya Mr.Georgey, Mr.Shaw and Mr.Stinnett!"
Thomas Jones: "please hurry with it and charge as much as you like"
Allan Dawson: "i'll preorder a copy right now lets go"
Ed Kelly: "Make another Outlaws Game...."
Keith Parks: "how about a classic showdown duel?"
Haley Gilbert: "OL is the only game I play..I need a sequel!!"
Josh Burris
_J_Ringo: "We need outlaws 2 !!!!"
Pairault Sylvain
Kurt Brown: "Bring in a sequel to OL, PLEASE!!!"
Jonathan Hilter: "YES definateley, Outlaws 2 would be cool"
DTG Mytie Mause: "This cool and no sequel? Geez, guys!"
Hmn_lawdog: "Make it and they will ride"
Leif Kroll
Arrowsmith: "make ol 2 for y2k c'mon we missing it "
robert nitz: "patiently waiting for a sequel hehehe"
Henrik Dagil: "I was lost, but then Outlaws came...." "
Michael Bergen: "please i would like to see it!"
Warren Gassen: "OUTLAWS ROCKS"
Heny Lee Lucas: "IM AN outlaws fanatic i'll buy outlaws 2"
will melhamed : "PRETTY PLEASE!!"
J. Duthy: " a sequel would be immensly popula"
Carson Kizler: "a new version would be most excellent"
REECE HAM: "we love outlaws"
bill stefan: "us good ol' boys love outlaws"
Tom Dolle: "im an outlaws fein"
Jason Gray: "Make it and they will come!"
'Nother OL lover : "Its getting boring... more action needed"
james: "I love it!,, it's western'iffic"
Jerry Booth: "OL 1 was great. OL 2 will be better"
Ashton: "Updated Outlaws would be 1st on my list!"
victor kolatka: "I had a great time playing it!"
Travis Bickle: "We need a trilogy or at least a sequel"
Axle: "New version? where? when?.......KICK ASS"
Brad Sween: "Best game Ive ever played, period."
Lee Shuster: "the sooner the better!"
Dennis A.: "yes, please..."
Les Fowlkes: "Do it!!!!!!!"
Robert Tompkins: "I stumbled on game, maybe market OL2 dif"
Klint Vaughn: "Love the game plz upgrade outlaws"
Audun: "I want a Outlaws sequel!!"
Tolwtauos: "Why are we waiting? We are suffocating?"
Weyon_7: "Make OL2 or I will hate your games"
Doobie_SM: "Make it fer the stoners if noone else!"
Jesse Simpson: "My kids love Outlaws!!"
Craig Robinson: "its time......make it......."
TOH_Shooter: "outlaws sequel would be nice i'll buy it"
T4H owlofdoom: "makeitordie"
Oliver J Rees: "Make a sequel !!!!!!!!!"
Tucson Coyote: "Get Outlaws 2 up.. Best since DOOM"
S. Loveland: "Just do it!!!"
William Javens
jack coultas: "need new outlaws compat. with win. 98!!!"
Danny Scott: "Cowboy's done proper.............yesssss"
ENG_OLDTIMER: "This is a must to do........."
Jens Bödefeld: "Outlaws RULES !!!!!!! "
BOM_MOSHPIT: "Gimme Part 2 or gimme Death !!!!"
Negotiator: "Please, do a sequel!!!! We Love It !!!!!"
bodo franz: "2 part please "
JOEY GOOCH: "JAKE MONROE- for three years ive played"
Gary Lythgoe: "Come on guys... Make an Outlaws 2...!!!"
WAC_Docolero: "Sequel........... YES PLEAS"
Dave Reed: "Outlaws is the game that got me started"
wallace massengale: "i think it would be great!!!"
John Springer: "this game is the best...none better"
Dag Folke Håland: "a great game - a sequel is needed"
les at 4jel.karoo.co.uk: "we want more "
DART: "ja ich will eine neue OUTLAWS version"
Tjeerd: "OL1 deserves a sequel , seeya!"
Cujo: "Outlawshasbeenplaydfor3yrs a new 1 pls "
[SOD]TinyTwerp: "Outlaws broke the mould. Do it again."
CatLives: "Pleas make an outlaws 2 Please"
Jason Sanderson: "Please get outlaws 2 going !!!"
Mike Marriott: "Please hurry with sequell"
Dan J. Jones: "Who didn't play Cowboys as a kid? "
William Daughtry: "I would love to see an Outlaws sequel !"
Wolfman530: "Give us another! Make it for win98 too!"
Gary Bennett: "dont turn down profit, give us OL#2"
Brett Eader: "I hate computer games, but i love outlaw"
JayJayDK80: "It is a must that we shall have a Sequel"
james Gross
Kerry Montel: "OL2 would make history"
JAMES NORMAN: "all outlaws fans deserve the sequel"
Dawn Leffbridge: "I LOVE OUTLAWS!!!!"
Ryan Noraeu: "ol2 ol2 ol2 ol2 ol2 ol2 ol2 ol2 ol2 ol2"
Matt Dragon: "1000 x 40$ = some bucks "
Brian Baziak: "It's the funnest shooter."
Brett Albert: "I am waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Marty Wolters: "A newer version would be nice."
Darryl Hoar: "Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss!"
Dusty Wolters: "Come on LEC!"
Dale Geist: "I would appreciate it."
Glenn D Quinn: "like to see a sequel"
Jerker Birkdal: "Please make a sequel to Outlaws!"
Andrew: "OL:In Top 100 readers favorites 1997 UK"
Henrik Vierula: "Please, please, please, please...."
OzE : "*Chants Outlaws 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*"
Bill Bloomfield II: "Looking forward to a new version OL RULE"
Cathy Pallygus: "I wouldn't mind being an OL2 Widow."
Alex Kruschev: "Outlaws 2 would be very poplular"
Ronald Carey: "OL2 - Who doesn;t want it."
Alex Newhall: "We Want Outlaws 2! We Want Outlaws 2!"
Geoff: "More OUTLAWS!!!!!!!!"
Ford Hagaman: "loved outlaws would love outlaws 2 more"
Swift_Arrow: "I am gunho on Outlaws sequal Whooo Hoo!"
Rich Reynolds: "I demand a sequel for OUTLAWS! "
CBO_Hawk: "Outlaws II WILL be a #1 seller!!!!"
speedygunz: "Hurry!Hurry! Outlaws 2 is coming?"
snakeyez_00: "Cmon Folks, make a Sequel plz?!?!?!?!?!?"
Renart: "Nous avons besoin d'Outlaws 2"
ShotgunMc: "Could this many people be wrong? OL2!"
SwiftBeast: "Please make a sequel."
Brian Adler: "Real 3D engine this time"
Jenny Schillaci: "Outlaws is cool, I play it all the time!"
Dan Gherasim: "One of the best games,nothin else better"
Robert Wooten: "Ol2? Imagining the possibilities, I am."
ThomasSauter(German): "We want You... to program Outlaws 2!"
Gonthor: "another outlaws game pleeeeeeease"
Joe Parkland: "give us a new one!"
SR: "Please make the sequel."
G. Fungus Among Us : "Hurry out with the sequel, dag nambit!"
Mathew DeLong: "Make Outlaws 2, and it will be played."
Steven: "only OL2 would beat OL1 (best FPS ever)"
Leo: "Pretty please make Outlaws 2"
TGC_Lord_Nelson: "Best game on zone and you can improve it"
Ranger_Zoltan: "Make it FAST! Before someone else does!"
Napoyi Maty: "What? You mean they haven't started yet?"
Morgan Kane: "C´mon guys it is the BEST!! make another"
Mark Sievers: "Outlaws' the greatest game I ever played"
Andrew Fielder
Rene Spence: "the only game that i play over and over"
Aaron Dutton: "Only a sequel would make it better"
Josh Springer: "another OL's would be GREAT"
X-Force: "Outlaws 2: It's better than sex!"
Richard Houghton: "Outlaws shoulda been the WWW Game"
007kiD: "Make a Outlaws Sequel PLEASE!"
Dickie Hollis
Scott & Lisa Bible: "Outlaws 2 would be a blast,ol 1 is fun"
Anthony Brown
Adam Cooper: "Hurry up guy will you ever make a sequel"
Nicholas: "Outlaws is better than ANY game ever "
Greg07: "Make it and they will come!!!!!! "
Heiner S.: "Where is Outlaws 2? Please give us!"
Tim Fletchall: "NO game has kept me going for 3 years +."
Michael Thomas: "Many Games; Outlaws is the best!"
rob lantinga: "make the best game even better, please"
Mª Luisa Sánchez: "We need the sequel now!"
Stuart Ewen: "Damn Tootin!"
Tord Torgersen: "We need more levels"
Tucker Smith
Clint Westwood: "Great game, lets do it again"
Coole Doode: "i loved the game since it came out"
Swift_Arrow: "Give me OL2 and I will pay them. (Duh)"
Pommes: "I want it! I NEED it!"
Michael Massey: "want to sell more Lucas arts games, OL2!"
Jr Birkdal: "Please make a sequel to Outlaws!"
Reuben Koppenheffer: "Outlaws kicks and I want a new version!!"
marko repovs: "just do it!"
rasdave: "please DONT make it 3rd person!"
Nicholas H.: "PLEASE PUT OUT A OUTLAWS 2!!!!"
Adam Self "BHOUTLAW": "I would love to see an OL sequel!"
Rip Taylor: "Make de Outlaws game mayn!"
C Kite (outlaw_35): "I'd love another outlaws game!!!!!"
Sean Miller: "Outlaws is the greatest game ever!!!!!!!"
Merlijn van den Bos: "Outlaws rules... OL2 will rule even more"
CBO_Storm: "deffinately need a sequal"
Alex Seal: "Outlaws is a really cool game"
Peter Alvarez: "Just do It!"
patrick dettmar: "outlaws 2 would be an awsome game if its"
David Pickering: "Outlaws2 would be a blast!! Please!!"
Atze: "With today´s technology......"
Michael Gianarakis: "I'm having withdrawl I need more Outlaws"
Tom Ellington: "Make the game, make the damn game!!!!"
philip/blew_you_up: "what are you yella" make an outlaws II"
Chuck Harber: "Check out the ideas at www.paleface.net"
Angela Bippus: "i love outlaws im a fein for it"
Brandon Hartman: "Outlaws-best game---Outlaws2-better yet!"
Ted Willis: " Updated version is a must have."
John Landry: "Best Game Going....Keepit going!!!!"
Jeff Peacock BOC_: "love this game would BUY next version"
Palul Linton: "All outlaws now 6 foot under, more pleez"
John Forbus: "Outlaws 2 using the Jedi Knight engine!!"
OCR_Polecat: "Time to punish a few more... we need OL2"
BDO_Stone_Cold: "An outlawz sequel would kick ASS!!!!!!!!"
bob bagnall: "Outlaws has pasted the test of time"
Arron Kane: "Every Masterpiece deserves a sequel =)"
ANV_BlueThunder: "Need Another Outlaw Fix WoHooooo!!!"
Gary Mickle: "It's time!!"
SBD_Fandingo: "This game is awesome make another"
Outlaws 2: "Make the game!!!! We need it!!!"
Jay Moore: "Come on guys my pistols need cleanin'!!!"
Ben Gordon: "If you build it, we will buy."
Ben Gordon: "If you build it, we will buy."
Charlie Colvin: "Yes please make the new Outlaws "
T4H_owl: "make it win98 compatible"
Neal Laferriere: "Outlaws is great please make a sequal"
ANV_WildGuns: "ok you got 1000 signatures that enough!!"
Nicholas: "i'd LOVE a anouther putlaws game!"
OWC_Death_Wish: "Come on let"s see more Outlaws games!!!"
Jamie: "We'd buy it in the UK!!"
Stone Cold
yo yo yo
Heather Reed: "Satisfy the buyers your customers"
Shawn Reed: "Give the customers what they want"
BDO_TheRock: "Outlaws 2 would be electrifying "
Samantha Pierce: "my whole family plays Outlaws!"
Jackie Pierce : "My sister and I love Outlaws"
GDO_Darth_Ice: "Hurry and make it already!!!!!!!!!"
Bon Brannan: "want this in quake III style : )"
Jim Anderson: "James is my hero!!"
KidKolt: "We NEED a second edition !!!!!"
Nico Trost: "The best game ever made"
Axe56: "Hope its got ALL of it's Bugs worked out"
Ryan Hawkins: "Can you hear the voice of your customers"
Buffalofred: "coming out with quake (version 403) ?"
Doc_Boom_Stick: "Only an idiot wouldn't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
BaDaK: "Outlaws has a cult following - make it!!"
John Kitzmiller
Robert England: "Its time to better the best..make a sequel"
Jonathan Taylor: "The world needs Outlaws2!!!!"
The Seventh: "Let the marshall ride again!"
Wildmonkey: "You made a great game, *hint* *hint* 2"
ANV_U_R_DEAD: "Oulaws 2 would be the best game ever."
Pierre Arsenault
Hans Suvari: "We all want OL 2 in year 2000."
Mark Carr: "it would be nice to see a sequel "
Guy Charboi: "we need it and we need it now!!"
Helen Charboi: "we both love it"
Benny Wong: "Lucas Arts owes it to all loyal OL fans"
Per Gusstafson: "Outlaws is very popular in Europe"
Steve Meek: "More Outlaws!!!"
SC_HuNt4YoU: "plz make a NEW OUTLAWZ!!!!!!!!!!!1"
Jonathan: "Outlaws 2 could be the coolest game ever"
Sheri: "We've introduced 12 people to the game!"
__Scooby__Doo__: "I want a new version of Outlaws"
Charles Wetmore: "Love it!!!!"
David M. Wilson: "Outlaws ROCKS! Nothing is better!"
Russell Eaves: "Give us an Outlaws sequel please"
Lee Klopp: "Abosolutly the Best Western Game Ever!"
Jessica G.: "I would love to see OL2!!! Make it!!!:o)"
Dusty Taylor: "It would be cool if you had new guns."
paul faldet
Oyvind Bjorgo: "Make Outlaws 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Ricardo Gross
Sebastiaan Cassé: "OL is my only friend... please make OL2!"
John Sim: "This would be cool, very cool."
Ken Mohammed: "This was the 1st real first person game"
jeff reid: "this is essential pc gaming"
Samantha: "More outlaws, more trouble, more fun!"
Bobbapatt: "dont let outlaws die"
brian: "The World Will End Without Outlaws 2 Plz"
Outlaw DAD: "You need to make money We need new game"
kenneth jarrell: "Outlaws 2: hell on earth"
fortyfourdan: "lets saddel up to another adventure"
J. Casteel: "I recommend it to all my friends. More!"
Mark Waggoner: "outlaws was a great game we want ol2"
Brian Pew: "A new Outlaws would rock!"
Rolf Bartels: "It's a good game and needs a follow on"
Karl Bartels: "It's a good game and needs a follow on"
Ron Braker: "Outlaws is the best, i love it. "
Lee DelBuno: "With OUTLAWS you need no other game"
enchanteddust: "Make major $, with a # 2"
Brandon Scott: "Would love an Outlaws 2 to buy!"
J Schwartz: "This Game Is For All Ages,Good Game"
JIM Geerds: "I want OUTLAWS 2 !!!!!"
CB4_Frenzy: "Outlaws 2 ? Nah I don't think so"
john miller: "sure if it as kewl as the first one"
T4H_JILLER: "we need a outlaw 2 baddddd"
Tory Cantrell: "outlaws is great.old tho.need OL2."
Drew: "Only outlaws 2 can brat outlaws"
MrPink: "Cmon LEC, make OL 2!!!! beat the hn game"
PPowell: "Have Key Board Will Travel"
USM_WldBurp: "No other game can compare! USM forever!"
Ed Daly: "We need it. RR_EDZO Awaits"
Joseph N.: "Lucas could add so much like bows&arrows"
Matt Hibdon: "Outlaws sequel goooood, Fishing wire bad"
Andrew M. Carnell: "Aww come on.. Make the dern sequel"
Jan van den Heuvel: "We need Outlaws2"
W. Johnson: "We have bought 4 games now for friends!"
murman: "Where are You, marshal ??"
Richard Perryman: "We need a new version of outlaws."
Bruce Barker: "my all-time favorite game"
Randy R.: "Ain't it time c a nu version already ?"
Robert Owens`: "Dido to the below"
Bizco: "Every Cowboy Has A Dream! "Outlaws2"
Jarod Leeson: "Pleeeaaasssssssse make a sequel!!"
VooDoo_Gazo: "Outlaws Is great,,, WE NEED THE SEQUEL?"
VooDoo_Alstar: "Is there a sequel, God, let it be true."
VooDoo_Lady: "1 is Great, but 2 would be outstanding!!"
Jim Nadorff: "Wacha waitin for? More, please!"
"baboonpit1": "MAKE OUTLAWS 2!!!!!!"
The_Dark_Lawman: "Are there gonna be new bosses?"
PFH_SanchezIla: "Please Make another Outlwas For All Us !"
Dex Treleaven: "Excellent ATMOSPHERE"
Pam Mitchell: "We need more Outlaws in our future!!"
Craig: "outlaws sequel please, with horse riding"
Michel Mevis: "Make Outlaws 2 bigger and better , pleas"
Quixilver: "So many petitions and still no 2...? :o("
Trevor Vos: "OL is the best except for the graphics"
Mike Donaldson: "Sequel damnit! Outlaws is addictive hehe"
KENNY BRANCH: "thanks for great games!"
Ron Richardson: "Please make another !"
Ryan Ferraro: "It would be cool to see outlaws in 3d"
franky: "Please make a second"
_Spectoreo_: "Outlaws is the only FPS I play!!!!!!!!!!"
Per Hellsten: "LucasArts! - give me OUTLAWS II! now!"
Blonde: "Make a sequel and I'll buy!"
Mark Archibald: "Outlaws is cool, make a new one"
Don MCClain: "Lets get a new 1"
Gust: "Sweden wants a sequal to OL"
QOT_Gadda: "Make Outlaws 2 and take the credit"
Steve Stadelman: "Im beggin'ya on my knees make ol2 please"
Ben Furness: "When will u guys at Lucasarts c the light"
William: "This masterpiece deserves a sequel."
Daniel: "I think Outlaws is the best :)"
Craig Welsh
Bryant MCClain: "its rocken socken action"
EagleEye906: "Update"
Michael Brown: "OL2:with additional characters"
Curt Thue: "One of my favorites, would buy sequel."
BDO_Raptor: "2nd OuTlaws would be AWESOME!"
Lucky_Luke_NL: "Outlaws Forever"
SledgeHammer13: "Make it Zone-compatible!"
Sanchez: "...need Outlaws 2 desperatly......"
SKG_CoolHand: "My name is CoolHand and I need Outlaws 2"
Terry P
Sietse Dijkstra: "I WANT OUTLAWS 2"
Vincent Verhallen: "Love Outlaws But like to have a new one"
CStats: "Another One Please! More Single Levels"
Terry De Ruyter: "I have been waiting a long time (sequel)"
Eric Gove
WizKid Warrior: "That would be nice."
Martone: "Stephen Shaw where are you????"
Willem van Bergen: "I WANT A SEQUAL"
Wicky Steen: "Love Outlaws"
Bill Rush: "All our family members love this game."
Tony Nelson
Jacob Bull: "i really want a sequel please"
T4H_PRETTYLADY: "just another player on the zone "
Wyatt Earp: "Come on Lucasarts... do a SEQUEL"
Joe Piskapoo: "Do a sequel"
Progress: "please o' please!"
Michael Browne: "Someday is a road that leads to nowhere."
Jeff Harrison: "Oh yeah!"
Bart Klepka: "Outlaws deserves a sequel!!"
John Kostek : "Common we want more dont leave us hangin"
John Donato: "greatest game ever made"
Shooter: "Make it and it will sell"
Joel Shields: "Lots of Alaskans are waiting for OL2!!"
USM-Lawbreaker: "OL2 gonna be awsome"
Terry Woods
Bret Hobbs: "Outlaws is a great western game"
Johnny L. Wilson: "Maybe Deadlands?"
Jon Syms: "Yeehaaa OUTLAWS2!!!"
Goliath: "Make another outlaws 1 hehe"
Curtis LaBansky: "Outlaws 2, come partner get the lead out"
Juan Contrerea: "We need an Outlaws 2"
Paleface: "The fans have spoken. Long live Outlaws!"
Chris Fee: "The only game I play regularly"
Aekenon: "PLEASE make another outlaws"
Scott MacQueen: "We want more outlaws!!!"
Martin Molter: "GREAT GAME !!!!!!!!!!!"
REDeastwood: "Outlaws 2 should be an upgrade for the b"
Lee Henderson: "Stop this injustice !"
stuart lee: "outlaws is cool so dont chang gameplay"
Steph S: "Frenchies want to pull the trigger again"
Ned Lemieux: "Still playin OL MP, please update!"
Evil Ash: "i am waiting for it..lol..."
Frank Morissette: "I true classic that deserves a sequel."
Samiad: "It was original and groundbreaking..."
Ben Dubosclard: "Please make Outlaws II, I'll play it !!!"
WJP79 (hol): "Girl rescue's dad. :-) (from 1'st ep.)"
Alexis Herault: "outlaws2:the good, the bad and the ugly "
Michael Lechasseur
Dan Turner
Tim Royal: "One of the best games I ever played"
Jared Givens
Tim J: "Loved the game. More please!"
Rogerio G. Ribeiro: "My father LOVES this game, and so do I! "
Dave Nash: "Outlaws 2 with the Quake3 engine baby!"
Doug Pearson: "O2! "Hey Marshal, you outnumbered!"
AB|Quarantine: "plz make Outlaws2 :)"
Thomas Didier: "I love this game"
Joe Blow: "sign me up cuz I'll wanna play"
Arnaud Castaner: "Outlaw 2 with UT or Q3 engine NOW"
Sergey SH
Denton Froese: "I would buy O2 in a heartbeat, guys..."
Kassas: "please outlaw2 !!!!!pleaseeeeeeee"
Mohd Hanif Ismail
Sergey Suslenkov: "Another time deep into OL times!!!"
dZeNO: "Outlaws - RULEZ !!!!!!"
Ares : "One of the best... Waiting for part 2 :)"
austin copeland: "outlaws 2 with the q3a engine...aww yah"
Alek V. Smirnov: "OL1:best shooter, OL2: see undersigned"
Mike Landeck: "Got my Green"
NO-MERCY: "I wanna it ..."
Dmitry Solenov: "Pls,give us Outlaws 2"
Leonid: "Outlaws forever"
Aydar Tuktagulov: "It must be good"
Vasiliy: "pls,pls,pls,pls,pls,pls,pls,pls,pls!!!!!"
DUMAS: "go, it's time!!!"
Skitz: "Yo, it's great! I'm waiting for..."
Martin Österberg
aleXX: "Its worthy making OL 2!"
Andrey Aleskovsky: "This is really cool game!"
Mattias Melin: "Draw! "
ChildKiller: "I WANT MORE!!"
Alex Joukov: "Outlaws is the great game!We need it! "
Ilya Morozov: "Talkin' me?"
Denis Volisnky: "OL 2 thats what we need AND WHERE IS FC "
Valery Ovchinnikov: "ONLY OUTLAWS 2"
Duncan McVinish: "So where is it??? Oultlaws2 Hurry Up Guy"
Andrey Kalinovskiy: "Outlaws" - is top shooter millenium "
KimmoH: "We want Outlaws 2 NOW!!! (Please?)"
Szymon Mencwal: "just make it."
glenn moller: "upgrade outlaws to unreal tourn engine"
Anzor Kobaidze: "Better then Outlaw is only Outlaw2"
Tambov Vladislav: "It's a good idea to make Outlaws 2!"
Max: "Outlaws the BEST!"
Mikl Tchernega: "MAKE IT FASTER!!!"
Andrew Tarasoff: "Outlaws sequel !!!"
DrRenzo: "Plz plz plllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzz"
Grenage: "Easily the best game ever, so original !"
David Juste: "James Anderson will be BACK (OL roxx)"
Alex from Russia: "That is a best I ever see"
Maxx: "OutLaws was rulez, make it again"
Mathew Goldsmith
Philippe LINGURI: "please please please make it !!!"
Kayak: "Outlaws - best game!!! "
SigiP: "So when will it be? NEVER???"
Juri: "Very GOOD!!!!"
Vegard: "I loved OL, and OL2 would be great!"
Zafar: "This game is funny 3Dshooter."
Alexander Rubanov: "Make Outlaws 2, please..."
V.Khomutov: "It would be better to do OLs 2"
Hallis: "!!!!!!!"
bill: "Tombstone, A western tf for h-l :)"
Gaetan : "i want Outlaws 2 Outlaws 2 Outlaws 2 "
john the pistol: "lets go we want the Outlaws 2 "
Jason Dickens: "Don't forget a map editor/maker!!!!!!!!!"
Bob "Death Inc.": "Awesome, use a good engine, good physics"
Lev A.Naumkin: "I like it"
Chris Will: "Outlaws was kewl!"
Marc Grab: "It's the only one fpp game that I've lik"
Jacek Smolinski: "Would be nice to see a sequel..."
Denis (French): "Imagine OL on a Glaze 3D--glaze3d.com"
Dmitriy: "very good music"
s0seN: "We Want Outlaws 2 !!!!"
Colin: "PLEASE !! I need Outlaws..!!"
Cliff: "If not for us, then for your country."
Peter Brecheisen: "We have waited long enough now. Damned!"
Hinnerk Feldwisch: "there HAS to be a sequel!!"
jakub Go³êbicki: "I love this game"
Jura: "OUTLAWS 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Constantin: "Just MAKE it! Please :)"
Dan Clement: "One of the Best Games I've Ever Played"
Tomasz Kochmanski: "Where are you, marshall? In Outlaws 2!!!"
Mike Mattatall: "Outlaws was an experience! 2 Please!!"
MARTIN DJÄRV: "i NEED outlaws 2"
CHANI: "i will be waiting in cold Moscow cool ga"
Tom Houston: "go on you know you want to! "
Daniel: "Super game!!!!!!!!!!"
Andrew: "OutLaws COOL"
Jamie Conley: "create another OUTLAWS gaem please!!!"
Mako: "Time to make something new! Trust me!"
Clay Willoughby: "dont let another year go by make a seq."
Stijn Bolle: "it will stand with pride aside Quake 3"
Spencer Marsden: "Can't you see the world wants more. 8-)"
Armin Langhofer
Rolando Pimentel: "Hurry Up And Make It Already!!!"
upperlizer: "1189 sigs cant be wrong! DO IT LUCAS!"
Peter Hurley
Mulder: "u better do it or i will kill u :)))"
Joel McKenzie: "The marshall's daughter needs a future!"
Michael Jessen: "zigzaggin' and side-swindlin' tricksters"
Bill Badley
hans van deun: "ilovetheoldgamemakeanewone"
ZAK: "Outlaws 2 - it's Cool !!!"
Lucasenko: "harry up, boys!!! I want it"
Page: "I NEED o2, or i'll turn into a monkey"
Ivan Kovalev: "Please!"
PY: "Kill the fool with the chicken!!!!"
Youzek: "There is no other game like outlaws"
Egor&Stas: "We want to see an Outlaws sequel!!!!!!!!"
Michal Abramowski
OlegOwaR: "There's no better wild west game"
Markus Nowatzki: "Yeah, Scotty's right!! Hehe.... :-)"
John Conroy: "outlaws is a great game!"
Roma: "I want it"
jarek: "I want Outlaws 2"
charles gates: "do it and i'll buy it for sure"
dennis dove: "outlaws RULE give me more"
SAMSON: "We whant OuTLaWs 2!!!"
pasteurized: "just make the damn game, 'nuff said"
Morgan: "Do it or die...."
ARTEMKA: "Need OL2... .like OL2 ....want OL2 !!!!!"
Marl: "Please make Outlaws 2"
Jean-Francois: "bang bang I want outlaws 2"
Martin Ruh: "I am from Germany and you are the best"
kenny: "pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase :°°-("
Marvin Lippe: "But please with the same COOL Soundtrack"
Kenneth Pratt: "Have gotten two brothers addicted ,MORE"
Jefferson[V6]: "enough Sc-Fi, let the Western LIVE! "
Daniel: "OL2 could be so much more than the first"
Mark Pridgeon: "This a winner! More Pleeeeeease!"
Ricardo Rudolph: "Make my day cowboy!"
Andreas Kemnitz: "Bring back the West "
Slayer: "I want IT........."
bill C: "I'll pay anything for a Outlaws sequal"
Yury Antipin: "New cool game is RULEZZZZ"
Mike Dogan: "-Had the best Soundtrack ever!!!!"
bob holmes: "reach for the sky"
l. white: "how about a sequelt to this outstanding"
Craven: "pleeeaaase!"
Charley Thompson: "My gorilla beat me at Outlaws. "
Hyver: "Just Do IT"
Dmitry: "I love wild west & 3d games"
MountainKing: "Outlaws 2 with Unreal or Q3-Engine would"
LUKEtheDUKE: "YEAh Outlaws rocked"
Dennis Dowd: "Keep up the good work"
Bergind Sergelbeth
DIF_wette: "i need outlaws 2."
DeathClaw: "This is the best game about wild west!"
Kostirko Roman: "We are waiting..."
AL: "Hello from far Russia!"
DIF_Lingo: "Outlaws 2 the best the man can get"
DIF_Clan: "Oulaws 2 Most come !!!"
Axxit: "I love this WW-feeling!"
Maximilian Jaroschek: "Im looking forward to play OL2 in "ugly"
Jay B. Revell
Marcus Wulf: "Please do it"
John Fikern: "Froget that StarWars crap, make Outlaws2"
Carmindo Ribeiro: "Por favor,quero o outlaws 2..."
Greg Senters: "Best story & music ever. Again PLEASE!"
Gennadiy M. Repin: "It's just a cool game. I wanna see it."
Tsyo: "Outlaws is a cool game"
Randy Hensley: "Just Do It!"
Alexey Sozonov: "Outlaws is great game. Please make o2! "
Desmond Fuller: "Give us a Outlaws 2!"
Rodney Cross: "Do it for James Anderson!"
David: "A FPS with a good story - Make more "
Billy Bob Bo Briggs: " GIVE ME BEER! Oh and OL 2 :-)"
James K. Enlow: "Give us graphic's better than Quake 3!"
Hmn_siNJin: "They really will ride if you make it!"
Nathan Dean Wilder: "oh gimme a hell yeah!!!"
Tom Kane: "make outlaws 2 or i'll get ya!"
BDO_Ki_ll_er: "PLZ make a sequel for Outlaws! PLZ PLZ"
John Pasula
Danny Johnson: "WE WANT MORE "
Romario: "good"
Stephen Juch: "Need more bad guys to shoot"
Russell: "I'll buy it!"
Tony Cortec: "It is a good game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Jim Bouffard: "If you make it we will buy it"
[hSb]BartSim: "make it rock LA"
Jesper S. Olsen: "More Sixshooter Action, Please!"
Diane: "2000" can't think of a better excuse"
Ric Rouse: "It would sell like hotcakes....Need OL2"
Brian Amison: "A better version of outlaws, I say doit"
Jerky: "OL2 will rock..make it"
Gary Marsh: "The time has come for more outlaw fun"
Dan Howard: "Any great western has a sequel!"
Zetje: "It had the best ATMOSPHERE ever!!!"
Paul Fontein: "GIVE US OUTLAWS 2 !!! :-)"
Fußballgott2: "What is Indiana Jones ? I PLAY OUTLAWS "
Porky: "Outlaws is a blast"
Dirk Slawetzki: "We need new outlaws stuff to have fun "
Nick Jones: "Make the damn game already"
Blue: "With the same soundtrack artist! =]"
Richard Kirby
Thomas Quarles: "I'll be your huckleberry..."
Scott Hawkins: "more please"
Nick Ferguson: "I loved Outlaws, so did all my friends!"
Jamie Wentworth: "Make a western game - use latest engine."
Zefrer: "Outlaws 2? D'oh"
Mike Russo
Steve Hulme
Steven Cochran: "Bring back the magic, please"
Wilhuf: "Steven Shaw, bring us OL2!"
Matthew Peris
Doc Parser: "Outlaws was damn good!"
Origen: "Where are you Marshal?"
James Martin: "It's a game with style"
Dan: "Outlaws is still in our play rotation."
David Krider: "The best FPS ever NEEDS a sequel!"
Mark Whiteford: "Outlaws was GREAT! Please make a sequel"
Rob Geiger: "We Need Sequel!!!!!Please make one..."
Peter Steinlechner: "Spaghettis rule!"
Stephen Cluff: "I loved Outlaws and pray for Outlaws 2."
rich werries: "The best music for a game ever!!!!!!!"
Graeme Moralee: "We have been waiting to long "
Daniel Gill: "A full 3-d version would kick ass!"
Dasterdly: "A sequel or at least an update please"
Pedro Gomez: "Would be a nice change from star wars"
Tim Spangler: "Bring it back with a Q3 or UT engine!"
Ray Dana: "Outlaws music was king. Sequel please!"
Matt Clyker: "I would pre-order it today!"
Leif Helge Nygaard
Seamus Zajesky: "This game had awesome Style"
Michael Babcock: "Waiting for Outlaw 2!!! Make it please!!"
Bill Luneski: "Outlaws = multiplayer heaven" OL2!"
Wasan Syananondh: "Everyone would love to see an Outlaws 2!"
Ian Helfrich: "For the love of god! Make outlaws 2!!!"
Geoff Wenk: "Hey Sheriff To chicken to make a return?"
Jason Olivier: "The best shooter game I have ever played"
Andy West: "Please make a sequel Outlaws 1 rocks"
Patrick Vickers
Ant: "Outlaws was awesome!"
Kevin Badger: "Outlaws 2 would be a sure bestseller"
Joey blair
Patrick Harsdörffer: "will sell better than any crappy ep1 gam"
Simon Cooper: "Don't be a fool, Marshal!"
Greg Bronzert: "Get back to the basics Lucasarts..."
Corey Rogers: "Outlaws 2 would rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Jason Schultz: "Please make another Sam n' Max game also"
Josh Hay: "Outlaws sucked, but I loved it!"
Justin R. Gulbransen: "Let's go guys!"
Brian Musgrave: "I'd even buy a 3D remake!"
Matthew Fowle: "OL2: Resistance is Futile"
Jim Gregg: "make a sequel to Full Throttle too!!!!!!"
mortimer: "hl can make a huge new out 2 "
John Rogers: "I love Outlaws with a passion! Another!!"
Tim: "THE Western game DESERVES a sequel."
J.S. Omundson: "Outlaws holds a fond place in my heart."
Brett Silva: "Stop making only SW E1TPM games&make OL2"
Aaron : "This genre has hardly been touched"
DeathwisH: "Please!"
Price Hall: "I'd play it. I like shootin. YEEEHAAA!"
Geoffrey Crookshanks: "The most game for my money, ever!"
Gary Fauteux: "Please make a new Outlaws sequel"
Kevin Jones: "I've been wishing for a sequel for years"
Dan Overlander: "I bought the first part TWICE. Make #2 !"
Richard Nelson: "Bring back the old LucasArts quality"
Sam Herald: "We saw JK--we know OL2 would rock!"
Daryl Surat: "Use the engine from Obi-Wan or JediKn.!"
Clyde: "give us a new version(d3d)and a sequel! "
Nicholas Novitski: "I'd buy it..."
Dan Fenton
Dan Fenton: "My family and I loved it."
Javier Lührs: "Few games I've enjoyed as much as Outlaw"
Chris Wilson: "Loved the original. Best music ever."
Kenneth Chau: "Bring it on!!"
Jason Kennedy: "Here's an easy 1400 games sold!"
Eric Nicolas: "Use the Q3 engine"
Seth Steele: "Outlaws was awesome, time for another"
XxSATANxX: "I still listen to the tunes off the cd!!"
Scott Taylor: "Please please please! More!"
Kevin Middleton: "Loved 1st One; with new engine:YeeHaw!"
Peter Voelzke: "OUTLAWS! 2nd best build engine game ever"
Jim Ives: "make outlaws 2 cause ice said so"
Gunslinger!!: "It's an unique game....please, please!!"
cthuloid: "A sequel would be great!"
Roger Fingas: "Develop Outlaws 2, and I'll buy it!"
Mike Clair
Ido Magal: "Best 1st person shooter ever. Period."
John Travis: "Make Outlaws 2!!! How cool would that be"
Frederick Dwello: "Shore wud be swell, pardnuh, Outlaws II."
Dotstry Jackson: "PLEASE! The first was incredible."
Chess Lee: "If you make OL2 I will buy it!"
Spitz: "Make it and I will but it."
Marek Bronstring: "It wasn't just a shooter, but a classic!"
Jim Dorff: "It would be a sure buy!"
Bruno Margouet: "OUTLAWS 2 ! ou les français débarquent "
Kris "Shok" Olsen: "Outlaws gameplay is classic, make sequel"
Norlyn Click: "My friends and i still hum the tunes"
Bob Nash: "Waiting feverishly for the sequel."
IT Doesnt Matter: "It Doesnt Matter What My Comment Is"
Phat_Groggy: "There's so much further to go........"
Alan Villani: "A sequel MUST be made!"
Kelly: "Where's the sequel!"
Terry Gray
buddy543: "we need another challenge for us"
Sheriff Anderson: "What are ya chick chick chicken make #2"
Talon Karrde: "Even just an add-on made by Lucasarts!"
ANV_REBEL: "Make a New one I really Love outlaws!"
Thomas Larsen: "It kicks ass!"
Roger Rohrer
B Rogers: "Hurry up."
James Hauschild: "Outlaws one of a kind Sequal would Rock"
Daniel Henderson: "I'll buy Outlaws2 if the story's good."
John Benavidez: "another game with kooler weapons 4 sure"
Mark Garland: "I like it for the single player maps"
Timmy Ardan: "I'm six and all my friends love outlaws "
Tom Freerksen: "Tain't nuthin' like it!!!"
Donald Mulliner Jr: "Best Western game I ever played"
Jeremy: "It's past due!!"
Jason Bergman
Roman R: "I'd buy it, no doubt."
Robert Adams: "we need more westerns!!!!!!"
Timm Stokke: "Outlaws 2 would kick major butt!"
Kevin M. Lowe: "Be cool if they used Obi-Wan's engine..."
Matthew Keogh: "Really love the game, do an update!!!!"
VBB_Iceman: "Just do it :)"
WAC_Chickolero: "10 278 323 kills in ol xxxkills in ol2??"
Cody: "C'mon, we need Outlaws2, Everyone of us."
SkampWalker: "Want more, need more!!!!!!!"
Brian Dugan: "Please?"
M Labs: "Faster guns, bigger skys,prettier woman."
Joe McGonigal: "I want a dedicated server patch too!"
Doug "Enigma" Patric: "Just make it. 'Nuff said."
Dan Jevons: "Yes please!"
Brad Brown: "Please make a sequel with UT or Q3A."
Simon Holcroft
Dave Clark: "The first one ruled...make more :)"
William Winslow: "I lloved Outlaws and would buy Outlaws2!"
Jonathan Côté: "Wee hee ho ha!"
Ldy Misty: "Sittin' in the saddle awaitin"
Mike Pearce: "Damn it, make a sequel, We'll buy it"
Thom Wetzel: "Yee haw"
Ohara: "Please make it so I can quit EQ!"
Chris Champlin: "More Outlaws would be a GOOD THING!!!!"
Benjamin J. McLean: "Classic game, bring it back LucasArts. "
Keivn Shekleton: "A sequel to Outlaws would be great!"
Larry : "Please make Outlaws 2!!!!!"
WDC-S.O.S: "OL 2, Slap on the pistol belt again."
Daniel Thompson
Mark Thrasher: "Long time gamer! This game is the best!"
William Mitchell: "Only multi player game I really enjoyed"
Michael Leza: "I'd love to see a Q3 engine western game"
Roy Joseph: "Definitely would buy OL II"
Saib: "I still play outlaws it realy rulezzzzzz"
imdos: "Outlaws kick ass, so where's the sequal "
Izaak Neri: "outlaws is not an ordinary shoot'em up "
Mikael Andersson: "YEEEHAAAW!!"
Lauwers Kim: "Outlaws is the best"
straks: "Outlaws2 will beat everything!!!!!!"
Van de Voorde David: "We love OUTLAWS in BELGIUM"
Opel X-Treme Team: "OUTLAWS MUST RETURN!!!!!!"
Koen Janssens: "Outlaws 2, I'll play it for years."
Arjan Schuitemaker: "Quake 3 engine in Outlaws Style !!!!!!"
Dennis: "outlaws 2 rulezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"
Berckmans Pieter: "bring in the new outlaws!!!"
Siem v.d Berg: "Make OL 2, or else I'l slit yer troath"
Brandon Bator: "OutLaws ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1"
Neo af Cobra: "outlaws rules"
Mat Ripley: "Look, c'mon, make it or die!"
C v.d. Elzen: "It will be LUCAS greatest hit EVER!!!"
Nijnrich: "Smith&Wesson , THE point&click interface"
Wouter Vermeulen
Andy Krull: "Outlaws is great! please make a sequel"
Milkman: "It's the only FPS that deserves a sequel"
Delgouffe Steven: "Outlaws was the best."
Jeroen Hoeboer: "Outlaws and its fans deserve a sequel!!"
Gert Jan Kamstra: "Please, please make Outlaws 2"
Martijn: "Outlaw 2 is the game for 2000!!"
PaW: "Everyone I show Outlaws to love it!"
Mike Probst: "First was awesome...a sequal? PLEASE!!!!"
Marcel van Driel: "New graphics, same(ish) gameplay! Yes!"
Richard Wensing: "Come on Lucas Arts..gimme gimme gimme!"
Arnold Bennink: "give me some more multiplayer experience"
Han_Klojo: "Bought #1, will buy #2 instantly"
Mike Thyng: "outlaws kicks ass & i want a sequel "
Wyatt Rufus: "Outlaws is the best...make #2"
Peter Dierckx: "Hey Lucasart !!!!! Are you chicken???"
Travis Lewis: "Make Outlaws 2 the first was great"
Innis Clayver: "ME wanr a sequel eh yeah good sequel!!"
MOD_Ness: "i been lpay'n since it came out!!!!!!!!!"
Fons Vaneker: "Sequel to my number 1 shooter ? Gimme!"
Ben Vercammen: "I would kill to play OUTLAWS2 (Q3engine)"
Dieter De Rouck: "be sure to use the Quake 3 engine ;-)"
Sietse-Jan Weijenber: "please please please THANX"
Reimie: "i'm hunkering for outlaws2"
Daan de Gooijer: "OUTLAWS 2 with q3 engine :)"
Jeroen Knol: "I NEED OUTLAWS2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Arnold Desperato: "Please! I'm dieing to die by the next OL"
Pirate_forty: "w/1608+ comments, what else could i add "
The_GoodOne: "PLEASSSSSSeeee make it!!"
warren patton: "loved original played hours on end"
RCHY: "iF THe GaMe iS FRee i WaNT iT!!!"
laszlo: "outlaws was the best ever"
wolle: "outlaws II is a must"
jaques pistol: "outlaws changed my life entirely"
bender: "dont doubt, just shoot it"
Adam Buczynski: "No new game had the real outlaws feeling"
Alex Gomersall: "loved the first.....make a sequal"
Peter De Cauwer: "why waiting ?!"
George Petta: "Keep it coming!!!!"
Ivan Borstlap: "Outlaws 2 is THE game we need right now!"
Patrick Brunswyck: "this game is old and still my fav"
Brian Gregory
Kelle: "Where are you Marshal !?!"
michael otoole: "i would buy it without a review"
russ warde: "i would buy it without a review"
frosty snowman: "i would buy it without a review"
John Hoffman: "cut the crap and make a sequel dammit"
ANV_BentRing: "what's takin so long----HURRY UP!!!!!!!!"
Stefaan De Vreese: "Can't stop playing OL, OL2 has to come!!"
Thierry Gorge: "Reach for the skies with outlaws 2"
Francesco Poli: "OL started a genre, don't let it die!!!"
Thiago E. Craveiro: "PLEASE?!?"
Wilco Schijf: "Outlaws is the best 3D-shooter there is!"
keith johnson: "p l e a s e!!!"
Xander den Boer
Tim Galebach
scott : "please make another game"
TR_J_Younger: "I belive there will come a 2:nd version."
Eddie Wills: "Outlaws 2 with 3dfx would.......ROCK!!!"
Jared Root: "Outlaws is the best!!!"
COOL_Young_Rat: "Well Outlaws is fun but plz make a OL2 "
Ian Erickson: "Outlaws 2!!"
Mike Locascio
Kwisatz Haderach: "OL2!!!....daugther as main char..!"
B. Gardner: "I'd buy it for sure"
Peter Geuzendam: "make a sequel.. .. ill even pay $200!!!!"
Piet Geuzendam: "hang um high!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Jorrit Neurink: "for a few dollars more....."
The Law: "no substitute.... ;>"
Matthias Segers: "I'd buy the sequel =)"
Sieger Veenstra: "I 'm tiered of shooting aliens"
Adriaan: "I would buy it, too!"
Joe Calypso: "Love playing outlaws i want more !!!!!!!"
Martijn Windels: "hurry up"
Charlie Roberts: "Please and thank you..."
Blasterbator: "Make it a FPS / MMORPG hybrid"
Carlton: "make another outlaws"
Sam: "they made me sign!!!! But i dont care..."
Eric Broersma
Dirk Meynen: "GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Alain Schot: "Outlaws multiplayer kicks ass"
Wilbert Siegerink: "Best M-player game needs an sequel!!"
Johan De Boeck: "Outlaws was GREAT!!Please make a sequel!"
peter verbueken: "no outlaws but " OUTLAWS 2" !!!!!!!!!"
Justy Rappé: "Love the game"
Jerrad Cowan: "Almost as fun as Dark Forces!!"
Dan Dimitrescu: "don't forget the music"
Gunter De Souter: "It's the best!!!!!"
GreyWolf: "Why they didn't do it until this time?"
Matthew Williams
Robbie Ho: "1st Chapter *** stars, 2nd Chapter *****"
Nathan: "In honor of Sergio Leone!!!"
David: "The western genre is still fresh and new"
Neo-: "Holy cow!! They arent making Outlaws 2??"
peter brattinga: "shooting fun in stead of real world"
Paul Oestvold: "Where is the rest of this wonderfull gam"
Bruno De Becker: "Q3 is boring ... gi'me Outlaws 2"
Boefke: "outlaws now"
Mr. Asparagus: "Outlaws 2 - will better than sex : )"
Angso world power: "Outlaws rocked my machine, i want more!!"
Marvin van der Horst: "Outlaws RULES! So I want a Sequel!"
Tom vda: "MAKE IT !!!"
Gorman Lennox: "I want a Mauser c96 broomstick SEMI auto"
Jesper: "I love outlaws, I love it..."
acer: "pleeesee..."
Dan Malcom: "more tools, keep graphicsfast framerates"
ian mcintosh: "yeah..outlaws2..woohoo"
Jason Criner: "fell in love with outlaws need sequel"
William Peine: "The genre needs a source of renewal, OL2"
Justin Krull: "tons of people want a SEQUEL!"
Bert van der Vegt: "Outlaws II on a new graphics engine....."
Martijn Wevers
LutGenThe_SeaL: "I just love those shootumups so shoot it"
Jeroen Groeneveld: "ASAP!!!!!"
Tom Verhaaf: "BLAAAT"
stijn nolmans: "outlaws 2 NOW !!!!"
Bart Leysen: "Just do it"
Matthew Coussell: "O1 was a classic, O2 is a birt right ! !"
jeremy : "OL 2 WOULD ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Will Templeton: "Outlaws2Outlaws2Outlaws2Outlaws2 Hint..."
Klaus Dieter Schnur
Dirk Lingier: "Go ahead, make my year !"
Stefan Tchernev: "outlaws with new 3d engine "
Larry: "Outlaws II please. I'd buy it!"
Sean Connery: "Make Another Outlaws, It"Ll Make U $$$"
Michel de Joode: "I LIKE THE WEST!!"
Jorn Kremers
William van de Wouw: "The REAL thing to go back in time,DO IT "
Florian Dettwiler: "Lucasarts I want Outlaws2 and Adventures"
Dirty Bob: "Those with Outlaws, and those who Dig..."
Aaron/Sgt_Inimical: "Without a doubt, Outlaws 2 would ROCK!!"
Dave Rodrigues: "OL = best first person shooter ever"
Stephen Kucha: "Here chicky chicky, bck bck bckaak"
David W. Baumgartner: "Great Game! Where are you Marshall?"
Jentsje Veenstra: "Because Outlaws was simply the best !!!!"
Arend vd beek: "Enjoyed Outlaws a lot and look forward!!"
MIL_Borg: "Outlaws 2 would be game of the Year 2000"
dennie masser: "DO IT"
Ferry van Orden: "What are you waiting for? Just do it!"
Joeri Van Hulle: "I will certainly buy it"
Dave klassen
Bert koning: "Make us happy, make a sequel"
*secret*: "Gimme´ Outlaws 2!!!"
De Vuyst Robbe: "I want outlaws2"
Graeme Rawlings: "Outlaws rocks, OL2 will blow away quake "
Wim van Luyk: "OL1 is great fun , please make OL2"
ramses: "i want the best outlaws 2 the best one "
Jon Sarver: "I love Outlaws and multiplay, no more la"
HaveBlue: "If u make it, I'll buy it..."
Joffe De Peuter: "OUTLAWS rules! It's the best shoot'em up"
Reinard Smeets
A_BIT_OLD_2: "Please do it in need of a new outlaws "
JAMERS DENIS: "We Want Outlaws In Belgium"
Rocky Jiminez: "Its sequel time baby!"
Stephen Smartt: "George Lucas Rules"
Bruce Hanson: "What's the holdup ?"
joe brumbles: "PlZ MaKe AnOtHeR OuTlAwS ! ;-)"
killer outlaw: "Yes I Say Yes There Must Be Outlaws 2"
Floris: "We Want Outlaws We Want Outlaws"
Ronald: "If you want a hit you know what to do"
Mick: "still playing after 2 years"
Clint Robinson: "outlaws is a great game "
RaVeN: "Please make another outlaws game"
steve adams: "im waiten!1"
Bruce Hanson: "Even a mission pack would be wonderful. "
Gym_: "Going to play it as soon as possible! "
Wil Siegerink: "Dont make me beg......"
Gerhard Bräunlich: "Outlaws 1 is verry good - but verry old!"
DeadlyDavid: "you must be nuts not to make a sequel!!!"
Dirk Engelen: "No one can resist Outlaws (2)."
Will Templeton: "Keep it as fun as the first "
Black Panther: "Got a great PC, give me a great game!"
BJ Reichenbach: "Can't Get Enough. Gotta Have Outlaws 2"
Lucky...: "I need another excuse to be online..."
nope: "I need more Outlaws!!!!!!!!!!!"
Nemo-: "Do it man... do it... "
Jaco Stienstra
Hans de Vries: "Please make Outlaws 2, outlaws rulezzz"
RR_SCH52: "Get all the old players back together"
Mngovision: "OL2 would be worth it!"
Bonkie: "I NEED OUTLAWS 2"
Greor Eupene: "A sequel please,the first was brilliant."
Bert: "Where are you Marshall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Schroeyers Dirk: "I want Outlaws 2 I want Outlaws2 I wa..."
Sture Radsted Madsen: "Outlaws is the biggest & best game ever!"
Michel Zandstra: "I can't wait fior a sequel"
Kees Nederveen
Oboema Yarobe
Martijn Zandstra
Jeroen Kee
Eddie Coleman : "Outlaws for ever"
Eric : "make sequel more advanced"
Karl J Welch: "It would be criminal not to make OL2"
geusje: "Me want sequel... me want bad..VERY BAD!"
Jaxon Robison: "We want more multiplayer characters"
Joost Oerlemans: "This is on of the best shooters ever"
SoL_SeRpEnT: "We need more OUTLAWS!!!!"
Jim Feger: "We need OL2....true 3d please please."
Buzz Huzz: "It's awesome man"
Rich James: "Not making sequels should be Outlawed"
Douglas Ellis: "The only western game shooter deserves 2"
Jochen De Vry: "Outlaws was a brilliant game, ..."
(\Buccaneer/): "Ol2 It Makes $Cents$So Why Hesitate? :)"
Jon Adams: "JUST DO IT !"
James: "Funest game ever most maps too !!!!!"
George Derry, III: "I will pay $$ for the OUTLAW seql, soon!"
Lorraine B.: "In Our House Its a Family Game!! Outlaws"
PJA.WITMOND: "Let's draw the Shotgun !!!"
Glenn Reeves: "The time is ripe for a Western shooter."
Léon: "Do it for ALL the fans!!!!!"
Ace5803539: "We need another Outlaws fix."
Jan Goosen: "PLEASE give me OUTLAWS 2 "
DEADEYE88: "We want that # 2 Outlaws best!!!!!!! "
David: "Please make another OutLaws game!!!!!"
Doug Finnie: "Show ID how to make a REAL game :)"
Jinxed Cat: "Yeah yeah yeah! More more more!"
Jim: "C'mon!!!"
Darren Swolley: "riding horses would be fun in the sequel"
Alex Baisden: "Wild West, guns, gameplay. . .. duh!"
Ted Sanborn: "Outlaws with HalfLife type engine,please"
AdAm Smith: "please make another OuTlAwS i need more "
Jan Boonen: "Outlaws is verry good why not 0l 2"
Mysta: "Waaa! please make Outlaws2..."
Anthony Funnell: "A vectored version of Outlaws = GREAT"
Dennis Bouma: "OUTLAWS II we want ot have it NOW!!!"
Bob Millard: "the world cries out for OL2!!"
X-man: "Outlaws RULES !!!"
The Griz: "Outlaws Two? YOU BETCHA!!! PLEASE!"
michael gustafson: "please make another one "
Scott Pendleton: "Outlaws-great since '97, want more"
Dooder: "outlaws is a good game"
Timmy: "Im all for Outlaws 2 got my money ready"
Mikael Havel: "Bitte!"
j j sepsey: "cant wait!!!!!!"
morignot: "another one!! another one!!"
Garbotalk: "Please let our favorite game live on...."
Darryl: "Outlaws is great, grew up on John Wayne"
John K: "Hey Lucus, Whats taking so long."
Jordi reus: "It's April 2000, and I'm STILL playing!"
John Doe
Seeing_Red: "If you guys want more money, MAKE OL2!!!"
charles gates: "you want my $ then please make Outlaws 2"
Brad Bodenham: "How about a PREQUIL to Outlaws. =O{o"
Jervey Cumbee: "i think outlaws is great game"
MasterTimbo: "I will personally hand you £6,000,000"
XXX_Logic: "Outlaws rules"
Phill: "make ol II but make it open gl "
ANV_Warrior: "gotta have it"
ay_suc: "OLs2:Beating the Dead Star Wars Horse"
Tim the Bishops: "YES,plus 2 more outlaws,movie i'd watch"
OZ_Worf: "do it,.do it now. This is the best game "
Matthias: "Outlaws2? YES!!!!!!!!!!"
Manuel Casao: "I'll take Outlaws over Q3 or UT anyday!"
Nick Hill: "what other game has such a fan base?"
DK_WHITEMAN: "Make an OutLaws 2"
moors Robby: "I cannnot wait for outlaws 2 !!!!"
Cold_Omnivore: "You couldn't make one I DARE YOU to try"
David Martin: "Come on, Lucas is great at sequels!"
HOT_Smarty4: "you need more kul maps and tough ones!!!"
Tim Buch: "The sooner the better!"
David: "Are you man enough to make another?????"
David Ferris: "Nothin like shooting em up!!!"
mark brown
Sean Davenport: "don't let this game die it's the best"
Justin Howard: "After Obi-Wan, give us Outlaws 2 "
cody keeler: "please??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Jagdude: "outlaws 2! WE WANT IT!! WE WANT IT NOW!!"
Kris Garcia: "It will go big!!!! I need it!!!"
Andy Carroll: "Man, an outlaws sequel would be the Stuf"
EpW_Outlaw: "Plz Make Another Outlaws Game Too!!"
War_Doggy1: "Been playin this game for years! "
bigguns: "need a OL2 would realy be great!!!!!!!!!"
The_Conjo: "Just make sure it comes to Norway fast!!"
Aspen: "Outlaws is the best concept for a FPS!"
KEvin: "please make either an expansion or anoth"
Nick: "please, pretty pretty please...."
Don: " wish I could get it to work overthe net"
Rik Matheusen: "Where the [heck] is outlaws2"
Tim Matheusen: "OutlawsOutlawsOutlawsOutlaws!!!!"
L_E_A_D: "Outlaws 2 or Outlaws Forever ???"
stretch: "would love to see a squel come on"
Philip: "Hooked on O1 again... Please make O2! :)"
Tijs Cochez: "Just make OUTLAWS 2"
Peter Thys: "Outlaws is great Please give us a sequel"
Peter Stich: "Only Outlaws is the right game for hard "
Gero Fakiner: "We are wating for the best game Outlaws2"
BoBo: "Outlaws is cool"
Peter Sramek: "I want my Outlaws 2."
JIM: "I am want outlaws II "
Dale Harty: "I'd love to see it. "
Adam Brister: "I love this game and want more of it!"
TheManWhoISNEwbie: "UPGRATE Outlaws or do outlaws 2 !!!"
bladester00: "it drives my ol lady nuts...hehehe"
Geoffrey v.d. Made: "Took internet for OL, love to see OL2"
Tabias: "I don't like shooters, but i LOVEoutlaws"
Sebastian Ryffel: "Western's better 10 Star Wars. W wnt OL"
Peter Sramek: "Please Please Please"
Joseph Sramek: "You owe this to us"
J-B Gilleylen: "The force be with you?"
Daniel Biehl: "What they said...."
dakota ferrin: "put a bow & arrow in there for me"
Fabian Wey: "Yeah a sequel is very necessary."
Mad_zapi_: "to damn little space to write in !!!!!!!"
Frank Webb: "Very enjoyable game. "
Brandon Hartman: "OL was the best OL2 would be even better"
Aaron Venn: "Outlaws is one of my favorite games."
Matt: "outlaws 2 without lag the best idea yet!"
Billy Kinlaw: "We need more of the Best Game, Ever!"
dud_1: "yall`d be stupid not to"
richard: "i want outlaws sequel"
Nick Trondsen: "using the unreal tourament or quake 3 en"
NIKE: "PLEASE................."
Scott Seidel: "maybe not by lucas though"
Michael Shepherd: "Outlaws is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!"
Marco Harjutsalo: "Outlaws II, Please!!"
TexasRaider: "We need OL Multiplayer with AI Players"
Roger Tapp: "This is one of the Greatest -Do it again"
Proudhorn: "Need it need it need it !!!"
Dave Hill: "gimme a sequel, im addicted!!, "
ANV_StoneCold: "I NEED OL2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Torgeir: "Outlaws2 would sell most copies of all!!"
Shawn Brewer: "it would be really pimp "
curro_jimenez: "fantastic"
Joe Navarro: "Great game, go for Outlaws 2 !!!!"
[removed at player's request]
Santino: "The market for a sequel is here!!!!!"
Rick Pierce: "Best game ever for the PC seauel should "
Tom D.: "Where are'ya Marshal?"
jerry mahon
Yal C. Quel : "With modern engine, Kick Ass!!!!"
Gabriel Monroy: "May the Force be with James Anderson"
Mark Thompson
james: "add movies, just like blizzard does!"
James: "Quake 4? Unreal 2? We Want OuTlaWs 2 !!!"
Philippe Bishop: "Outlaws 2 bring it on!!!!"
Joonas Linkola: "I want more of Clint's uncunning music!"
OFB_GuNsLiNgEr2: "What a Game!!"
DUT_Blackjack: "Make a new outlaws game it would b great"
Todd: "Do it !!!"
OKP_ACID_BURN: "Definatly should be a sequal"
Paul Breon: "I got a $100 card just to win at Outlaws"
Chuck Hart: "Da old west is better than da rest !!"
peter hart: "please. play it again!!"
mikej: "hurry up already"
Betty Rose Chapman: "I'm a died-in-the-wool Outlaws player!! "
Brian Sells: "You have no choice ...make a sequel !!!"
Chris Maudsley: "It'd be a crime not to release a sequel."
Bill Churchman: "The only game I PURCHASED a backup for!"
gorillaman: "It's Outlaws Jim, but not as we know it."
mick: "c'mon you jerks - make the damn game"
F. Ottaway: "We all need a sequel + a character edito"
Martin: "Outlaws 2? Make it? YES!!!!!!!"
David Ray Finnell: "You're the last hope for Eastwood lovers"
Steve moseng: "need to have ol 2!!!!"
Sparky Pironti: "Sure would be nice to play a new OL.. :)"
Matt: "Outlaws will never get old, long live ol"
Gina Skinner: "More more more Outlaws!"
Cara Dana: "Update and release an Outlaws 2 Pleassse"
Ryan Dylan: "Please,Oh please!!!"
NNO_StoneCold: "Make OL2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Andreas Shultz: "Only change the grafix, the rest is best"
antonio: "mas de OUTLAWS, ¡ coño !"
Tradesman: "Outlaws2,great, and a movie lol"
SBD_J_Marshall: "my grandma can program an OL 2 faster"
Sebastian: "I love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Chris Stephenson: "Please Please Please #2"
HRAO: "Outlaws addicted since 1997....."
Pascal Verlee: "It's not easy to make OL better, but TRY"
Tree_Waesel: "Need more single and zone games!"
Bob Martin: "Only lucas could better outlaws..the seq"
HG_Gothmog: "The best Game in a long time..."
chaabo: "outlaws made a gamer outta me,"
Brent Watts: "GIVE IT TO US WE WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Thomas Benson: "OL1 Rules but an OL2 would be king!!!!!!"
Dan Shogren: "Love The Levels, Story, Music and design"
Shawn brewer
jane martin: "everyone in this house hold loves it"
Bryce Olson: "Great game would buy sequel!"
Ken Christensen: "Outlaws rocks!"
Chet MacDonald: "Just Make a Second game"
Tommie Cumbee: "Need more characters"
Gareth: "We need a sequal or perhaps a prequal"
Scott Shepherd: "I would love more outlaws!!!"
Beau Beaty: "Please make a sequel!!!"
David Pollino: "I'm definetly game for an Outlaws 2!!!"
Joel Clifton: "No other game have I enjoyed so much!"
the shadow: "make an ol2 and I´ll buy two copies!!"
mark taverna: "Please make the sequel to this GREAT gam"
Rick Longstreth: "Looking forward to a sequel!!!"
Sonic55: "I didn't see my name on the list... :-×"
Darrin: "Come on Lucasarts, Let's do this!!!"
Jerrod Stanley: "Ive had Outlaws ever since it came out!!"
John Martin: "Pretty Please with Cool-Whip on top!!!!!"
Brandon: "A sequel to Outlaws is long overdue."
Mike Shepherd
Henry Jones Jnr: "dad wants another outlaws game in greek"
CowboyDeath: "I bought SWAT3 in 1 hour i was back 2 OL"
Chris Hibbard: "please make the sequel for your fans!!!!"
Vincent Lenoir: "Kill the Fool without a chicken"
SoL_TwEaK: "wanna make cash LEC? then make outlaws!"
Donn Seale: "Please!!!!!!!!! We Need more!!!!!"
Richard Miller: "outlaws2 has to happen"
Ron LaCaria: "Just put it out.You know you got it!!!!!"
Paul Brown: "OL is the best !"
Garbotalk: "We in mirc would love to continue playi"
Spinline "Talz": "About 2000 of us,what about the world"
Spinline "Talz": "About 2000 of us,what about the world"
James Steinhoff: "Outlaws is Clint-riffic fun!"
Vince lewis: "Go for your shootin iron mister"
David Micucci: "A newer version is long overdue..!"
Toni Harkonen: "Please... :|"
Brain: "Outlaws sux, needs serious improvements!"
Ben Storlie: "LEC I have 2 words for you. MONEY MONEY!"
Stu Carey: "Its the dog's bollocks! Do it again!"
BDO_Gambit: "come on make the darn thing"
David "OL_Sniper" H.: "That would be great!!I play a lot of OL"
David Jacobs: "My name is Dave and I am an OUTLAWHOLIC"
Brandon Reed: "A sequel is only fittin and overdue!!"
Brian Rolfe: "Support originality, create Outlaws 2."
NateDogg: "PLEASE,I BEG YOU!!!"
Stephen B: "Outlaws - Great : Outlaws 2 = be unreal "
MaxC: "Even in Germany we need Outlaws 2!! "
sunset_rider: "Outlaws is my life!! Please give me ol2!"
mark kitterman: "Another Outlaws game would be terrific!"
MasterTimbo: "the petition's zeal is shared worldwide"
??????????: "I want MORE levels, guns, characters!!!!"
Mario St Jean
Nimrod: "We need Outlaws 2!!!!!!"
Joe Newton: "Please, Please, Please"
David Dajani: "Outlaws is the best game ever made!!!!"
lineargoldataol.com: "howdy pilgrams iwant more gunslingin."
(DUT) Manyu Hesse: "nothing beats the great western feeling"
Jan Wiberg: "We want it!"
Tommy: "Outlaws rules!!!"
Randy Souza : "outlaws 2 should have more charecters "
palerider: "plz plz make ol 2 for all our sakes "
Hans Saul: "love the game,need 1 with better graphic"
Earl Farley: "You've cornered the market, keep it up. "
SoL_UnForGiVeN: "C'Mon ya know ya want just do it"
YG_atomic: "i need the craving of more western outla"
Seth aka _Creek_: "I wonder who has singed this twice hmm.."
Mike Robinson: "Gotta have more of this !!!!!!!!!"
t.j. kamats: "it is the only game i play "
Michael Olson: "We need more OUTLAWS!!!!!!!!!!"
Rob Blevins: "Outlaws is the best shoot'm up! "
Daniel Umoh: "I fell in luv with outlaws best FPS ever"
YG_atomic: "calm down my craving by makin ol 2"
Jerry Smith: "Outlaws Rocks!!! Even 3 yrs later. "
REDeastwood: "I love killin' my co-workers and friends"
Mark Jan Israels: "Please make Outlaws 2"
john bridgman
Matt Toal: "An uptodate western shooter would sell"
Sparalesto: "Make OL2, include the Editor!!!!!!!!"
craig: "develop a new outlaws please"
Robert Deitrich
Kontio: "Make Us happy again and Make OL2!"
Ray Parker: "need outlaws2 with new 3dengine-Q3-unrea"
lester j. wenzel: "just take your time and do it RIGHTLUCAS"
Bill Luneski: "Pleeeeezee!"
SOD_Newbie: "We need more action into the community!"
YG_atomic: "lucas you made star wars sequals now ol2"
Bryce Olson: "Outlaws II would be game of the year!!!"
Brett Holcomb
STEVEN NAGY: "Most entertaining first person shooter "
keith jordan: "a great game and would be a great sequel"
Don_Peet: "Outlaws is better than sex, nearly hehe"
DUT_Merlin: "Just do it... and hurry up, ok ?"
Mark Ryder: "Where are you, Marsh... err Outlaws 2"?"
Richard Neal: "More fun than Quake"
George Bryant: "OL2 would be cool"
BlackHawk3d: "There need to be more Cowboy games!"
Gary: "make it like pales sketch is !"
Nick Hoar: "i realy want to se a sequel to this game"
Sebi Ryffel: "Kick Star-Wars !!!!!!!!!!!"
Steven Rowe: "Time to take advantage of the new hw."
John Stewart: "PLEASE, PLEASE another Outlaws"
Brave_Piano: "Ol is the best damn game you've made..."
Jervey Cumbee: "we want OUTLAWS 2 show us the game!!!!!!"
Les Salva: "DAMN IT!!!!!!MAKE IT ALREADY!!!!"
William Rochholz: "Outlaws was the best original game ever!"
Chris Curry : "This Western deserves a sequel."
Erik Hamlin: "Please make a sequel to Outlaws!"
James Emerson: "Simon Jeffrey please make another Outlw2"
SLA_Alien: "plz make outlaw 2 "
Gilberto Rodriguez: "outlaws 2 would surely be anticipated"
mathieu hofstra: "please!"
Joe Crommett: "Only video game I have ever enjoyed. "
Andre Twupack
Sam Jones: "Outlaws 2 would be GREAT!!!"
Mathias Helsen: "Gimme, gimme, gimme"
Keith Parks: "I keep coming back to Outlaws! SEQUEL!"
Peter Jensen: "Lucasart games is why we buy originals"
Mark Pierce: " I would buy a sequel the first day!"
Jean-François Le Lan: "LE at ECTS: "no sequel". Pleaaase do it or"
Sebastian Westhoff: "Great music, great story...do it again"
Marty Semones: "Just make OL 2 already !! :))"
Matthias The Ancient: "Outlaws was great, so people will buy n2"
Jacopo Nardo: "In the name of Sergio Leone.Outlaws 2 "
Matt Ream(another 1): "yeah, that'd be heaps sick"
Robert Miller: "No power ups etc. Is what I like, skill "
Paul Watters: "Outlaws, still the best game yet !!!"
Joe Nixon: "the game is awesome & deserves a sequel"
Schroeyers Dirk: "Com'on where is that game???!!!"
B.J.: "If your smart you'll make a sequel."
Michael Zicopoulos
rant_99(wezzle): "wake up!!we are in 2000 outlaws2???"
SoL_UnForGiVeN: "Please?"
Jeffrey Spencer: "Less Star Wars, more Outlaws!"
Jeff Barrett: "We the people have spoken"
Okzide: "yea use the quake graphics engine for it"
EL_LOCO: "played it from 98 and i still play "
Matt C.: "Outlaws needs a Sequal for sure!!!!!!!!!"
adam smith: "please please please please please"
Jon Aiken: "why not? it's just a game. Tuco lives!"
David Rose: "Do it Do it Do it"
SoulStripper: "stop the lame starwars games already"
Peter Lennon: "kill bloody mary!!"
tim: "Where are you Sequel?"
Dark Elven Lord: "OL 2 must be made it si my destiny!!"
Tuomas Hakala: "GreaT!"
Adam: "Outlaws 1 was fun if #2 comes out kicken"
Brian Gaskins: "make another outlaws game please!!!!!!!!"
Wes Ingwersen: "Keep the music and update the graphics. "
Kumie Douyon
Fonzy S.: "Outlaw is as good as sex"
SoL_Kil_ler: "OuTlAwS 2 that would be GREAT!!!"
David Rickman
KEITH BLYH: "We need more root`n shoot`n cowboy stuff"
GARY KINSEY: "We're STILL waiting!!!!!!!!!"
Benjamin Vaz Ferreir: "Outlaws rules! It has to have a sequel!!"
DAFRAMER: "Game needs more changeable skins"
RAR_SHAKY: "Outlaws deserves a sequel"
Steven Echols: "PLEASE!!!!"
Thomas Rittal: "DO IT or we'll have to hang ya!"
David Allee: "Please give us another Outlws!!!"
daniele atzeni: "I can live only with outlaws 2..."
Samuel Wolfs
Harold Getchell Jr.: "I loved Outlaws, we need a new Sequel "
Todd: "bought the game twice ;)"
Collin Schaap: "We want to use or six shooters again"
Peter: "Shure would be nice!"
John Savoie: "Make another with Historic Characters"
ryan2000: "A new Outlaws2 with better graphics!"
Braaten: "You are my Density"
Hank Farrell: "What in the hell are you waiting for? "
James: "One of the best PC games EVER!"
Randa;: "plze put out another outlaws plzes"
Shannon Quinn: "OUTLAWS 2 is long overdue! Need it soon"
Chris Culbertson: "I want Outlaws baby"
Daniel MacDonald: "We want OUTLAWS 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Terry Davis: "LOVED Outlaws, still playing, need more!"
DredCowboyRoberts: "Best game going. Worth updating for sure"
Thomas Knight: "Definitely another western game!!!"
Larry Stoffel: "Long over-due..."
Corey Cooper: "Would love to see a sequel!!"
Gunaydin: "we wanna play a new Outlaws(2000)"
Barry Kroeker: "My son and I play multiplayer. WeLoveIt!"
Max Gontcharov: "The Best Game I've ever seen"
chester storms: "Would definitely buy a outlaws 2"
Roderick Hutchinson: "Find myself playing Outlaws for hours."
Matt Saul: "A very special game. We need more!"
Shawn: "Make OL2 where OL left off"
Kurtis Saddler
Addison Siemko: "THISout of all games shouldhave a sequel"
Art: "I want to playin OUTLAWS "
SBD_kNiGhT_: "plz make a ol 2 plzzzzzzzzzz"
Shelli: "DO IT!! ... but not Glide-only pleeese"
John Prudlow: "We need more Outlaws"
Jim Schmaltz: "Outlaws is THE BEST multiplayer game."
Gavin Wicks: "please make it work with win 98 would be"
Mark Bush: "It's time has come!"
Michael Jensen: "More Outlaws!!"
James: "Outlaws is one of my favorite games ever"
Arlo: "Not only a sequel but an improvement"
Giles Prowse: "Come on, we're in torture waiting!"
AaRON: "i think outlaws would beprettydangbadnes"
Willy: "Make outlaws 2, it wil be perfeckt"
Smoke eye: "an outlaws2 is all I ask for..."
Mark Jorsan: "I have yer chicken hostage!Make2orBawk!!"
Jason Gale: "Any Shooting game but Outlaws SUCKS"
Starmaster_DR: "Come on George we need a new one!"
Brad Petry
Ryan Taylor: "Please make a Outlaws 2,, and a 3 and a "
Joseph Hovemeyer: "I love this game. Make another!!!!!!!!"
Josiah: "outlaws+half-life engine=awsome!!"
Jesse Hovemeyer: "Only OL2 could be better than OL"
ken99: "Come on! Satisfy our desire!"
Richard Williams: "I loved the originality of Outlaws. Top!"
TheRainbowDemon: "Need new graphics, more characters"
Rob Navy: "Where are you, Jim?"
Paul Czurylo: "Outlaws 2 sequal would be hit"
Rafael Okupny: "I agree to all this comments!!! Make it!"
Ablesius Sahôla: "C´mon Lucasarts you can do it!"
TNP_Sandman: "Compatabile with original Outlaws? :)"
Mitchell King: "ingenious game"
Doug: "1 game is needed and wanted.. Outlaws2"
Phonebug: "It will make my hubby happy! So..PLEASE!"
me: "my husband really wants an outlaws 2!!!!"
Nadia Pignata: "A quando il Sequel ?"
GTN_Festus: "Could Outlaws get any better ?"
SoL_Lankman_: "Come on LucasArts... Make the darn game!"
Gerald burton: "Number one is great,... But we're look
Mark Atkinson: "Make Outlaws 2 please"
Nathan Buman: "bigger, better, more of the same. I want"
Vince The Kid: "Historical Missions just ain't enough!"
rob lantinga: "please give me more outlaws"
Joe McClanahan: "Outlaws 2 would be great!!!"
tom iker
Mike: "Please please please!!!!"
Jim "BOB" Graham: "With all the new western mods OL2? YES!"
joe brumbles: "Look we want OL 2 .. :)"
nomeanpeople4me: "Help us LucasartsYou're our only hope. "
savoree: "because you have to,i'm begging"
Tamungage: "Bring it on!!"
"Da Masta" Tearc 2: "add on to the masterpiece,make a sequel"
Evan Lundy: "Please please please make a Sequel!"
Ralph Turley: "My absolute favorite 1st person shooter!"
J. Piller: "everything is said I think...just do it!"
Kevin Winn: "The Quake III Engine is up for grabs! :)"
Robert Crews: "Outlaws2 would be popular again!!!"
Doug Robinson: "great game needs the upgrade,, cmon geo"
Taeloz: "Outlaws is the best!"
Fusion: "Heh, make it and port it to dreamcast :)"
Dean: "The missions were great..bring Out 2"
Tammie: "Make another outlaws game!!!!!!"
Donovan Moran: "OutLaws is a GREAT, Need a newer one."
Dylan St.John: "Let's go "just do it"
James Campbell
Blake Eves: "I'll Beta Test it for you!!!!!!!!!! :)"
Joakim Lauridsen: "It has already been 2 long... please ?"
Matt Medcalf: "An Outlaws sequal:better than MechWarior"
Toxicnail: "Outlaws the best game ever"
Dennis Schenkel: "check Outlaw for Unreal out plz"
Eric Turner: "I would kill for an Outlaws2!!!"
C. Perry
BDO_tinu71: "Outlaws 2"
Brandon S.: "How much longer must we wait ?!!!!"
Tom Hollett: "half-life engine + outlaws = kick ass"
Incignius: "feel free to make a sequel! :)"
Bobby Huerta: "I'd do anything for a Outlaws 2 game"
YG_Bulleye: "Wake up the ledgendary game!"
benji: "make it! make it! make it! make it!"
Alex Elliott: "Upgrade Outlaws, resepctfully Fubar44Ale"
Elliot334: "Loved this game ever since the demo days"
clayton zahara: "Make it !"
glen skrent: "only if it works well with windows 98!!"
SEWCRAYTES: "Look at all the money you will make!"
YG_Billy_t_Kid: "com'on guys ther's got to be a sequal!!!"
Dave Broughton: "Love the game and itching for another"
daniel trenchard: "i havnt got ol 1 i.tell me were i cann"
Alex: "We gotta have more OUTLAWS!!!!!"
Keith Ross: "not before time"
J.R.Youngblood: "I really liked the first one!"
Six gun Bob: "Can't wait to unholster my six gun again"
Mark D'Amico: "Do it."
Michael Hills: "Gworn"
Alex Alvarez: "Please make another Outlaws game."
Christin: "I love Outlaws and can´t live without it"
Robert Anderson: "Please make another OUTWAWS"
Mike Raukar: "I want Outlaws 2!!!!!!"
ugoliniugo: "Make outlaws game. Top game"
Laboure P: "En France on aime aussi"
Hank Morris: "i luv Outlaws"
Josh R: "It worked for the "Monkey Island" series"
Linus Brolin: "We need some good ol´ Western games!!!"
SoL_Angel_Kiss: "I want another Outlaws plz"
Doc_Holiday922: "Outlaws 2 would make big bucks for Lucas"
Jonny_Boy_Smith: "Outlaws is great, a 2nd would be perfect"
andrew: "daddy wants a new pair of side shooters"
John Martin: "We Love This Game We WAnt More!!!!"
Ax: "Gooder.. Badder.. Uglier!!! Please!!!"
Lawry Stormo: "Outlaws kicks buttox!!!!!!!!!"
Russ Dingley: "How about an Outlaws-III, the 1st two gr"
Jeff Musgrave: "My wife and I both love playing Outlaws!"
AKO_Alpinegreat: "For ****s sake, make Outlaws 2!"
Adam: "Bring it on!!!"
Reimar Große-Bölting: "Outlaws II - please!!!"
Joshua Konopasky: "the 1st 1 was this good 2nd will ROCK!"
Jim Clark: "We're all gonna die if we dont have#2 "
Eric: "I would love an Out Laws sequel!!!"
DIE_Boesewicht: "Hurry up!"
Dick Hoogenraad: "a very nice game"
Pam Mitchell: "More Please !!! What is a Lady to do."
bob dall: "it would be nice to have a new outlaws "
James Gutierrez: "Part 2 should have better graphics"
Michael D'Urbano: "I'll be your best friend if you make it."
Taliesin: "plzzzzz i love that game :)"
Jacob Wiemelt: "Make there more characters 2 choose from"
Sticky_Finqaz: "ol kicks ass, make another one"
John Songer: "Would love to see another Outlaws. "
Bill : "It's time for a new Outlaws . Past time "
Excalibur: "Come on Lucasarts! Bring on 2!! "
greg Marrocco: "Bring us up to quake III level or better"
ROCKDAWG: "if nuthin else do it 4 the money"
MinkOil: "This is my favorite game.. We want more!"
ANON: "I Just LOVE this game Keep it UP!!!!!!!!"
Will Armstrong: "Oulaws Rocks...umm...part 2 would kick a"
Shelia: "I need more Outlaws!!!!!!!!!!"
Trey Perez: "I like Outlaws! "
HotRod: "Outlaws is the best!"
Kurtis Saddler: "out laws is cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Ben: "PLEASE!"
Peter silver: "more single player levels too."
Paul: "I won't buy anymore lucus games untill 2"
Scott Duffy: "Outlaws in the best!! Make a 2nd"
Jon Nguyen: "Bring some western stuff our way..."
Joseph Bailey: "Outlaws forever!!!"
Justin Greek
press115: "PLEASE"
Wilson S Gomes: "I love this game! "
bil lodwick
Dan Gherasim: "the only game i play online"
Fernando Asencio: "With spurs on and my six shooters loaded"
William J. Leibach: "Outlaws was great and we want more!"
Mark van Velzen: "Outlaws 2 on the way! Yeah baby yeah!!!"
Steve L. Walker: "It's been too long guys!!"
Kap_Tribal: "This is great idea on a new game engine"
Scott Bowers: "Outlaws2 would be a reload of fun!"
AEW_Rifle_Man : "hey hows it going"
Seth Williams: "Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, "
SOB_Unforgiven: "Outlaws 2 is WAY overdue :^)"
Rory Bellina: "I love Outlaws and would like another 1"
Kevin Williams: "Give us what we wont, OutLaws 2!"
john N: "DO IT!!!!!!!!!"
ewdokee: "Love to see an Outlaws sequel, waiting"
filtymick: "there's nothing better"
Bizzy Bone: "Keep the OutLaWS comin'"
John "Doc" Holiday: "If'n they'dun do it, we'll lynch 'em! :P"
adam: "this game is the best gfame ever made"
Hans Wurst: "Ich fände es echt super wenn Outlaw 2"
The Black Cowboy: "I give ya til sunset 2 do a 2nd or else!"
Roger Tan: "Outlaws 2. I need it."
W Stanley: "We need an upgraded game, bad!"
Travis: "Make a new Outlaws, orlucas art will die"
Doghouse Riley: "playing for 4 years and still going,,,,,"
Christian Gualtieri: "Stop the "Star Wars" series! Go Outlaws2"
trevor: "cool"
Chris Haukoos: "Keep up the OUTLAWS tradition!! Make #2!"
Tom: "Outlaws 2 = "Big Money For Lucas Arts""
Alexander: "I really loved Dark Forces2"
STLaVista: "WE NEED OUTLAWS 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Tyler "SeeKeR" Ben: "OH OH OH Pleassssssse make it!!!!"
Randy Smith: "Awesome game!!! NEED more missions!!!!"
Jon Petersen: "Geez guys, Just do it!!!"
Randy Wester
Eric Williamson: "The most fun I've had in a FPS. Hurry!"
Scott Hickman
Outlaws: "Lucas Arts + Outlaws 2 = Big Money!!!"
Gray: "I LOVE THIS GAME !!!"
jamie: "Why have they withdrawn it from the uk?"
Axel: "auch die deutschen m=F6chten Outlaws 2"
Sentinel: "Outlaws 2 must get reality!"
SmokingFish: "outlaws is the greatest fps ever!!"
J HeZZey: "Biotch....u know what i want"
Markus B: "jeah..plz..its the best game i ever had!"
Archibald Cutter: "The only game I'd be truly interested in"
HotFoot: "Outlaws rules"
Magic07: "Please make it free and it would be good"
Koll: "Outlaw has the atmosphere of theWildWest"
Cyriaque Riotte
Foo_Roswell_47: "clan FooFighters want Outlaws II"
John Michael Davis: "Git to it guys...this game ROCKS!1"
Nathan Perdijk: "... no comment needed"
EBA_Neo: "I'm Brazilian, and I love Outlaws!!!"
robert: "where are you outlaws2??????????"
MIke Sansom: "I enjoyed the orginal "Outlaws" much!"
widowmakex23: "win 98 compatible OL2 would rule"
decapitator: "OL2 windows 98 compatible would be great"
Mark Roberts: "Dedicated OUTLAWS fan of # 1need #2"
Thomas Knudsen: "Give me some more!"
Anthony Safro: "I would spend any money on OL2."
Joey Schmoey: "I Love Outlaws And Outlaws 2 Would Rock!"
Jack McIlrath: "the best game I've ever played"
Pedro Porfírio
EBA_P_Dark: "PLEASE... Outlaws is a "sup" game!!!!!!"
Zenom AZOO: "Eu quero o outlaws 2 porra viu lucas art"
matheus: "LEGAL"
wilddawg2: "We need a new and improved OUTLAWS."
Clan EBA: "We need Outlaws 2!"
[x[MAVERICK]x]: "OUTLAWS!!! Its my style of Life!!!!"
Den: "I want Outlaws 2"
EBA_Poison: "Outlaws 2, please"
Dr.Greenthumb: "I Love You Outlaws!!!!!!!!!!!"
James Wilson: "Please! Still the best sniper action"
John: "THE alternative to SF-Shooter"
DIC SLUNAKER: "The best darn game period!!"
insane!!!!: "more!"
Marcos Pizarro: "Time to make it,guys.."
indyo79: "outlaws deserve it!"
BDO_SiLvErWoLf: "make outlaws 2 better then the first"
Josey: "I like IT more an more as time goes by."
Josh: "If it's anything like CS it'd be great."
Reimar Große-Bölting: "Outlaws for the world:auch wir wollen OL"
Ash: "Why don't they make more western FPS?"
Mike Newton: "Best Game (With Game-Music) EVER!!!"
ronald fiesbeck: "please!!"
doogie robertson: "doogie!"
Roger Pittman: "Keep the Outlaws games coming!!"
B. K. Scott: "Still has elements not seen elseware"
Josey: "OL: the best game I ever played. OL2?"
James Perrow: "USE THE QUAKE 3 ENGINE!!"
The Ultimate: "dont let us down...OUTLAWS 2!!!!!"
nina pittman: "hurry please"
Andi Posch: "PLEASE MAKE OULAWS 22222222!!!!"
ewdokee: "Ok ,it is time for Outlaws 2, waiting"
Toby Capell: "outlaws is awsome, make a second!!!!!!!"
Gaylen Russell: "Maybe the sequel could be historical"
Zbyszek Skowron: "The best music and story. The best game."
Daniele: "i want an other spaghetti western on pc!"
Chris Peters: "please, PLEASE, make an Outlaws 2!!!"
Tomasz Makie³a: "Please :)"
Thiago: "Please.. make this one for us!!!!!!"
EBA_Vigilant_: "A classic cannot finish like this....."
Craig Tompkins: "We beg of you :)"
El Guto: "be nice.. make a sequel! :-)"
Craig MacConnell: "we want more"
ashley bostock: "use the cel engine like on jet set radio"
j.p.: "we are waiting!!!!!"
edwin hartman: "the game and music with it great!!!!!!!!"
Cruzado: "the most important internet game made"
Vincius: "only do!! that's incredible"
Adrienne Harty: "I'd love to see a sequel."
Christopher Bronson: "New outlaws! Fix multi-player! Outlaws2!"
Doc_Jabroni: "Outlaws 2 will bring many Zoners back!"
paul diaz-cobo: "Great Game, full of Eastwood Memories"
Margaret L.[Hall]: "Sounds great to me. Would love it.maggie"
Nicolaas Neuij: "OL is cool. Make it even cooler 8-D"
Steve: "Outlaws rules! we wants Outlaw 2!!!!!!!!"
Hank: "ready & waiting...with CA$H in hand!"
John Edwards: "Whadya gunna do Marshall? Sequel?"
staci: "Go on! - Everyone loves cowboys!"
filip jacobs: "a great game."
GAC_HighWater: "c'mon man... hurry up..."
olbelthazor: "it would be a great idea to make sequal"
Frank Butcher: "U know U wanna..."
Subtlepanic: "Bring it on!"
Bliz: "Sequel please!!!!! 8)#"
michael: "mns"
RaD_Diablo: "Outlaws 2 is well worth making"
ExM_ViPeR: "I Would Love To Have A Outlaws 2 !!!!!!!"
Steve Fields: "I would definatly buy the game!!!!!"
Les: "Can't Get Enough "OUTLAWS" Need My Fix!!"
Donald Wilson: "Please make an updated graphic sequel!!!"
David MacLaurin: "Outlaws was the best, we need a second!"
brad: "pleeeeeeeeese mistuh, pleeeeese"
Dean: "make it and it will sell"
bob whitaker: "please/outlaws is the best game ever"
David Hoose: "The wild west doesn't have enough games."
sillybritman: "OuTlAwS 4 eva"
Blazej: "All we need O2 to breathe"
michael: "Come on how many people have ta ask ya ?"
jim butters: "great idea !!!!!!"
Sylvain"Dex"Fischer: "OL is my favourite game ! (I'm french)"
Andy Gouge: "Another Outlaws would be great"
Steven Fetcher: "Outlaws is fun fun fun"
Kraig E. Moise: "New Outlaws would fill the bill"
Mike Ciaravino: "Waiting and hoping."
Larry Gatlin: "I still love this game, how about a new"
Mads Hansen: "I'd do anything for a sequel.. almost."
Brian Kenney: "Please? Pretty please?"
Jason Smith: "I played this game OVER AND OVER-great!!"
olasupo olukanni
Jordan Rankin
Eason Garrett Tyler: "With today's new tech, it would beat all"
Robert Tsylor
Magnus: "A must!!!"
Andreas: "I really want som mooooore.."
Dale Sells: ""come on, you know you wanna""
dtc: "I've Been Waitin' Six Years!!"
Bill Grzanich: "Please!"
SLY_Frawst: "Get with the program and make the sequel"
kip archer: "Another Outlaws version is long overdue."
The Natester: "PEASE make an OL 2 ' cause OL 1 Rocks!"
Victor Aune: "Favorite on-line game at my hacienda"
Paavo Happonen: "love one, need two"
gus: "why would you stop at just one...."
Manni Seul: "You make it, i buy it."
Joe Johnson: "One of the best FPS games I've ever play"
Joel Douglas: "MORE MORE MORE MORE... please?"
ignacio: "it would be great an outlaws sequel"
Geoff Shandler: "you can do it!"
Ray: "Dude u got to make a sequil"
Brent Miller: "We need Outlaws to survive!"
Orm Arnarson: "please please please make a sequel!!!"
Bruce Jeroslow: "five years is too long"
Fischer Sylvain: "YES, DO IT !!!!! please ..."
sunny : "it was a sick game and very interesting"
Kyle Stewart: "You know you want to."
Bob G.: "10-23-2002 - I STILL play Outlaws! MORE!"
Carsten Bradley: "Please make another one...."
Jonny ffrench: "I'm hollerin fer more gun-totin shootin!"
Glenn Edgley: "Based on the same engine as RTCW!"
Mike Allen: "Let's Go! What are we waiting for?"
FOO_Guardian: "Outlaws II- the UT 2003 Killer!!!!!!!!"
Tom Hissink: "ol2 will give lucas a. a great turnover"
Flip Martian: "Can't believe you're not!!! Come on! :-)"
Theodor Laxdal
Ben Dalglish: "You would be appeal to a huge market !"
Anton : ""We need this game""
SiSSy_deAth: "Make it! And put out ADs for Pete sake!"
Peter Gottlieb: "Make this game!"
Otis: "Love Outlaws. Can't wait for a sequel."
Danielle Robinson: "we need our sequel!"
Christopher G Vrabel: "love this game, needs more"
beer inc: "word"
phil kineavy: "poor strategy not makin' a sequel"
Outlaws RALF: "I wich to se an Outlaws 2 Game or Addon"
Gabez: "You know you want to, LucasArts."
adam t: "DO IT NOW"
Hans Thijssen: "Please Lucasarts, saddle up your horses!"
John "Duke" Smith: "Yes for sure to see Outlaws II."
brian gibson: "na"
Ryan Cattell: "Outlaws 2 would make a fortune"
Brad Lones: "It is a classic, an all time favorite."
Sniper Steve: "I can only get the demo but I want more!"
Jim Davidson: "My possie dosen't play that much anymore"
JediJackass: "Outlaws2- a must have!!!"
Mike Puritan: "Outlaws = Unique gameplay and theme"
john kladis: "More! More!!"
James J. Kelly Jr.: "Take A Break From Starwars!!!"
pete martin: "I always come back to outlaws"
Ryan Sullivan: "We demand Outlaws 2.....now......or else"
Chris: "I only have ONE game I Play. OUTLAWS...."
Adrian Anderson: "THE best western game made deserves a2nd"
Cort_BRA: "I love you, Outlaws!"
Lars Fredriksson: "5 years of waiting"
Adam Mieczynski: "I Love Outlaws-Please Make Sequel!!!!!!!"
Brett Bodine: "A sequel is long overdue."
Alice Higginson: "I always return to Outlaws- its addictiv"
Eavol: "And do addon western movie levels, too.."
Mark: "I would pay 200 dollars for outlaws 2!"
LAW: "PLZ, name the price i will pay for ol2!"
Outlaw: "there needs to be a outlaws 2"
Sasa: "I need Outlaws 2."
Jeff Harvey: "Great theme, great characters great seq!"
Scott Hetrick: "You're out numbered!"
Jeff Huff
Mike Zawacki: "Great game for a great genre. More!!!!!"
James Perry: "WE WANT OUTLAWS 2!!!!!"
Bustin: "better you make it and the $ b4 we do =)"
Tim (BDO_SiLvErWoLf): "Outlaws 2 would outsell alot of games!"
Vasily: ""Outlaws is the best !!!!!.""
Alex Kelly: "(not the rapist) but um, yeah good game"
Hawkeye Herbie: "Market Outlaws 2 = Successful Franchise"
Oakstar: "Playability comes first, OL still rules!"
Dickie Daggart: "still the most enjoyable another please"
SOD_BadRel: "The best game ever made deserves a Seque"
Nathaniel: "Purty please with cherries on top"
john r bratton: "let's get back to real fps gaming--"
James Casson: "you guys just got to make another"
Sven-Bertil Taube: "2337 ppl cant have wrong right?"
TheStamper: "It's hard...but try to make it better..."
buddyspudface: "i know where you live..get it done .."
Tracy Rodriquez: "Pretty please :) *** Senorita ***"
foo oioi: "gunna be hard to top but try anyway!"
Brandon Pinion: "this is cool"
Rebecca: "It's time for you to create Outlaws2..."
jan vandecasteele: "outlaw is the best game ever !!!!"
JR McIlrath: "there needs to be a sequel"
tommy gregory: "this is the best game ive have ever play"
SBD_SNIFFY: "VGA card Radeon 9800 PRO !!!!! Fast FPS"
Kurt Fogleman: "Please, there must be another Outlaws."
James Wilson: "OL is a mission !"
Andrew Sullivan: "Give us round 2!!!!!!!!"
Qc_luco: "It's been a while..I'm nostalgious!"
Sundance: "All Missions"
ulrike warneke
Michael Holliday: "Please!"
larry keckler: "another sequel"
Chris Grams: "Please make another Outlaws game!"
Pacoboy: "W Outlaws, no Star Wars!!!!"
HoraceBlack: "You're out numbered!"
WDC-DeadAllready: "COZ the first one rocked"
Chris Reidelberger: "outlaws 1 was religion to me"
Kurtis: "Make OUTLAWS 2"
Joshua Tomlin: "make a new outlaws..and ill buy it also"
gamma_seraph: "I WILL BUY this orignal and obvious FPS!"
Rene Steen : "Love to see NEW version or sequel"
L.Ron: "i'll personally make sure you break even"
Ground Weasel: "An outlaws sequel would be awesome"
Rob: "Love Outlaws. Please make a sequel."
Tony Clark: "really enjoyed the first"
T Davis: "make the sequel you will make the money"
J.D. Morrison: "imagine what you could do today!"
Rick: "I am hooked! Please release an update"
Adaen: "Add a qucidraw sequence maybe..."
dustin glazier: "I want an updated fresh Outlaws...2"
trapper: "Feuer frei, macht Outlaws zwei!"
Shawn Powell: "this was and still is my favorite"
Philip: "please make another on you need to"
Aaron: "Outlaws is the best lucasarts ever made"
Deborah: "Please make another one I love this game"
Ron Norrod: "we love our outlaws. 50x2337 pps=milion"
Lúcio Gomes: "After years nothing better ever done"
Eric Gehring: "Sequel in cell animation could be great!"
Doug Riley: "Love the game. Need NEW one!"
Mark Wick: "yes, but without the frustrating puzzles"
Paul Costa: "PLEASE a new outlaws.. I know DOZENS th"
Grand Bragus: "It's time for Outlaws 2!"
Mads Hansen: "Give us more.!!!!"
Simon Samuelsson: "Make outlaws 2!"
lauro: "simply the best idea u could ever had"
SMM_ol5finger: "I WANNA NEW OL WITH all "characters""
T4H__TheClown__: "Make OL2 site and send it to me on email"
_Lanky_DR: "We MUST have more OL. Sequel Please!"
Matko Speed: "most popular game in school, since 1997!"
Joe (Stryker): "Would BUY it in a heartbeat"
Jason Tucker: "Only Lucas Arts can do it."
Jeremy Ng: "Have a complimentary dynamite stick."
Curtis Gress: "On with the show already LEC!"
Steve Potter: "Keep the train rolling! Make OL2!"
Patricia Taylor: "This southern girl wants MORE!"
Nick Walker: "Anxiously awaiting a sequel or update!"
Tyer Stahl: "Every great game makes a killer sequel!"
Benjamin Betts: "Where's the sequel? We need more OL!"
Nate Young: "It is a mistake to abandon Outlaws!"
Eric White: "Outlaws kicked ass, so give us more!"
Craig Lynn: "Outlaws is everything Quake couldnt be!"
James Mason: "6 years and I still keep playing!"
Steve Stout: "Don't bail! Ol has so much potential!"
John Jarvis: "We all know the Doc survived his fall =D"
Cliff Ayers: "The people beg of you make a new game!"
Mike Coxon: "I gave up Quake for this game! Make OL2!"
Matt Christophersen: "Outlaws beats them all in '97, and now!"
Olle Bergsten: "I hate Star Wars but LOVE Outlaws =D"
Andy Ulatowski: "the legend must go on!"
Rodney Buzzella: "Atleast update the game for your fans =)"
Michael Little: "Seems to be a lot of fans wanting OL2"
Anthony Rawnsley: "My aussie mates love the game!"
Matt Tobin: "LEC you will so benfit from a sequel!"
Mark McKenzie: "Let the daugher seek VENGENANCE!"
Michael Beach: "Best game story ever, make a sequel!"
Mike Berg: "The people want more!!!"
Brian Rayack: "Please in the name of the game make OL2!"
John Watkins: "It would be a shame not to make a sequel"
Alex Lewis: "It's about time you guys get this going!"
Richard Corless: "Come on George! Enlighten us!"
Ryan Levitz: "The Spanish settings rocked! OL2 plz...."
Juan Dieguez: "Muchos Gracias"
Somin Lee: "bring on Outlaws 2!"
Marty Ball: "Such and indepth game, why not make OL2!"
Juri Sjljakowski : "Outlaws is a game for all people!"
Marcus Lundberg: "Outlaws 2 is way past due =.("
Brad Hoffman: "Outlaws is a killer game! Plz make OL2!"
Yale Simonton: "Where's the sequel! We need the sequel!"
Barry Guinn: "Such a killer game to let go to waste..."
Scott Goff: "Outlaws would so make a great sequel!!!"
Jennifer Sennet: "You know this isn't just a guy's game!"
Seth: "more more more more more more more"
FOO_VanBuren: "fast, fun! Dont slow it down in #2 :-)"
Matko Speed
Chris: "Outlaws rules! New one would be cool!"
Garren: "I'll buy it!"
Raymond Sadler: "It is Time for OL2! The WAWs would rise!"
Leslie Sadler: "Please! PLEASE!"
Jim Hensley: "please make a sequel, this rocks!!"
Dark_Cerberus: "Please Make A Outlaws 2 !!!"
Alix: "outlaws is a masterpiece-make a sequel!"
Martin: "SOON! We all want more"
Adam (WaRRioR) Self: "Outlaws is great, but OL2 be awesome"
Jaybird: "Let's Bring OutLaws #2 Out-Fast To Buy"
Anders Bytzau: "What are they waiting for?! Get started!"
Mads Bytzau: "Make it happen!!!"
Tojo375: "I'd be the first to buy!"
BLOODEYE: "The boys need a new town to shoot up!!"
Steven M: "Pcgamer loved ol! I need ol2"
InZane: "Where can I play Outlaws online?"
Till Baumgardt: "Great game!!! Sequeltime. "
Kraig: "a nitch needed to be filled "
Tim Perez: "I like outlaws too!"
Michael Fahlsten: "Just do it!"
Paul Dillard: "Come on. It's time for a sequel!"
Rüdiger: "outlaw is a great game, part 2 is due"
Axl T.: "outlaws is one of the best games ever!"
Tiffany Jarr
Parker Newton: "Make Outlaws 2 ...Make a lot of money"
Benjamin Newton: "Make Outlaws 2 It would be awesome!"
Terry Carr: "good must not be allowed to die young"
Marit Løyning: "Outlaws is the best game ever.... "
Todd Struthers: "This game got me addicted to the pc"
Fox Barrett: "What more can be said? We want Outlaws 2"
mark hill: "send me info"
sam page
Ernie Evans: "need opengl patch for outlaws"
Deian Dragov: "Outlaws 4 life! Waitin' for outlaws 2!"
sam: "very good game for adventure"
Taxi-postman: "Give me a Outlaws 2 I want to kick as !!"
SwissChez: "All "western mods" are inspired by OL."
Richard Anderson: "will buy it!"
Lonnie Bohannon: "Its the only game I play on the net"
R.G. Garrison: "Don't think it will do anygood...but you"
Aston: "This is a good game, make Outlaws 2..Ple"
richard: "A classic, Lucasarts, you're outnumberd"
AngelEyes: "You should go RPG/morpg"
gary hallam: "what the hell's the hold-up?"
Peter Church: "Outlaws rules. The only western shooter."
Dan Minehane: "By far one of the best multiplayer games"
Art Kahil: "Outlaws is the best PC game ever!"
Jan Brattgran: "Outlaws II Now!"
Axel Corlu: "There is a market for a new Outlaws."
T4H_GrAvEDaWg: "We Love Outlaws! we need more of it!!!"
Matt: "Cant wait for a new Outlaws game"
Nick Repino: "Cool Western game! Please... another!"
tim.. BDO_CrAzYgUn: "we need outlaws 2!!!!"
Fabio: "27"
Bjørn Tore: "Please make another outlaws version!!!!!"
Alexandre Chabot: "OL = Best shooter ever! So Much Action!"
marche: "outlaws was a good game. ANOTHER Please "
james trevor
Jack Bullet: "Why the f*ck is OL out off the msn zone?"
Diego Oliva: ""... I want to be a Marshal again...""
maus: "i need OL2 :("
Simo Tappola: "Please...?"
Thorsten Weber: "PLEASEEE!!!!! i will buy 34 copies!!!!!!"
Steven Adkins: "It's been long enough. An Outlaws sequel"
rusty horn: "Outlaws 1 was amazing. Lets have a 2nd"
Marcus Schaetzle: "Outlaws 2 - the time will come"
Billy Smith: "Danny Fields ?"
Scott Gillen: "It is a grate game and I would spend $"
blecreps: "cos' my vengeance is not over Outlaws 2"
Jack Bullet: "the most amazing game ever. (bel)"
Linda Peters: "Ya know ya wanna"
Gabriel Silva: "Outlaws player sicne june of 1998"
Paul: "Just do the right thing!"
Annica: "u could make alot of money by making it"
Paul: "About time guys!"
John: "The first one rocked! Rock us again!"
Brian Franzman: "Better skin that smokewagon, mister..."
Robert Blair: "Come on George, don't be stupid! Update!"
Rusty: "Outlaws is supergame! Wanna more!!!"
Tracy Wurtz: "first one was great new version a must"
keith: "i hope its better then picking my nose"
Paul Johnsen: "Go ahead, make my day......"
dennie huff: "that would be the bomb!"
Jo: "THE generation-building game, forever..."
Aeroboy: "GIMME GIMME GIMME, but not 3D"
HOZAINator: "i love outlaws.and i wont OUT laws 2"
A Welch: "Go Ahead.......make my day"
Chris: "Well, outlaws was great... we want more!"
David Kinne
Dick Hoebée (NL): "I would kill for Out Laws 2 "
Simo: "Please...?"
Erik Pålsson: "We really need Outlaws 2!!!!!!!!"
Greg Stewart: "longest running game in my house."
John Kellogg: "Outlaws Rules!! Please make the sequel"
Thomas janssens: "and include the original please"
Bill Wallace: "I'd buy it"
_Gamp: "Outlaws, Best game ever, need upgrading"
Brett: "Make this instead of another SW game.."
Steve Purcell: "I NEED more Outlaws! Please!!"
Oleg: "I don't no english, but it's thebestgame"
Robert Blair: "Damn this game needs a sequel! "
Wallace Wall: "It would be awesome! We need another!"
Etienne SAID: "Il est temps de passer a outlaws 2 "
Jenna: "outlaws 2 would make a great game "
Gracie: "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Jennifer: "Please make the next Outlaws. Please!!!"
Bill Weddle: "We need a new western shooter"
daner: "All my Russian friens & I want it !!!"
MInk: "i'm tired of sof2 & 1942, ol2 is needed"
Karl Gunther: "Hurry yup"
Anthony Brown: "We your public demand OUTLAWS 2 !!"
Dimson: "OL is the best! 2nd part WANTED!"
BOM_HEADBANGER: "please ! you can make many people happy"
Nicola Davies: "Sales will sky rocket just make the game"
Chuck: "Need a new western"
Henke: "Make classics not shooters!"
Ryan Monti: "Don't make us beg, make Outlaws II"
Frank Lombardo: "Outlaws fan6 yrs/got 5 friends into it."
william taylor: "i cant wait"
James Paul vonHelton: "Outlaws II: Outlaws 3D!"
Steve McKinney
chris(desperado) mac: "what time is it? (TIME 4 OUTLAWS 2)"
Darrell Whitledge: "Please make part 2 for your fans!!!!!!!!"
Jim L: "Would Love too See A Sequal "
EBA_Chacal: "We want more!"
Nicola Davies: "Been waiting since 98' get a move in it!"
Rufus Wendellson: "Make it have some team dynamics. "
Stephen Scott: "come on outlaws 2! "
Aljaz Lotric: "It' s time for Outlaws 2"
Ben: "We need another good western game. "
Stephen: "One of the best games of all time!"
Marcus Karlsson: "Outlaws is the best game ever"
Corey: "Best. Western. FPS. Ever."
angryvon: "it would be a great day for human kind"
Alan Holden: "The only game me, my bro and Dad play!"
Cobus Steenekamp: ""Go on pardners, let's see Ol-West 2 !!""
chris: "the best gam i have everrrrrrrr pled"
Jarrod Moore: "An OLs sequel... definately a winner."
john: "i would like to play a cowboy game "
Reaper: "Help me play it through internet, please"
Vangeel Marc: "I would love to see an Outlaws sequel!"
larry keckler: "make a oulaws multiplayer sequel"
B. L. Bair: "Just what we need & now!!!"
matthew schwarze : "awesome can i have another please sir"
Jukka Niskanen: "Do it for love if not money, ehm?"
Ric Osuna: "Remake Outlaws or better yet make a new1"
Boris Ivanovich: "Please::: outlaws is the best game ever"
Michael : "My Favorite Western Game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Daniel Rodriguez Ort: " I would love to see an Outlaws sequel! "
Cody Suiters: "I LOVED OUTLAWS IF there was a 2 ..WOW!!"
Mike Fraley: "Do it"
Railed Robin: "A sequel to Outlaws would be great!"
bjg: "love this game and want more"
Roger Smith: "People are hungry for this!!"
Roger: "I Love this game and a sequel would nice"
Roger: ""the best game I ever played" I Love It"
mike: "love the game lets see part 2"
David L. Alspaugh: "America loves a western! Make Outlaws 2!"
Catcity: "Dedicated new player willing to learn"
anthony mahone
sheldon atterbury: "MR_BO says "we need more outlaws""
martin barr: "best game ever lets have some more"
Victor: "badly needed today!"
Thai Truong: "How many wstrn gams r ther? 1we need ano"
Dean: "Your next title = For a Few Outlaws More"
Pinka: " I'd play it !! {-([-_-])"
SBD_TheCrow: "make outlaws #2! come on lucas!"
John Smith: "It would be a blockbuster, guaranteed."
Bruce: "With a Quake 3 or Doom 3 engine . "
James: "I still love it today, Its one of my fav"
Martin: "A remake. I want a remake."
Justin Wells: "there is not enough western games..."
Cal Hules: "outlaws is still a greate game-more,more"
David Strauss: "and how about an update for XP?"
Harry : "You Have a winner ... keep it going"
ank: "MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Nick Oviatt-Ham: "The world needs Outlaws II. Period."
Seth: "This is a unique FPS that needs a sequel"
Dennis: "The only game I play is Outlaws, want v2"
Bill : "I loved outlaws & and want to play on XP"
Refalm: "Quit making endless Star Wars games! OL2"
Steve McKinney: "A true classic. Let's see an update."
Dave May: "You would own the market with OL2"
Bluesmoke: "What's the problem? Where's Outlaws 2?"
Ariel: "The best first person shooter I've seen"
Dennis O'Brien: "Please! Please! We want a Sequel!"
Barbara Cohen: "Makes my husband young again!"
Dennis Eveland: "Please upgrade ol to a newer version."
Jonathan Zemsky: "I still play the 1st one all of the time"
Ziga Kopusar: "give us winchester, not m16"
driftwood: "Please make Outlaws! 2 "
Mike: "I'd definitely buy the sequel "
Omar Quintero: "Pleeeeeeeease, we neeeeeeeeeed a sequel."
AZEMA: "I'm french i want an outlaws 2"
Németh Miklós
Derek: "A new outlaws game would ROCK! 3D, baby!"
Dennis Eveland: "Please upgrade ol to a newer version."
Guilherme Moleiro: "Make OL 2 because soundtrack is great!"
Joseph Russo: "Do we really need another Star Wars game"
shreef: "outlaws forever"
mori: "love this game"
Zu Vendis: "Please"
Dawg: "Badass"
mattie sims: "half life or any game cannot compare"
simon: "hello"
Konnan: "Otlaws the best from the WEST!!!!!!!"
WIlliam Bow: ""OUTLAWS 2" and "LAWMAN (Techland)""
Jimmah: "Outlaws is a classic make another one!!"
Dirty Dingoose: "We have waited long enough !!!"
Baptiste Ferry: "pleeeeeeaaaaaaaase!!!!"
Mirage: "No comment needed"
BaD__GravEs0: "Dude, look at all these names WE need it"
James Hinkley: "Only OL2 can restore my hope in PCgaming"
Ekstra Mico: "3 wishes: first wish is OUTLAWS 2, ..."
j arnold: "please? pretty please? sugar on top?"
Vin_Egar: "Outlaws player since the Demo"
David scott: "outlaws kicks but but outlaws2 rocks"
Michael J Bates: "A new Outlaws game would be GREAT!"
MAKY D: "yo dudes u r cool"
chuck : "more outlaws please"
Fab: "Now come on give us that Outlaws 2 !!!"
randy: "cowboys should never die need more"
Jim Ellis: "Great game....deserves great sequel"
Delon Johnson: "bring em out"
nick: "outlaws with more realistic graphix plz!"
Igor Tačigin: "Outlaws 1 with better AI would be enough"
Nathaniel Arkady: "Hurry up you sorry lead asses!"
John Bartlett: "We need more good FPS westerns!!!"
fantassyz: "dont dissapoint me"
walkie: "I want OUTLAWS 2. I`m waiting....... :)"
Nate Pruitt: "best game of all time PLEASE MAKE SEQUEL"
carl alexander: "'Make Another Outlaws Game Please!!!'"
John Chamberlin: "Bring back the original!"
Rune Lian: "give us one more!!!"
Elliot Robinson: "About time already... c'mon..."
jim williams: "We Need Another (Outlaws Game) That Will"
Russ LoJeske: "Train levels galore with dynamite,knives"
Rama krishna: "Yes, i would love have outlaws2 game."
Kevin Pousson: "Great old pc game !! Make a sequel"
Ryan Mathias: "Quit riding off of Star Wars, Lucasarts!"
Tony Flores: "At least for the X-Box, come on!!!"
Ed Daly: "We NEED another Outlaws! It's time!"
Devin Dionne: "Outlaws 1 rocked, we need a sequel!"
Tom Hatton: "OL was original and fun; we need another"
Jo: "OL best PC game ever..where's #2??"
Jared Thiemann: "I would buy it if there was a sequel."
Shea Meadows: "Outlaws is a great game and deserves to "
Stan: "i would like to see the 2 sold as a set "
Kirk Westbeld: "It's an open market with large fan base"
jesse marler
Signevad: "Sequel to one of the coolest game! Yes!"
Thomas Janssens: "and none of the FT 2 / S&M 2 crap plz"
Steve Creps: "Please make Outlaws 2!"
giovanni: "we need a sequel!!!!!"
Rob Dandar: "Great story blended with action"
Leonard Reddic: "One of the best games ever! Hurry please"
Ludvig Isacsson: "Outlaws rocked."
Zac Haluza: "Will definitely be a popular game!"
David Chambers: "Please!!!!!!"
John R: "New OUTLAWS please...on GAME CUBE too!!"
Robert Jastrzêbski: "Outlaws 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
John Quiggins: "THIS HAS TO BE DONE!"
Jeffrey Shanks : "MAKE OUTLAWS 2 "
Flecha: "it's been too long"
Joe Evans: "Cowboy up & Update our game!"
Steve Creps: "Update it, but don't change it too much!"
AmericanKidd: "1 of the greatest games ever! "
Matias: "Just do it. (please)"
Ruggero: "I'd like to play a sequel or remake "
BT: "Please make this game!"
charles hornbuckle : "outlaws needs!!!!!!!! a sequel !!!!!!!"
David Caouette: "Outlaws 2 or Outlaws High-Res: Choose!"
danny scofield: "DON'T LET -EA- GET IT 'ONLINEXBOX"
Andrew: "I loved Outlaws, now it is 2005 & no #2?"
Ino: "Outlaws was fun, now the sequel!"
Alper Atik: "the best game ever - i want outlaws2!"
Jens Hauser: "Star Wars Franchise is so lame"
Pancho: "I want a new OL for X-mass"
Zac Haluza: "Red Dead Revolver, Gun...get the hint?"
Xtreme: "Make Outlaws 2 utilizing Unreal engine!!"
mulayim sert
SlayingMantis: "Use the Starwars Battlefront engine plea"
steve gilbert: "who really needs ANOTHER star wars game?"
wainqz david
McGyver: "You GOTTA!"
Hooger: "Make a REALYgood OL2 not like other 2nds"
Paul Hoover: "OL refreshing, OL2 outstanding!!"
Frank Johnson
John Barrows: "I would love to see a sequel"
David Pollino: "Outlaws 2 Please!!!"
marcelo brinkmann: "fantastic"
Pirate_forty: "Please update my all-time favorite"
mike fink: "Not making a sequel is a big mistake"
Axl: "we love OL! Make a sequel, please!!!"
David Talley: "OL is a badass game"
Steve: "OL is a badass game"
Georg Fritzsche: "wanna play OL again without headache"
Daniel Bryntse
Kinget: "DO IT!"
Alix: "Outlaws was the best game Lucasarts made"
Grady O'Connell
James: "Best Game Ever"
honored_sheep: "zelfs in nederland immens populair"
andrew dwyer
javier: "Please Outlaws 2!!!! "
Major Outlaws Fan: "WE WANT OUTLAWS 2"
Tore: "Original Norwegian Outlaw since 1997."
stephen salib: "Get us an Outlaws 2, Pronto!!"
Snake1: "Outlaws 2 will be the best game of all"
Matthew Kolb: "NOW!!!!"
Adam Poole: "Where are you marshall!?!?"
Thommy Södergård: "If i have no outlaws 2, i have no life"
the camper: "ba'ut 1copy,ba'ut6 mo.kne toshootatsmby"
R C: "Yes bring back outlawsw, better graphics"
Jon Ivar Larsen: "More real spaghetti-shooters!!!"
Tim Kelley: "love Outlaws, need more"
Scott Reeves
Thomas Millen: "We need a new Outlaws!!!"
Yuriy P
Adam Kaminski: "C'mon... Star Wars is Outlaws in space."
Eric: "WE NEED MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Spencer: "I'm waiting. Outlaws was the best!"
Rob T: "Dangit! Lucas Arts more Star Wars!"
MINHIR: "I loved the first one.please SEQUEL"
David Gray: "Lets have another OutLaws"
Christian Rasmussen: "It's Time! Make the Sequel!"
Viksit Gaur: "Seriously. One of the few which would."
zoio_3: "1a"
Michael Kaster: "I would buy it. I miss it on the Zone."
Kent Hagan: "Outlaws sequel isn't wanted...its needed"
Nick Klotz: "Please if you have a soul make outlaws 2"
Ross: "how do yo play the game!!!!"
Johan Bergh: "Demands Another Outlaws game"
Vasiliy: "Just Do It!"
Ingse: "OUTLAWS is the BEST GAME EVER! Need more"
cal: "outlaws is still number one with me "
Dan Howard: "the market is begging for a sequel! pls!"
Mark: "My favorite game ever! Please make #2"
damian guptill: "PLEASE MAKE A SEQUAL"
Evan L Millls: "Make it happen"
Brandon Impson
robin: "damn gotzta bring back the DRY GULCH!"
ANV_unknown_kid: "Come on now go ahead and make it..."
Theis-Jan Goudswaard: "please make Outlaws 2"
Thomas Garp: "Go make another, for christs sake!"
wkmgt: "Outlaws 2 would Rule!!"
Joshyyy: "i hope you listen to the public"
Adam Wuller
Malc Vaughan: "..and the Jeevas could do the Soundtrack"
Kent Elder: "still one of the most fun games"
Robert Binford
Rasmus Nielsen: "100% spaghetti-FPS sequel needed"
Austin Jennings: "NEED another Great game like outlaws!!!!"
Kyle Harrelson: "I will love it i loved the first one"
Antoine Scheire: "shame u need a voodoo 2 play this in 3d"
Richard Chellman: "Idea: Horseback gunfighting!"
Richard Higgs
Frank: "Please make another Outlaws Game!"
David M: "Please please please make a new Outlaws!"
John Smith: "Hopeless Outlaws addict"
dominic wise: "The joint best game alongside goldeneye"
Eric: "Yes ! Yes ! Yes! Make another Outlaws."
Eric Martin: "A sequel would be awesome."
Eric Nath: "Bring Outlaws into the next-generation!"
Carol White: "I love Outlaws but cannot find to buy"
James: "Waiting for a new day of reckoning"
John Loengard: "I want Outlaws 2!!!!"
Scott: "One of the best games I have ever played"
S. Scoville: "Outlaws 2 is long overdue!"
Sean aka Listerine: "Outlaws 2, just the name gives me chills"
Nick Stewart: "It CAN save the genre LucasArts!!"
Fatih Iscimen: "Outlaws game player"
Jonathan Dijkstra: "Please make Outlaws 2 LucasArts."
Noah D.: "Stop making crappy Episode 1 - 3 games."
Paul: "First game I got serious about - sequel?"
Homer 'Sanchez': "MP needed, compatible with XP"
Aric: "Outlaws remake with new graphics wanted"
Eirik Tangerud: "I would LOVE a sequel!"
Jens Andreas Jensen: "Would be a great game! I love Oulaws!!"
Eliana: "I would sincerly liked"
Ton Dauven: "Western games are underestimated !!!"
Wouter: "Bring it back... "
ZicZic Amitura: "One thing better than Outlaws: Outlaws 2"
CuberToy: "[French] On a besoin d'un second opus !"
Matthew Gonneau: "Outlaws was possibly my favorite FPS..."
BolaABola: "An amazing game and a reason for sequel!"
Alex Chernokrylov: "I need OUTLAWS 2!!!"
Giusepe S Moreno: "I would love to see an Outlaws sequel! "
Kris: "Make a new one and Get it hosted!!!"
Patrick Dunn: "lots of territory left to explore!"
CEMEH: "Make sequel, please!"
Martin: "3000 certain buyers, buiseness-heads!"
Shawn Phillips: "for sure!! and so would my whole family"
Tyler M kelly: "Best Fps game ive ever played!!!!"
Sebastian Broadbent
Greg Maroda: "Make the game, take my money!"
Cameron Robidoux
Otto Hietala
Bill Sutcliffe: "Make It So"
Koen: "Another Outlaws! (we needs one)"
The Ugly: "We _really_ need the sequel! Please!"
Guido de Vos: "everyone will buy and play OL2 !"
Rowdy: "If done correctly... it would be huge. "
Pasis: "OUTLAWS 2!!! "
Carl: "I'm ready."
N Livermore: "Duel: Shotgun vs. Lightsaber ! "
Michael Elkins: "Outlaws is the best shooter ever. More!"
DeMaio: "Outlaws 2 is a must"
Jarkko Kuha: "the game need to be creadet"
Jarrod Slead: "The best FPS I've ever played--FUN!!!"
Justin Hogan: "I would buy TWO copies of a good sequel."
Sam: "One of the best games i've ever played."
cameron: "lucasarts-answer our prayers!"
Sar: " Outlaws Futureworld? JUST DO IT! please"
Dave: "Are they gonna make us wait anothr 10 yr"
Davud: "Outlaw is one of the best games"
Jani: "Please!!!!"
mare: "Outlaws 2 would be the fakin gamer ruler"
mursel: "New version required! Please :D"
wagner: "urgent"
Obi Onochie: "Definitely!!!! We need a sequel, fast!!!"
Murga: "I WANT OUTLAWS 2!"
Karen Mayumi: "I need it i.i pleaseeeeeeeeeee !"
Brian Fargo: "I would love more outlaws!!!"
cameron scarlett: "hell yea make another outlaw game"
e rafferty
Allan R Petersen: "Dyin' is too good for them!"
dan west: "make it now!!!!"
Nicklas Gedda
Martin From: "giiiive it to moi!"
Lisa Matson: "My cousin's name is Shayna"
Jack Morgen: "A sequel would've made you rich!"
Joel Hensley
German Sandoval: "classic game :D"
Tony Wolf: "Outlaws to the people"
Bjorn Tore Jordal: "10 years, its time to make OL2"
Justin Lapointe: "That would be nice!"
ANV_unknown_kid: "New one or at least a update for outlaws"
john stewart: "Please!!! Give Us another Outlaws...!!!!"
Kalvin: "Yeah! I wanna see some 3d Outlaws action"
Pat: "Purdy Please"
Chris Haukoos: "Love to get updated Outlaws multiplay"
Joel Thomas: "Make it available for PC and XBOX 360!!!"
chris: "more..please"
StATiC_Lacard: "Ty all for a good time (`99/2000) !!"
Chris Duir: "OL2=awsome idea, OL best shooter game "
Cory Reykdal-Gielens: "Do it."
Allan Denys
Driftwood: "Sweet. Bajakian's music is a must!"
Pete Demers: "Would luv to see OL 2. Game is a classic"
Irene Alora: "Why didn't they make one years ago?!"
Fabian Lobry: "Its the best way to make millions !"
Fernando Ortega: "Oh my God, how fun it was!"
Johan Bergh: "'Please make a sequel to Outlaws!'"
Neil: "Rather OL2 than SW. And I love SW alot!"
Evan Callaway : "Please make it. Please!"
Iason: "I would love to hear more about this ?"
Matt Williams
Mike Clendinning: "OL should be upgraded and OL2 made!"
Elizabeth M. Johnson: "I'd love to see another game!"
Kyle Robinson: "OL remake or OL2!!! PLEASE!!!"
James: "One of the best games ever!!!!!!!!"
David Evans: "'Make Another Outlaws Game Now Please'"
edward jones: "please make it....."
Jon: " better graphics IT would be the best gm"
maikel: "hey! i want the music of the game"
Paul Atkins: "Loved it when i was a kid, make another!"
J. V. Buev
Naka: "Outlaws 2 would kick ass"
James Eddleston: "WE NEED OUTLAWS 2, do it, do it, DO IT!!"
Bogdan: "Mebe even release outlaws 4 free"
D J Crane: "What r u Yella!"
James Boyd: "I can't get enough of this game. Sequel!"
Jim Brannen: "3rd best game ever! OL 2 would be great!"
san: "more outlaws!"
b star: "Please dont deny the world anymore"
Rob Turner: "New version needed with a level editor"
Thor Erik Ringen: "The world need a sequel!!!!!"
Kevin Fanous: "Because we're sick of Star Wars games."
Jeff Fallon: "I need a Western 1st person shooter."
Stuart: "Loved this game back in the day"
Rômulo: "The Wild West gained life in Outlaws."
Spencer Bromley: "Been playing this game till it came out!"
Tevya Washburn: "Outlaws could coincide w/new western fil"
Westley Mitchell: "Outlaws 2 would be cool!"
Keith Heisserman: "We need another version of OL !!!!!!"
NightHawk: "Make Outlaws 2, Return Of The Dr.Death"
Levi: "This would bring a LOT of players"
Steven Fletchall
Tore Gunnar Larsen: "Not enough (good) wild west games"
William Ports: "I need a game without mutants and robots"
Otto Hietala: "'Cos dyin's too good for 'em."
Ben Boody
William Greenall: "Outlaws deserves it! do it for the fans!"
dan: "yes please bring another outlaws"
Jake Rogers: "not ever Halo can beat Outlaws!"
Nick Perrin: "Quality Western games are too rare today"
Sanctuary: "You are gonna make it. Stop pretending."
Jorge: "I will buy Outlaws 2"
Håvard Krugerud: "Please?"
David Outlaw: "been waiting 10 years for this!"
John Detweiler
Alexander Davies: "PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER ONE! "
Sanchez the Outlaw: "make it or i ll shoot u"
imran bashir: "I love the game"
Arnie Barney: "Don't be a foo' LucasArts, make the sql"
Jacob Konopasky: "There definitely needs to be a number 2!"
Dennis Eveland: "Please upgrade outlaws to an outlaws 2"
C. Brown: "Favorite game. Great music. Great story."
Sanchez the Outlaw: "make it or ill shoot you"
Paul Stanton: "Do it, you know you want to"
Crocky O'Shighty: "I'm with you fellas ! Best game ever !"
Nathanael Haun: "Outlaws was the first game I ever played"
Kevin Reid: "Make a new one damn it!"
Cyprian: "OUTLAW 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
dan jones: "would be the best game ever"
Manuel S. : "Outlawsall! Only Outlaws 2 could beatit"
matt: "the best fps ive played, great plot "
Filipe Alvarez: "Please, make another version of Outlaws!"
Steven Langstaff: "Make an Outlaws sequel"
Karim Asmar: "Outlaws + Monkey Island = Lucasarts"
loboxs: "Outlaws - the best classic game from LA"
Michael DUrbano: "Stop making us beg... Release part 2!!!"
Ian Anderson: "Pwease! 33"
Steven MAFIODO: "The French too love Outlaws.Vive Outlaws"
anna marshall: "good day"
Jordan Meyer: "lets see a sequel already"
Matthias: "We definetly need a sequel! "
bendewit: "please!"
Kevin Williams: "Outlaws is badass. Plain and simple."
Abhishrut: "If u dont make the sequel, I WILL!!! ;) "
Kshitiz: "11 years now...we need the sequel!!"
Zakk: "A 7th gen Owtlaws for xb360/ps3/PC?? :D"
R. D. Schlosser: "Childhood memories, will always stay."
bill sweet: "MAKE THIS SEQUEL"
BaD_TuffnNuff: "Outlaws 2 would great...ol 1 was awsome"
Jakob Persson: "One of the best games needs a sequel!"
KhanAndSteak: "I'd buy 10 copies of outlaws 2"
Ricky Dolphin: "Loved this game - still do."
Samuel Brian: "It's true, I would."
Eric: "Great old game with terrific soundtrack"
J.D. Wetton: "Outlaws has a loyal following !!"
nick: "it could have a more public followup"
GDOGG00: "Please make a sequel!!!"
AcesHigh: "Needs a sequel!"
Vipul Sharma: "Its the best game ever...pls revive it.."
Manny: "One of the best soundtracks ever."
DarkMan: "Everyone loves Outlaws...make a sequel!!"
eyad altom
Keith Heisserman: "we need more Outlaws sequels!"
Sid Anderson
Lisa Collins: "I love this game, PLEASE make a sequel. "
Gino: "Bring Back The Happy Memories!"
Derek Leichty: "My friends and I love playing outlaws ag"
Robtj: "This would be great!"
Liudas Vasaris: " Bang bang"
Morden: "Show me you can do something besides SW!"
Frank Walker: "remake or sequel, both would be great!"
Andrea: "It will rock!"
Paul Clark: "Worthy of a number two."
Francois: "Need to see outlaws 2 lucasarts! "
Mustang_AZOO: "Crazy exciting game"
Erik W: "And make it look like the first!"
Braden Dumontet: "i'd buy 3 copies!"
Michael: "Make Outlaws 2, dam*it!"
Todd Searls: "WW2 is overdone. We NEED the Old West!"
Alper: "The market's ready for a western-fps."
Ian Gleason: "Outlaws one of my first and best "
Anders Larsson
Marc Castelló: "I still rememb that game, I was 7 yo1997"
Jake Rogers: "I Grew Up With Outlaws And We Need More!"
Avadis Karakoz: "Where are You,, Outlaws2??..Shopping?! "
Kenny Fong: "Spaghetti Western FPS, unique. MORE PLS!"
Derek Blazzard: "MAKE A SEQUEL!!!"
Erik Manksy: "loved it since it came out, make a #2!! "
Adam Ogle: "A sequel to Outlaws would be amazing!"
Mik: "I will do anything. Anything."
The Bad Guy: "We Want a Sequel to Rock FPS again !!"
Doc: "best fps ever"
Daniel Corkidi: "from Mexico!!! we want NUEVO outlaws "
Christopher Gosse: "This is the game that made me a Gamer"
Jack Boney: "think that you must move your as for it"
JVB: "Outlaws was brilliant, we want more!"
Mark: "Pretty please..."
Johnny Vought
Sam: "Outlaws ftw!!!!"
Ryan: "come on make a new one "
Davey Luke: "I have many fond memories of this game. "
Brando Brutti: "plzzz!"
leemingoo: "."
Meriç: "I still play it (12.10.2008). Make OL 2!"
Kelly McKinley: "Still playing on the LAN bring on OL2!"
Cody Bonnet: "Git 'er done!"
James Ryan: "I like Outlaws"
Matt McKenzie: "I like to see a Outlaws sequel"
mike jackson
Katona György: "I want outlaws 2!!"
Dan Danny: "OL has such a great robust engine. MORE!"
Michael DUrbano: "I beg of you... please make a sequel"
Jimmy Jones: "MAKE OUTLAWS 2 DAMN IT!"
Georgie Hull: "I loved this game! Please make OL2"
Tim Dunker: "Yeah get us Outlaws II NOW !!!"
Kevin Pousson: "The world of games needs this sequel!!!"
Dan Lewis: "Make a new one, best fps ever"
Daniel Lewis: "I keep waiting for a worthy successor..."
angel castillo: "want to play outlaws"
Branko Strok: "I want my OUTLAWS 2!"
SyN_Robert_Slow: "WAC_ThiGGyOlero XOXOX "
David Jarcovják : "Make me happy ^^"
Scott Alker
ELVIS GATES: "I Had Outlaws Before I Had Tombraider"
General Sabata: "Outlaws 2 would be grand Simply the best"
Private in net: "Even new graphics will do! (make still w"
Julian D. Small
hector: "cool game is great "
psykedeluk: "Please Make It The France Wants U James "
Evan: "One of the first games I ever played."
Einstein: "Outlaws 2 is going to be popular:)"
Renan Spolon: "The best game of western in the world!"



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