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genki video games has a NGP wireless communication unit in stock. Basically worthless now other than as a curio, but I thought we all might like to look at it! (exodus) (13:28:36 04/12/17 EST)

I was looking at the release lists for 3DS games, and... there's almost nothing left that's coming out. It makes sense since the Switch is also a portable basically, but it's kind of a shame it's going away. I like that thing! It does sort of feel like toward the end the games that were on 3DS were pretty much just putting a menu or a map down there, and the 2nd screen was basically not necessary, so I reckon a fair number of people who were actually still working on 3DS stuff switched over to switch (hmm, maybe that's why they named it that). I guess I'll never know! But I am sad that it's pretty much the end of the 3DS in north america. (n/t) (exodus) (18:58:49 03/27/17 EST)

So I got my Switch, and what am I playing on it? Shovel Knight. Not to say that it isn't a fantastic game but I'd already bought Shovel Knight for 3DS. So either I buy the same game again or have to wait another 2 months for the already late DLC. I hate waiting... (Darius) (19:28:42 03/07/17 EST)

Just making sure legit posting still works after a small anti-spam update to the script: threads in the archive (ie those of the 2500 most recent posts that still exist but have been shoved off the main page) can no longer be replied to--it hadn't been happening, but I just got paranoid that spam bots might decide to have a big party in there. : P (n/t) (Paleface) (16:32:46 02/18/17 EST)

oh yeah - is there anyone her who a) doesn't have Gunhouse already, b) wants it and c) doesn't want to/can't pay for it, because if so just tell me iOS/Android and your email address and I will send you a code! (n/t) (exodus) (15:18:56 01/11/17 EST)

With all the madness (still) surrounding the NES Classic, why hasnt anyone released a NGPC Classic with 30 built in games yet? Get on this, marketing people! (n/t) (Mental) (13:11:25 01/06/17 EST)

Does anyone have any Minidisc stuff they want to get rid of? I'm mainly interested in home units, high end portables, pro gear, and blanks. Not at all interested in those cheap pieces of shit they sold at Target during the NetMD era. (n/t) (SignOfZeta) (23:41:41 11/21/16 EST)

HAMSTER Corporation has announced a new wing of their long-running "Arcade Archives" series of $7.99 classic arcade game ports on PS4: the "ACA Neo Geo" series (they haven't clarified what "ACA" stands for--maybe "Arcade Classic Archives"?) will consist of NeoGeo ports exclusively, with the first, ACA NEOGEO THE KING OF FIGHTERS '94--as it is rendered on the PSN Store--out today. Good range of options (note that you have to go one to the left to disable the default fuzzy graphic filter, and you need a PS4 touch pad to access the pause menu, which could be a drawback for those with arcade sticks that don't have touch pads), with added Score and Time ("Caravan") modes complete with leaderboards--but no online multiplayer like the excellent "NEOGEO STATION" line of ports by M2 on PS3 had. Those were also going chronologically (Hamster says Sam Sho (1), Fatal Fury, World Heroes, Alpha Mission II, and Metal Slug are coming before the end of the year, and Neo Turf Masters and Nam-1975 in early 2017), but only got up to 1996; Hamster seems to be going along just fine with these somewhat less elaborate Arcade Classics ports at their lower price point, so maybe they'll manage to get further into the meat of the NeoGeo titles. Then again, they seem content mostly to stick with very early titles in their main Arcade Archives series, so who knows. And I wonder if this signals the end for the more expensive, very elaborate--fancy menus, online matchmaking, trophies, etc--if initially buggy series of later NeoGeo game ports to PS4 and Vita by Code Mystics; Metal Slug 3 and Last Blade 2 made it out, but nothing has been seen or heard of Garou since it was announced in July. Hamster's lower budget approach probably *is* the smarter way to go. ACA Neo Geo PSN Blog and Store links inside. (Paleface) (14:53:40 10/27/16 EST)

Just starting to get situated with my 3DS. Typical of Nintendo I'm not really sure what this will even do, but.... 2810-2384-6736. Add me! I searched the board for other friend codes but only found Apples and Darius thus far. (n/t) (substance J) (11:27:02 10/26/16 EST)

Delta Warp: Did this game have save problems (in the original official cartridge)? I seem to recall that building and saving custom levels had some sort of problem, but maybe I'm confusing that with something else. (Flavor) (11:10:25 10/20/16 EST)

I just got a loose copy of shigeru mizuki's yokai thingie this weekend! I've never played this one, and am excited to try it! Have any of the rest of you messed with it much? (n/t) (exodus) (13:27:44 10/19/16 EST)

Lets talk about the two official ways to play Game Boy games on a TV. (SignOfZeta) (02:08:01 10/05/16 EST)

Going to make another tour in nevada,Californa and Arizona. Any local members please recommend me both gaming related stuff and non gaming related. (n/t) (atarianallstar) (04:10:47 09/24/16 EST)

I'm glad this place is still around :) that's all (n/t) (DanAdamKOF) (01:11:51 09/14/16 EST)

My current job has a ton of downtime, so I broke down and got the Mario Land 3D New 3DS, Monster Hunter Generations, Final Fantasy Explorers, and Xenoblade Chronicles. Truth is, I was tired of the empty feeling that playing cellphone games like Final Fantasy Record Keepers was giving me. (chuckjaywalk) (07:55:33 09/11/16 EST)

by the way, if you've ever been interested in otome games but didn't want to pay any (extra) money for them, Amnesia: Memories is gonna be on PS+ for free starting tomorrow. I am going to get that and datura! I keep thinking I'm going to cancel my PS+ thing but then they throw me some weird tiny game and I think well... why not. (n/t) (exodus) (17:06:56 09/05/16 EST)

So the Nintendo Direct for 09/01/2016 was kind of OK. There were a few interesting games showcased though nothing mind blowing. I'm more interested in the Street Pass update which showcases 5 new games. Now that is something to pass the time. =) (n/t) (Darius) (22:09:26 09/01/16 EST)

HUGE NGPC NEWS!!! (aerisdead) (22:08:42 08/21/16 EST)

Heyo, and also Monster Hunter Generations is taking up most of my time right now. I'm much better at fighting now than I was when Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate first came out (the first MH game I actually got into). It was a welcome break from Odin Sphere Leifthrasir (Vita) which, after ~30 hours got really repetitive. Much better than the original release, I will say that. (n/t) (NeoGutsman) (01:50:21 08/17/16 EST)

I have a new project that I thought you guys might be interested in. Unfortunately I don't have much info up, yet. I'm pretty swamped with several projects at the moment, so communication suffers. It's basically a Raspberry Pi in a GBA shell. (Flavor) (17:31:11 08/15/16 EST)

My good friends! I think we as a community have an extra special way to look at the new Nintendo hardware. Rumor has it that its a portable system that can be easily hooked up to your tv. As a console it would be underpowered compared to PS4 and Xbox One. As a handheld, it would be lightyears beyond 3DS and Vita. With Nintendo's full focus on one system instead of two, how would you see this going? (n/t) (Mental) (12:22:33 08/14/16 EST)

I never enjoyed Sonic. To all of you who did, you should Google "Sonic Mania". This should make Sonic fans happy, right? It looks legit. Sega is like an insecure teenager who keeps searching for their fans' approval, while Nintendo is a teenage rebel, doing whatever they like and saying fuck it to whatever their fans ask for. Im not sure i like either, but its been fun to observe! (n/t) (Mental) (13:20:10 07/23/16 EST)

So the KoF IX demo is out. This is KoF allright. Uglier than I remember, and somewhat floatier than I remember, but still KoF. I'm surprised they had the balls to include Sylvie Paula Paula as a character representative of the game. Not a big fan of her design, but at the same time she's got something energetic that I can appreciate. Her walking back animation is hilarious. This in stark contrast to the other newcomer Shun'ei, who has the lamest design imaginable. Although even he looks acceptable next to the Kingdom Hearts reject that is Meitenkun, another newcomer, who's on his team. Anyway, good to see KoF back. Graphically it isn't anything special and in terms of gameplay it doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it's good old fun. (Rockman Pocket) (07:09:08 07/20/16 EST)

So much good stuff. It's hard to pinpoint a favorite game, but lately I've gone back to Shin Megami Tensei IV and it's absolutely fantastic. I also really like Rusty's Real Deal Baseball! (n/t) (Jeurja) (23:32:07 07/11/16 EST)

I was just looking at my 3DS games, and realized this might be the best handheld ive ever owned. New games like Mario 3D Land, Luigis Mansion 2, Bravely Default, semi new games like new mario bros 2, Zelda link between worlds and remakes likes Ocarina of Time and majoras mask. Wow. And theres dozens more to name. So do so! What are your favourite 3ds games? Underrated too! Like Chibi Robo Zip Lash. Its amazing, buy it! (n/t) (Mental) (14:25:44 07/08/16 EST)

SNK Japan's new, inaugural "KOF Station Channel XIV" YouTube video episode, embedded inside, is a charming look at the game from the point of view of Kyo's and another voice actor, joined by four of SNK's lead developers. Interesting to hear them discuss some points of the development; for instance, the designers are from the old Fatal Fury days and so have made Joe in XIV more of a "serious" character like he was in FF, rather than the goof he became in KOF. (Paleface) (21:12:26 06/14/16 EST)

Lets say Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had a baby. Which cartoon character would he or she look like? (n/t) (Mental) (14:21:47 06/10/16 EST)

hello! I bought melon chan's diary finally, in korea, for around 14 bucks. I thought you all should know! It's got a great cover. (n/t) (exodus) (04:01:12 06/05/16 EST)

Last Blade 2 is out on PS4 and Vita. Bit of a mixed bag--the PS4 version, at least; apparently the Vita version is less problematic. Most importantly, you can play Last Blade 2 in razor-sharp, pixel-perfect definition (I saw complaints of pixel "ghosting" in the PS4 version, but I did not see these--maybe it has to do with other graphic option settings, I dunno), with smooth controls and in-game move lists. However, in the PS4 version there is an occasional crash on the burning house stage, and the heat waver graphic effect is missing (related?). The developer is aware of the crash and hopefully SNK will pony up for a patch. Until they do, you might want to hold off on the PS4 version. The online matchmaking is just about as rudimentary as possible--you can't even filter by ping!--but if you do somehow find someone with a low ping, I hear it works well; I played someone with ~130-150 ms ping, which is rather high these days, and it was a little stuttery, but playable. The fancy interface is obtrusive and confusing at times: an overlay pops over and pauses gameplay when you happen to have done something to unlock a bonus gallery picture, and move list instructions aren't always organized or clear. Elaborate interface aside, the port is otherwise pretty bare-bones: no arranged soundtrack (jeez), no in-depth emulator options such as save states, no helpful interface touches such as making EX Mode available from the get go (you have to enter the old arcade code from the controller), and while playing online, the players' network names do not appear onscreen. And unfortunately, quality control was not what it should have been: there's the burning house stage missing effect and crash on PS4, I came across at least one not-even-a-spell-checker-would-have-missed-this typo in the movelists, and nowhere does it tell you that you have to press the touchpad to continue a game or to taunt--and unlike the other in-game controls, you can't remap that one, so if your controller doesn't have a touchpad, you won't be doing either of those things. There's a discussion in NEOGAF with more on the technical issues (although I don't regard still having the old Engrish game text translation as an issue, same with not having several other fancy screen filtering options; and I guess not having the Arranged soundtrack isn't technically an issue, but it is really disappointing); link to that inside. All in all, I hope they keep porting more of the SNK classics, and I'll keep buying the ones I've always liked because it's nice to have perfectly sharp versions of them, but I prefer the perfect-emulation approach their PS3 NeoGeoStation series took over this rather more elaborate let's-make-it-look-like-a-modern-PSN-game approach Code Mystics is taking on these ports--and I certainly hope their quality control improves, although that seems unlikely (hopefully they at least patch crash bugs eventually...). Speaking of PS3, if you've gone through the rigamarole of making a Japanese PSN account and getting gift codes from Play-Asia or wherever to fund it, check out "Dark Awake," a port of a 2004 low-res 2D 3-on-3 fighting game (named "Chaos Breakers" in the arcade) with Samurai Shodown-style controls from Eolith, of KOF 2001/2002 infamy: a pre-rendered, WoW fantasy look, but lots of animation, magic items, and all-around insanity--and though I'm sure massively imbalanced, plays surprisingly well. Video inside. Also while there you can download the PS2 Classics version of pretty much all of SNK's mostly excellent PS2 releases for 1000 or 1200 Yen each--including their combo port of LB1&2 (no in-game move lists or modern online in that, but does have Arranged soundtrack option). (Paleface) (11:22:48 05/25/16 EST)

what in the ever loving heck happened to the MVS market? I mean, I realize people will move to cheaper options and then those options get more expensive but unless my concept of time is way off it seems to have exploded in the past year. I got a consolized MVS from a buddy who makes them and he sort of joked that they caused the market to rise but I can't honestly see that, consolized MVS systems are way more expensive than the cabs (unless those jumped, too) so I don't see that having a huge effect. League Fucking Bowling is now 60 bucks? Anyway, I'm more than happy playing these off of cheap multicarts, I got the Omega console through a deal, and this was never going to be a "collection" but there are some games, namely Windjammers, that aren't one any yet and heck, if I'm going to spend 250 on a game it's going to be something I really want for my PCE collection. (twelvest) (17:29:28 05/24/16 EST)

"Pocket Rumble" NGPC-style fighting game on Steam Early Access. (Paleface) (11:43:24 05/13/16 EST)

Someone on Twitter asked about a Neo Geo Pocket emulator for Windows. I did a bit of searching to find what's new/best now. I came across this link that only lists RAPE? v0.1 and links to "Sector: NGPC" at So, anyone using any new(ish) NGP/C emulators that are good? (Flavor) (15:17:06 05/12/16 EST)

KoF 2000 came out on PS4 this week; I was stupidly excited, but it turns out (this is conveniently not mentioned in the PSN store description) that it's just a port of the PS2 version--which would be fine (as long as your controller has a touchpad, since they for some reason mapped PS2 Start and Select to that : P) except that while the backgrounds look nice and sharp, the character sprites have this weird blur or antialiasing or something on them that actually started making my eyes hurt after a while. Oh well, back to the Dreamcast! (n/t) (Paleface) (03:13:04 05/08/16 EST)

I've been meaning to do this for years, but this week we finally did it. We made a bunch of keychains out of NGPC cart PCBs. Pic inside. (Flavor) (17:27:40 05/06/16 EST)

Just because it's kinda odd: Karous got a port to the 3DS. It's... Karous, with some added stuff, I think. I only played it a little prior. I know it isn't exactly well loved but it's an interesting choice for a port. I like it well enough. (n/t) (twelvest) (12:03:38 05/03/16 EST)

To help "kickstart" nearly ready WonderSwan flash cart, I am asking for people to sign up if they want to be a part of the presale of the initial test version. I will use this list as a basis for inviting people to buy a cart once we have the parts here. If you have any interest, at least go here (link inside) to get some further info. (Flavor) (11:33:35 04/27/16 EST)

Last Blade 2 coming to PS4 and Vita May 24th in the US, with online and even cross play. Trailer inside. (Paleface) (15:08:19 04/22/16 EST)

"Handheld" topic: Miitomo. I've got a lot of thoughts and observations about this thing, but frankly I don't feel like typing them up except for this one point so obvious that nobody would have occasion to make it unless they were some wannabe e-celeb tastemaker of the-not-too distant future. The idea of a game in which it's implied to some degree there is a little guy living in isolation inside your device is a concept that seemed to appear about 15 years ago. That's when it entered my awareness, anyway. I wonder what the earliest example would be. In any case, it's a game design that should be very relevant and tangible these days. Miitomo takes it all the way, in brief spurts, with offhand comments from your Mii about how he's basically stuck in that little room. I'm a little bit surprised Nintendo would even allow the suggestion that your Mii lives in a situation that is potentially anything less than paradise, so that's kind of impressive. But it's obvious they couldn't -- and here's my point of all this -- dream of touching the greatness of Neo Poke-kun in the dude-trapped-in-a-little-room genre of videogames even if they wanted to. So, thank you Nintendo for reminding me of how awesome SNK was. (n/t) (substance J) (04:20:56 04/15/16 EST)

I had a wonderful "next gen" week! (Mental) (14:35:52 03/12/16 EST)

You will hum the NGPC start up sound. Like, right about NOW. (Mental) (12:09:13 03/05/16 EST)

so the more I see of this kof xiv nonsense the more I think maybe it's getting better? they've got the animations right, they have worked on their shaders *a little* and gotten it a bit more cartoony. maybe it'll be fine!? (n/t) (exodus) (05:19:32 02/23/16 EST)

I played a bunch of 3DS demos (and full games), so now I'm gonna talk about them!! Everything is inside! (exodus) (18:33:03 01/08/16 EST)

Less than 4 hours of 2015 left if youre a dutch bastard! Name one horrible game you played this year! (n/t) (Mental) (14:10:14 12/31/15 EST)

A very happy, merry, cosy Christmas to all of you and your families! (Mental) (12:14:22 12/24/15 EST)

Decided to install a few games from the Humble NeoGeo Bundle (only 12 hours left to get 23 games for $10). I played my first full game of Baseball Stars 2 for the NeoGeo. Man, that was a lot of fun. I never finished a game because you had to pump quarters in since it's timed. Played some King of Monsters and was frustrated by the wrestling mechanics as always. Installing Twinkle Star Sprites right now. I can't vouch for any issues in presentation or sound in these ports but the Metal Slug games always seemed to be fine to me on PC. Very limited tweaking options, but I do like the unlimited credits, difficulty choices, and the save and load functions. I wish I could have multiple save slots but this is better than nothing. Oh, and no scanline options but am I the only person who never bothers with that? "It's like the original experience!" some might say but I say blech. I hooked my game systems up to a Commodore 1084 monitor for a cleaner picture for years for a reason. Anyway, good deal for these games if you don't have any of the compilations or original games. This is a damn steal, honestly. (NeoGutsman) (01:48:21 12/22/15 EST)

Star Citizen, a crowd funded space sim, has raised almost one hundred million dollars. How does this make you feel? (n/t) (Mental) (13:06:26 12/12/15 EST)

have any of you seen a list or image of every single color variant of NGP and NGPC (and NNGPC)??? I keep thinking about this cheapo broken NGP I bought in Japan - it was white with a black stick and red buttons, and I've never seen that before. I think I gave it away to someone (foolishly!) because I can't find it now. Wondering if I am even remembering it correctly! (n/t) (exodus) (15:59:42 12/10/15 EST)

Just moved my store (again) but it should be the final move. My store is now in what is being called nerd/geek corner, there is a tabletop game shop and a comic shop as well and now Video Game Underground a far cry from the little shack I started in. A new commercial is in the works and could use your guys help if you want to make it an enjoyable spot. There are robots in my old commercials and wanted them to be fanboys of the various systems. It's going to be roughly 20 seconds of fanboys fighting then agree to shop at my store. Could anyone playfully argue back and forth about loving their system/company of choice? So to get some possible dialog. (n/t) (WebOfHair) (12:49:09 11/29/15 EST)

What gaming related item did you sell, and now regret? (Mental) (13:25:38 11/20/15 EST)

There's a copy of Neo Poke Pro Yakyuu on eBay for $35.99 and free shipping (link inside). I can't remember the differences between this and Dynamite Sluggaer anymore other than the real player names, teams and maybe some fielding controls. It's been ages since I've played either. I recall stating that I preferred this over DS in some ways (but that DS improved in other ways). Anyway, I remember there being some licensing issue in the game that meant this got somewhat harder to attain in the last days of the NGPC. Not that this was necessarily something like Faselei in English to nab, more an interesting footnote. (NeoGutsman) (00:27:32 11/17/15 EST)

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