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So the Switch version of Samurai Shodown has a limited edition that features the NGPC Samurai Shodown! 2 as a seperate release. Complete in box and all. (Rockman Pocket) (17:10:41 12/25/19 EST)

Did Rockman Pocket ever post his incredible NGP combo videos to YouTube or a similar site? I had them saved years ago but they were forever lost on a failed HDD. (n/t) (Dangeresque) (16:30:48 12/16/19 EST)

[MOBILE SNK GAME] Sup y'all. Long time no see. So SNK released a KoF Mobile game. It has all the typical Mobile-way of trying to tap into the same casino vibes to make you spend all your money via Character Unlocks and Character Cards (which gives an otherwise unattainable super for said character to be available). With the money grubbing out nature of the game addressed, they do (at least at first) give you plenty of ways to unlock characters without spending anything. Game play is imagine KoF-style Final Fight. It's really good. (n/t) (zero) (20:16:49 10/29/19 EST)

I had this brilliant idea: Modding the original NGP with a backlight until of course I googled it and saw that somebody else also had had the same idea. It should be better the frontlighting a NGPC (Atarianallstar) (14:51:45 10/21/19 EST)

I trust we've all seen it by now but let's SOUND OFF on the new Analogue Pocket! (aerisdead) (17:48:15 10/16/19 EST)

So I got a GP32 a couple of years ago with a few games but not the ones I really wanted to play like Tomak and All for princess. I got a 64MB Smart card but I seem to have no way of writing the roms to the system. They all come in smart media format. All websites about the GP32 seem to stop in 2005 and offer not much help in this regard. Anybody got any tips? (n/t) (Atarianallstar) (14:29:57 09/30/19 EST)

I got back into NGP again lately. I can't remember how to use my Neo Pocket Flash Master and for some damn reason Cool Borders is the only game on it now. (Blech.) I just to flash it with something better like Metal Slug 2. Can someone remind me how it was done? It doesn't seem to mount on the desktop but I know I used it with my previous Mac somehow. Also, are there any cool translations for NGP I might want to play? (n/t) (SignOfZeta) (13:06:24 09/05/19 EST)

After realizing I have a good lamp, I've been enjoying NGPC again. Anyone up for a cartridge trade? I have U.S. duplicates of Metal Slug 1st Mission and Pac-Man. Neither have the cardboard box. Both have manuals (Metal Slug manual mint, Pac-Man manual near-mint). Pac-Man comes with a CrossRing, which helps control any 4-direction game. I'm looking for Neo Poke Pro Yakyuu, Dark Arms: Beast Buster, Neo Cherry Master (B&W or Color), Neo Derby Champ and Neo Baccarat. (n/t) (Mike Chicago) (15:26:18 08/31/19 EST)

Nintendo Switch is getting a port of NGPC Samurai Shodown! 2 as a pre-order bonus for the Switch version of the new Sam Sho game (which is already out on other systems). And here I'd been wondering when we'd get a console NGPC collection. : p (Paleface) (16:37:15 08/28/19 EST)

so there's an LCD solution for the NGPC now, and I really want to do one. If I get it going I'll let y'all know how it goes. Check out the link inside, it looks pretty niceeeeeeee (exodus) (16:04:11 08/22/19 EST)

Mario Maker 2 is great! I made two levels so far: C3D-F42-YTF and 2Y5-4H9-1CG ... share yours! (n/t) (Bean) (23:14:47 07/24/19 EST)

I've been looking at wonderswan games again, and the 8 shades of black/grey really can inspire some neat stuff. This Chou Denki Card Game thing has a real neat vibe, check it out inside. I've got a flash card now, but I'm making a list of interesting games to play... there's quite a lot of them! it was a weird and ambitious system, with a robot, a sonar device, a hobby programming cart, and the ability to play horizontally and vertically... And on top of that access to all the Bandai licenses. I'm not sure what else could've made something that interesting succeed other than being in color from the start maybe. (exodus) (17:19:14 05/09/19 EST)

Ikari! If you like Ikari 1 and 2 get the SNK 40th thing. The quasi TwinStick support makes manic play so much less physical than it is in the arcade so basically the sword rules now and itís a whole new game, IMO. (SignOfZeta) (17:16:23 01/08/19 EST)

Noob Question: my kid ripped the analog pad off my 3DS XL. What are my choices here? I assume Nintendo can reman it for $80 or something but Iíve been kinda looking at the tail end of the DS and thinking maybe I should just get one of those. I have those Japanese rail sims on here that I guess Iíd enjoy more on a system with better 3D. Opinions? (SignOfZeta) (18:09:46 12/31/18 EST)

Just in case anyone here has a Wonderswan flash cart, the demo for Firelancer came out a couple days ago. It's a pretty ambitious scrolling shooter, and it's real cool that anyone is doing anything like this in the modern era. (the artist is ptoing who has done some work for us too). Check it out!? (exodus) (15:38:59 12/27/18 EST)

I assume everyone knew this already, but SNK 40th Anniversary Collection is out, and I wrote the museum text again. All the DLC is out now, so it's quite a few games in there, but I'll admit a lot of them do feel pretty old. Beast Busters, Bermuda Triangle, Crystalis and some others are pretty cool though, and for me it was pretty interesting just seeing where a lot of that SNK ethos came from... they really were innovating even at that early stage, which I guess is how they got to eventually make the Neo Geo. I had lots of conversations with former staff that didn't make it into the final game, like... I met with two people and took a walking tour in Esaka of all the former SNK locations. They could identify which windows each team worked in, from the outside! It was all pretty neat. Anyway, if you wind up getting it please read the museum stuff! (n/t) (exodus) (14:59:22 12/19/18 EST)

NGP "K2_Video" dev TV unit. (Paleface) (23:47:25 10/26/18 EST)

I tried a CR2025 battery in a NGPC. It worked--with a little finagling. (Paleface) (14:40:28 10/23/18 EST)

I bought KOF Battle de Paradise finally!! I wasn't sure I'd ever get it because a) it's a board game and b) it was always just a bit more expensive than I would've liked. I saw a copy for 15 bucks so I grabbed it - main reason being since I'm working on this SNK collection, it has a unique feature I forgot about. You know how if you put it into a B&W NGP you get a minigame? Well, that minigame is Yosaku, a remake of an early arcade game from SNK that seems to be almost completely lost. This game is not only the only way to easily play an SNK-made version of this game (epoch made a clone for the cassettevision), it also might be a hint to where a board might be, because whoever made this minigame must have played the original, right? Well, that's my NGP update for the month probably! (n/t) (exodus) (04:08:28 08/05/18 EST)

Okay if I did this right, new posts won't have the author's IP address embedded in an HTML comment, and Europe's internet privacy rulemakers will love us. (n/t) (Paleface) (22:11:55 06/13/18 EST)

Is it gross to just leave a DS in the bathroom so you don't always have to carry it in there with you? (n/t) (New Super Bowel Movement DS) (13:09:07 06/05/18 EST)

oh, this is SNK-related! I'm gonna be writing all the text in the museum section of the SNK 40th Anniversary collection, and it'll be fun and neat. The end!! (n/t) (exodus) (17:28:12 04/11/18 EST)

any of y'all vita or PS4-havers who want a new Gunhouse key, we've released our totally revamped version for those two platforms! It's also coming to that one nintendo platform in a little while. (n/t) (exodus) (19:16:30 12/19/17 EST)

who has Bomberman R? I just got a switch and this game and looking to blow my buddies. (n/t) (zero) (12:38:12 12/02/17 EST)

Super Mario Odyssey is amazing! Anyone else playing this? (n/t) (Mental) (14:39:45 11/04/17 EST)

So I'm casually browsing the internet, somehow end up on Falcoon's Twitter, scroll through his drawings, and stumble across a picture where he shows a Mark of the Wolves Terry sprite in NGPC style. Turns out it was prototyped for the shelved MotM2! Link inside. (Rockman Pocket) (05:13:53 10/20/17 EST)

I spent something like 25 hours one weekend working on a video with Flipnote Studio 3D. What a great program! I'd love for Nintendo to adapt this to iOS or something and allow you to output at a higher resolution. At any rate, I think it turned out cute! It's a song by Goh Nakamura and CHOPS, and I'm pretty honored to have been asked to do my silly doodle art for it. I put in lots of video game things because, well, that's me. Link inside. :) (Jeurja) (11:28:21 10/17/17 EST)

I bought cool boarders pocket in japan - I've never played it! I figured why not. I always thought of it as Sony's casual nod to defeating the game boy, but I guess they were totally independent - I really tied cool boarders in with the success of the playstation in mind! but if I did that, why didn't I assume like... toshinden was sony? hmm. well anyway, now I have it! So that's fun. (n/t) (exodus) (14:39:52 10/04/17 EST)

I was just reading a long interview on with Samurai Shodown devs from earlier this year. It covers a lot of ground and briefly touches NGPC development. I figured that's kind of relevant, so check inside for an excerpt and a link to the whole thing. (Rockman Pocket) (15:47:03 09/22/17 EST)

Found a like-new Biomotor Unitron 2 in Mandarake Galaxy (of all places) for 2500yen so snapped it up. Saw Super Real Mahjong for 7560 but still too rich for my blood. Haven't seen Metal Slug 2nd Mission (non clamshell) for less than 9800, and have now seen Crush Roller (JP clamshell) for 37,000!!! (n/t) (aerisdead) (01:39:02 08/30/17 EST)

does anyone know anything about john from NGF? (exodus) (13:17:56 08/15/17 EST)

Whelp, I just bought Card Fighters Clash 2 in sparkling condition from an Ojamakan in the suburbs of Osaka for 9700yen (so about $89.) I remember seeing this in Tokyo for like twice that so even though this is probably the most expensive game I've ever bought I'm pretty much thinking I got a decent deal (n/t) (aerisdead) (03:09:54 08/12/17 EST)

In case you missed it (which is likely because I'm pretty bad at self-promoting), we have a Kickstarter that's on its final day of the campaign. Imagine a full working Linux running RetroPie (a collection of emulators) inside a GBA-style shell. Link inside. (Flavor) (15:32:55 06/21/17 EST)

hey, so what other portables can a GBA backlit screen go in? I dropped mine and shattered the shell, and it was having problems staying on anyway, so I'm wondering if this screen should go in something else!? (n/t) (exodus) (14:34:17 06/21/17 EST)

Lost SvC Cardfighters Comic. I was doing a search for something today, and this Reddit topic came up where a guy was looking for the rest of this comic. It bothers me, because that SNK archive is on my site, so I feel like I should find the rest of the comic. Would any of you guys have anything like that? (Flavor) (12:41:02 06/20/17 EST)

I revisited Rockman Battle & Fighters this morning, and it's really good! It dawned on me that all of the art from the arcade games had to be re-drawn for the NPGC, and it's pretty impressive. The animation is really good, the controls feel tight, and the music is pure Mega Man. I'm guessing it probably was some outside team that developed this (not Capcom), but it's nicely done. Significantly better than the Rockman on WonderSwan, at least. The fact that it's a fighter actually makes it fit in better with the NGPC library in many ways, too. Worth revisiting! (n/t) (Jeurja) (19:22:53 06/03/17 EST)

Well there's this NeoGeo Pocket SD thing now. (Paleface) (02:07:21 06/02/17 EST)

genki video games has a NGP wireless communication unit in stock. Basically worthless now other than as a curio, but I thought we all might like to look at it! (exodus) (13:28:36 04/12/17 EST)

I was looking at the release lists for 3DS games, and... there's almost nothing left that's coming out. It makes sense since the Switch is also a portable basically, but it's kind of a shame it's going away. I like that thing! It does sort of feel like toward the end the games that were on 3DS were pretty much just putting a menu or a map down there, and the 2nd screen was basically not necessary, so I reckon a fair number of people who were actually still working on 3DS stuff switched over to switch (hmm, maybe that's why they named it that). I guess I'll never know! But I am sad that it's pretty much the end of the 3DS in north america. (n/t) (exodus) (18:58:49 03/27/17 EST)

So I got my Switch, and what am I playing on it? Shovel Knight. Not to say that it isn't a fantastic game but I'd already bought Shovel Knight for 3DS. So either I buy the same game again or have to wait another 2 months for the already late DLC. I hate waiting... (Darius) (19:28:42 03/07/17 EST)

Just making sure legit posting still works after a small anti-spam update to the script: threads in the archive (ie those of the 2500 most recent posts that still exist but have been shoved off the main page) can no longer be replied to--it hadn't been happening, but I just got paranoid that spam bots might decide to have a big party in there. : P (n/t) (Paleface) (16:32:46 02/18/17 EST)

oh yeah - is there anyone her who a) doesn't have Gunhouse already, b) wants it and c) doesn't want to/can't pay for it, because if so just tell me iOS/Android and your email address and I will send you a code! (n/t) (exodus) (15:18:56 01/11/17 EST)

With all the madness (still) surrounding the NES Classic, why hasnt anyone released a NGPC Classic with 30 built in games yet? Get on this, marketing people! (n/t) (Mental) (13:11:25 01/06/17 EST)

Does anyone have any Minidisc stuff they want to get rid of? I'm mainly interested in home units, high end portables, pro gear, and blanks. Not at all interested in those cheap pieces of shit they sold at Target during the NetMD era. (n/t) (SignOfZeta) (23:41:41 11/21/16 EST)

HAMSTER Corporation has announced a new wing of their long-running "Arcade Archives" series of $7.99 classic arcade game ports on PS4: the "ACA Neo Geo" series (they haven't clarified what "ACA" stands for--maybe "Arcade Classic Archives"?) will consist of NeoGeo ports exclusively, with the first, ACA NEOGEO THE KING OF FIGHTERS '94--as it is rendered on the PSN Store--out today. Good range of options (note that you have to go one to the left to disable the default fuzzy graphic filter, and you need a PS4 touch pad to access the pause menu, which could be a drawback for those with arcade sticks that don't have touch pads), with added Score and Time ("Caravan") modes complete with leaderboards--but no online multiplayer like the excellent "NEOGEO STATION" line of ports by M2 on PS3 had. Those were also going chronologically (Hamster says Sam Sho (1), Fatal Fury, World Heroes, Alpha Mission II, and Metal Slug are coming before the end of the year, and Neo Turf Masters and Nam-1975 in early 2017), but only got up to 1996; Hamster seems to be going along just fine with these somewhat less elaborate Arcade Classics ports at their lower price point, so maybe they'll manage to get further into the meat of the NeoGeo titles. Then again, they seem content mostly to stick with very early titles in their main Arcade Archives series, so who knows. And I wonder if this signals the end for the more expensive, very elaborate--fancy menus, online matchmaking, trophies, etc--if initially buggy series of later NeoGeo game ports to PS4 and Vita by Code Mystics; Metal Slug 3 and Last Blade 2 made it out, but nothing has been seen or heard of Garou since it was announced in July. Hamster's lower budget approach probably *is* the smarter way to go. ACA Neo Geo PSN Blog and Store links inside. (Paleface) (14:53:40 10/27/16 EST)

Just starting to get situated with my 3DS. Typical of Nintendo I'm not really sure what this will even do, but.... 2810-2384-6736. Add me! I searched the board for other friend codes but only found Apples and Darius thus far. (n/t) (substance J) (11:27:02 10/26/16 EST)

Delta Warp: Did this game have save problems (in the original official cartridge)? I seem to recall that building and saving custom levels had some sort of problem, but maybe I'm confusing that with something else. (Flavor) (11:10:25 10/20/16 EST)

I just got a loose copy of shigeru mizuki's yokai thingie this weekend! I've never played this one, and am excited to try it! Have any of the rest of you messed with it much? (n/t) (exodus) (13:27:44 10/19/16 EST)

Lets talk about the two official ways to play Game Boy games on a TV. (SignOfZeta) (02:08:01 10/05/16 EST)

Going to make another tour in nevada,Californa and Arizona. Any local members please recommend me both gaming related stuff and non gaming related. (n/t) (atarianallstar) (04:10:47 09/24/16 EST)

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