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Posting here to ask Flavor if he's interested in making an NGP adapter for the Sanni Cart Reader. (Paleface) (18:07:53 03/14/23 EST)

Extensive MOTM 2 prototype footage! (bluefour) (21:52:57 12/19/22 EST)

Ganbare Neo Poke-kun: In reference to that other thread down thereÖI eventually checked out my copy and I have an absolute shitload of missing entries on the e page. This is the copy I got from Gutsman via this forum back when NGP games were still being made. I unlocked all the games years and years ago and I play it at least once a year. Itís never been reset. I wonder if anyone has ever maxed this game. (n/t) (SignOfZeta) (11:00:09 12/12/22 EST)

Ngpc collection volume two 2 two 2 two 2 two (n/t) (zero) (13:46:14 11/04/22 EST)

Yoo guys! I just bought NGPC Cotton for $1100, which as far as I know is a very ggood deal. AMA! (Jeremy T) (21:46:45 09/28/22 EST)

So I've been casually looking around at neo geo pocket games in tokyo, and the prices are just astronomical. I kind of couldn't believe it. But now I'm looking at ebay prices and the prices I'm seeing here are maybe half of ebay? or 1/3? this platform sure did go bonkers at some point. Maybe I should finally buy Cotton while I'm out here. (n/t) (exodus) (20:43:39 09/17/22 EST)

Many many years later, glad to see everyone still around! I got MOTM for Switch a couple weeks ago and thought of this forum and the many great memories with the NGPC. Hey everyone! (n/t) (Mash) (00:30:02 09/13/22 EST)

I believe we've talked about this before, but has anyone here unlocked all of the E page notebook profiles in Ganbare Neo Poke-kun (tentative title)? I've been playing this game for 10 years now and I still only have about half the pages. Recently I've been playing it a lot again on an emulator and I unlocked the E page a while back, but I still haven't gotten all the profiles in the notebook. What does it take? Playing on certain days of the year or something? I was playing late at night recently and I think I saw some new gags involving the excitable girl in gingham and pigtails. Later when I checked, her profile was available in the notebook, but actually I don't know if it wasn't before. I should keep track of this stuff better. (n/t) (Vasu Gorgon and Opa OPa) (18:24:19 09/09/22 EST)

And on this day in 2022 I have finally beaten Biomotor Unitron. Somehow the grind-heavy endgame didn't bother me as much now that I'm older. I'm also attempting to muddle through the Japan-only sequel, which seems much improved from the original. (n/t) (bluefour) (17:39:37 07/02/22 EST)

Last post got me thinking: With many years of hindsight, how would you rank the NGP fighters? My ranking contained within. (bluefour) (13:00:42 06/17/22 EST)

Just noticing that Jin is mysteriously in this FF:FC art! (bluefour) (23:01:00 06/11/22 EST)

Category: Things I never expected to post. Biomotor Unitron is now available on Nintendo Switch. This was the game I bought with my first NGPC (alongside Samurai Shodown) and I will always have a soft spot for it. Will wait for the inevitable NGPC collection vol. 2 though. (n/t) (Mental) (14:49:04 05/28/22 EST)

Neo Geo Pocket Prototypes: there were some discussed/discovered recently. I donít do Facebook or Twitter so I donít know anything other than I saw mention of a colorized R-1 and of course what looks like SNK vs Capcom 2 with Bishamon fighting Haomaru. (n/t) (SignOfZeta) (11:20:49 05/09/22 EST)

Dark Arms "Ultimate Weapon" secret? (VortexSpin) (19:55:36 04/26/22 EST)

MBS now owns 96.18% of SNK; apparently up until this latest purchase (Feb 15th), he had only owned 33% (Wikipedia's wording had made it sound like he'd acquired a majority share shortly after the initial purchase in Nov 2020). (Paleface) (20:46:52 04/23/22 EST)

When I started visiting/posting here I was 15, looking for a more advanced Game Boy Color. I logged onto a library computer and actually printed the site, page by page, for 10 cents a page so I could read it at home. My heroes were Guts and Jeurja, I was kind of intimidated by SignOfZeta. I am now 37, have a wonderful girlfriend and 2 sons. I still love Jeurja and Guts for what they meant to me iny teenage years and have added Exodus to the list of heroes. My god is Tim Rogers. I am still intimidated by SignOfZeta, even though I dare call him Chad now. Also, he too has meant a lot to me while ďgrowing upĒ. I love his forum and cant believe its still here after all this time. Cheers guys! (Mental) (14:56:01 04/02/22 EST)

Exodus, I backed your bundle. I can't believe this war is happening. What crazy times we live in. (n/t) (At) (14:50:27 03/17/22 EST)

What is the top piece of some Japanese NGPC cartridges used for? I see it in pictures sometimes and canít figure out what the deal is. (MHC) (02:31:28 02/06/22 EST)

Started to read about/play a lot of the SaGa series the past month. These are extremely interesting and fun games! Currently into Romancing SaGa 3 and looking forward to trying out SaGa Frontier. Nice Switch physical editions, too. (n/t) (Mental) (13:29:59 02/05/22 EST)

"SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fightersí Clash gets surprise release on Switch" (Paleface) (14:34:16 01/12/22 EST)

What did I miss on Vita? All I really every played on it was the annual Super Robot Wars game (which I always liked a lot). It died in Japan like five years after the US, its very powerful, as a great screen and amazingly good analog sticks. It could do an amazing job at something. I wasn't paying attention though and support in US stores was total crap so whatever is out there I missed it. Please reply with your Vita suggestions. I have Hot Shots Golf, Fifa 13, Ridge Racer, Gunhouse, Disgaea 3 (amazing intro but I just can't do these massive RPGs anymore...other than SRW), DoA 5. I was super into Gundam Breaker 1 and 2 so I know about those. I'd like a really good racing game. (n/t) (SignOfZeta) (15:16:25 11/25/21 EST)

(Belated) SNK update: former Koei Tecmo / Zynga / Sega exec Kenji Matsubara is new SNK CEO. And the original MBS announcement of his SNK acquisition is no longer online. (Paleface) (20:43:27 08/14/21 EST)

SF2 producer Yoshiki Okamoto interviews SF1 & Fatal Fury director Takashi Nishiyama. (Paleface) (14:40:18 07/17/21 EST)

So anybody here gonna preorder the Playdate? (n/t) (Atarianallstar) (17:38:11 06/09/21 EST)

Newish Polygon interview with SNK's Yasuyuki Oda and Eisuke Ogura about KOF, from the 90s 'til now. (Paleface) (22:19:40 05/23/21 EST)

Iím really enjoying the Super Mario Game & Watch. It only has three games, two of the best ever made plus Ball. The form factor is one of my favorite of all time. The games suspend very well so you walk away from it for a day and come back at 8-3 or whatever. I have to say though, the time keeping function isnít what it used to be. Since it has a full color backlit LCD display it canít be left on for hours unless itís plugged in making it more of a Game & Clock than usual, and it has no kickstand. In a perfect world they could have hybridized the LCD a bit to have an always-on section but hey, itís only $50. The box was also pretty cool. It has no home screen so youíre always in a mode that actually does something. Very direct and to the point, I love it. I suppose they may do a Zelda one but to be honest I donít like the early Zelda games even a little. My wish would be that they do a Donkey Kong one and load it with Donkey Kong Ď94. Other than those two I donít really want or need any more. Mario is the game, after all. (n/t) (SignOfZeta) (08:36:09 05/15/21 EST)

What's the best homebrew/fan-made stuff on NGPC? I enjoyed the fan translation of CFC2 and am enjoying the Columns port, with its quirky soundtrack. (n/t) (bluefour) (10:46:04 03/20/21 EST)

Well, no one posted a thread for the release of the Neo Geo Pocket Color Collection Vol. 1 getting released on Switch so I guess I'll do it. SNK Galsí Fighters, Samurai Showdown 2, King of Fighters R-2, The Last Blade: Beyond the Destiny, Fatal Fury First Contact, SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium, Metal Slug: 1st Mission, Metal Slug: 2nd Mission, Dark Arms: Beast Buster 1999 and Neo Turf Masters. $40, which is probably what it cost to buy one of those repackaged Neo Geo Pocket blister packs back in the day but you don't get a clicky stick. (aerisdead) (10:40:58 03/19/21 EST)

$50 for this IPS mod. I might actually try this. (Jason) (23:17:15 02/08/21 EST)

Fighting EX Layer, Arika's self-published fighting game with some of the wacky characters like "Skullomania" that they put in those Street Fighter EX games on PS1/PS2 that I haven't played, is on sale for the next few weeks for $7.99 on PSN, for PS4. The sole paid DLC character is Terry Bogard, for an additional $4.99. The game is fairly bare-bones as far as modes and stuff goes but I have succeeded in having fun with it in my first two hours with the game (and there's a randomized Survival-style "Kumite" mode tucked away in the CPU settings in Training mode); certainly worth $7.99, anyway, if you have any interest in a fairly solidly-built SF-style fighting game that does some different things. Quite nice stages and music, and some interesting-looking character designs I'm looking forward to trying out. (Paleface) (03:18:18 02/04/21 EST)

KOFactoid: The difficulty setting in KOF 98 (MVS) also affects the demo. So if you want a really intense demo set it to 8, if you want them to just stand there looking at their shoes set it to 1. This probably affects all sorts of VS games, not just KOF or even fighting, but I just noticed it so I thought Iíd write it down on the holy scroll. (n/t) (SignOfZeta) (12:57:36 01/31/21 EST)

Paleface: can you just give us a list of all the banned words so we donít have to re-write our posts for 20 minutes replacing half the worlds to get through the filter? Thanks! (SignOfZeta) (19:41:43 01/25/21 EST)

Gematsu reporting Match of the Millennium has been rated for Switch in Korea (MHC) (08:49:46 01/22/21 EST)

Polygon's "An oral history" series of fighting game interview articles takes on Capcom vs. SNK. (Paleface) (20:56:41 01/16/21 EST)

Hi guys, been a while since I've posted. Since many of you know of my store, I am closing after close to 21 years of business. If anyone is close enough I'd love to see you come in and say hello one last time. Hardest decision I ever had to make. Bill Sandwald,you will like the end of this clip, they chose it themselves. (Web Of Hair) (11:19:57 01/14/21 EST)

Mohammed Bin Salman is buying SNK. (Paleface) (16:19:58 11/29/20 EST)

Last Blade: BTD is on Switch now, making it the 4th switch port! (n/t) (bluefour) (17:24:38 11/14/20 EST)

Somebody ported Metal Slug 6 to the dreamcast. Pretty awesome! Hopefully somebody does Dolphin Blue next. (Atarianallstar) (13:51:39 11/02/20 EST)

Does anyone know where I can find this carrying case for the NGPC? I guess I might just have to hope one shows up on eBay. (MHC) (12:18:02 10/04/20 EST)

testing ssl (n/t) (Paleface) (22:13:56 09/20/20 EST)

I found out via twitter last night that Cool Cool Toon (dreamcast) actually took mocap data from live dancers to make the dances they had in there. I really wouldn't have imagined that to look at it - ultimately with the giant feet, heads and hands, and small joints and hips (I guess that's a joint) it becomes pretty tough to really see what they're doing, and their hands are always intersecting their heads, their feet are too clunky, etc. I'm realizing now that the art style, while neat for the time and good looking in illustrations, really held the game back in terms of showcasing the work they'd done. plus I reckon they spent a fair amount of money on that mocap only to hide it with their proportions. That's your cool cool toon news for today! (exodus) (14:03:12 08/11/20 EST)

Baitang, SNK's fighting panda! (Paleface) (18:54:12 07/31/20 EST)

I found out today that RetroModding is selling replacement shells for the NGPC. (Flavor) (19:43:29 07/20/20 EST)

Sega's "Astro City Mini"--well, it's sort of almost portable : p--will have Virtua Fighter. Also 35 other games, only 9 others of which have been named, but I'm kinda pretty much tempted to import the darn thing (end of the year-ish...but then international shipping is taking 2 months apparently in these covid times blah) just to have a good version of Virtua Fighter...if the emulation actually turns out well. (Paleface) (03:55:50 07/10/20 EST)

y'all probably saw but KOF R-2 is coming to switch, and SNK has basically confirmed they're going to keep releasing NGPC games, so it must be doing well enough. I hope they get into some weirder stuff soon! (n/t) (exodus) (17:53:16 06/23/20 EST)

Anybody want to play SSV: Perfect on Windows? My SN is AaronMeterChange. Somebody needs to knock my fraudulent Charlotte out of the top 50 on the leaderboards! ;) (n/t) (bluefour) (16:30:55 06/20/20 EST)

Oh also yesterday it got revealed that Samurai Shodown V Perfect, the lost version that was only in location test for a couple hours, has been found - by me! I also localized it and now it's coming out in the Samurai Shodown Neo Geo Collection that's gonna release next month. Sooooooooo look forward to that! (exodus) (13:42:42 05/27/20 EST)

elsewhere we've been discussing whether the NGPC could've lived on, and what that would've looked like. Of course the ultimate answer when you look back is the thing never had a chance, but it's still interesting to think about I guess!? (exodus) (14:51:05 05/26/20 EST)

So for those enjoying Gals Fighters and/or SamSho!2 on Switch, which NGP game would you like to see ported next? My wildy unrealistic choice would be a translated Biomotor 2. My slightly more realistic choice is CFC1. (n/t) (bluefour) (13:41:00 05/03/20 EST)

Gals' Fighters possibly coming to Switch. (Paleface) (12:56:02 04/05/20 EST)

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